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JESSIE- September 30th, 2011 - October 16th, 2015

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Jessica Chantal Prescott quietly sat in the bedroom of her new home after another long day of acting and hard work while flicking through a special photo album her new family had given her during her surprise farewell party the night before she left New York City to finally follow her life long dream in Hollywood.

Even though she adored her new life of fame she was still gonna miss all the rather bizarre, outrageous, and downright crazy adventures with them back in the big city. Yes, it sure did feel like a party everyday at that wacky penthouse apartment with all the chaos they would bring. Sure there were times where they would totally get on each other's nerves, but no matter what happened the love they all shared with one another would never fade away.

Every nightmare, fight, argument, or heartache she would always be there. Jessie was more then just their nanny and close friend, she was like their older sister or even a second mom whenever Christina wasn't or couldn't be around. She loved the Ross children deeply with all her heart and soul as if they were her very own siblings or kids.

And if anyone dared to lay a finger on them, then she would sock them in the jaw. They were her new family, and she'd do anything to protect them. Even if she could be a little overprotective in some cases.

Heck, she actually felt like sobbing during the bittersweet conversations they had. But what really almost brought on the waterworks was when the kids and Bertram all gathered around her in the elevator where they shared a long heartfelt group hug.

Yet she'd managed to hold back those tears and stayed strong throughout the whole thing. No matter how sad or incredibly sweet it was. Her sudden daydream was soon interrupted by the sound of her cell phone ringing where she jumped up with a jolt.

Once she saw the caller ID, she picked it up and spoke into the receiver.

"Hey, Emma. What's up?"

"Hey, Jessie! Just thought I'd call and see how your life of stardom is going." She heard Emma cheerfully say on the other side of the line.

"Oh, it's going great. Definitely a real dream come true. In fact, I'm still in shock over the whole thing." Jessie replied with a proud smile while she laid back on her bed, staring at a framed photo of the kids hanging on the wall across from her right beside the rather thoughtful wedding gift Tony had given her the same night she was about to marry Brooks.

They were all grown up now, not the rambunctious little rascals she formerly babysat but young ladies and gentlemen. Just seeing how much they've all grown since then still brought her tears of joy. Every waking moment with them was a blessing. Well, maybe not every single moment.

Like the morning rush she experienced every school day. Sometimes the kids could be such a pain in the rear she couldn't help but yell at them after all the frustration building up inside finally came crashing down around her.

No matter how far away they both were from each other now, Jessie and Emma always made sure to stay in touch. Whether it was by letters, phone calls, texting, or simply just talking face to face on video chat, they would continue keeping their friendship forever alive and well.

"So, how's everything at camp? Last time we spoke was about a couple of weeks ago since I've been quite busy with my new show lately. Who knew becoming famous can be so exhausting? Still, I'm loving every minute of it."

"Good. Well, actually we lost our cabins because of a fire out here. But don't worry, nobody was hurt. Omg, guess what? After the fire Mom and Dad bought Camp Kikiwaka, and once our cabins were rebuild, I became the new manager!" Emma responded, squealing with pure happiness.

At that very same moment, Jessie quickly yanked her cellphone away from her ear until it stopped ringing before deciding to carry on with the exciting chat she and Emma were just caught up in.

Well, I can see she hasn't changed much since I last spoke with her.

"Okay, now that my ear's not ringing anymore...W-wow Emma, that's incredible! I'm so proud of you. I think you're gonna make one great leader, just like yours truly."

"Thanks, Jessie. It's not the same without you here though. Despite all the disagreements and fights we had in the past, you were still the best nanny we ever had. You're our hero who we couldn't live without."

Jessie smiled warmly, turing her attention towards another photo on the wall, which was of her as a young child with both her parents back in Texas. Although she doesn't talk about her mother very much she still missed her dearly. Of coarse she also knew her mother would want her daughter to be happy and go on with life.

"Aww, thanks. I really miss you guys too. But remember that if you ever need me I'll always be there for you guys no matter what. Doesn't matter how busy my life is I'll always make sure to stay in touch somehow. Promise me that you'll never let my departure for Hollywood ever get in the way of your lives, okay?"

"I promise. Listen, I'm sorry about us trying to sneak on set of that movie without permission or any adult supervision whatsoever. And for knocking you down with a golf cart when we came to visit you. Wasn't the best idea, I know. Can't believe I even suggested hiking up that mountain in the first place."

The former nanny chuckled slightly at the memory of that rather crazy day. "It's alright, sweetie. Just be thankful it wasn't some other famous actress you rammed into, or there would of been big trouble. I'm just so glad you're all safe from danger. But hey, if you hadn't gotten into trouble like always, then I wouldn't of landed a main role on my very own TV series."

There was a sudden belief pause before Emma spoke up again. "Yeah, I guess you're right. We're so proud of you too, Jessie. After all, you've truly earned this job. I mean, you've always done so much for us, so it was about time we returned the favour. Even your mom would be so proud."

"Yeah, she certainly would. Thanks for all the encouragement and support, Emma. I love and miss you kids so much. Besides refusing to give up on my acting dream, you're the true reason why I didn't marry Brooks and move to Africa." Jessie calmly explained.

She may have finally gotten over him on the outside, but inside her heart was still a little crushed from the break up with her ex-fiancé.

"Plus, my heart will always belong to Tony. I never should have let him go. I guess we just let our jealously get the best of us. At least we finally made up in the end during the Central Park masquerade ball one Halloween."

"Anytime. We love and miss you too, Jessie. Also, I'm so glad you and Tony got back together again. I mean, Brooks may be charming and rich, but he'd never got to play a role in your movie, or even shared a romantic moment while inside some giant teacup unlike Tony did."

Jessie could easily tell both Emma and Zuri were huge shippers of her relationship with Tony. Why, they even cried when the sweet young couple broke up. So that was all the proof she needed.

"Ah well, his loss. So Tony watches Power Ponies and may forget his lines constantly when it comes to filming, but he's still a very sweet, loyal, funny, and handsome guy. Hey, maybe we'll drop by the camp this weekend if we're not busy with work or anything. How does that sound, Emma?"

"I'd like that very much. Oh, I'll even save you both some marshmallows and a nice, special romantic spot by the campfire. Xander and I used to spend a lot of nights there together under the stars before he left camp. I'm sure gonna miss him and that dazzling smile of his. In fact, I still find myself daydreaming over him."

"Sounds like you're finally over Darla's brother I see," Jessie answered with a sly grin, knowing how much Emma really loved the guy. Even going as far as running away with him and locking both themselves and Jessie inside a room engulfed by deadly explosives.

"Well, good for you. Anyway, I can't wait to see you all again. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love my new job here in Hollywood, but I still do truly miss the good old days. Seriously, it drove me completely insane whenever you guys were at each other's throats. However, now that those days have finally come to pass, I can't help but miss them."

"Even the weird Halloween and Christmas ones we kept having like every single year?" Emma asked.

"I swear it's like they've become another family tradition we would always have, along with playing Capture the Flag. Seriously, I still can't get our very first Halloween together out of my head. Some nights those frightening images still haunt my mind whenever I close my eyes."

"Oh yeah, I just loved being locked up inside a toy jail cell on Christmas Eve. Definitely the best Christmas I ever had, and my all time favorite New York City memory." Jessie replied; her usual cheery voice filled with such sarcasm. Clearly it certainly wasn't the best, but it would be one to remember without a doubt. Same with the year where Teddy and P.J stayed at their penthouse apartment.


"No, I'm gonna miss those weird and crazy moments we've shared together with each other over the past four years though. I'm sure Bertram feels the same way deep down. I understand he can be pretty grumpy and lazy most of the time, but I know he really does care about us."

"Yeah, I know what you mean. So do we. Somedays I wake up thinking I'll be back home fighting with Luke over something, only to have you try and stop us before things really got out of hand." Her best friend added, her voice beginning to crack in the background. Deep down, she was still feeling distraught over being so far away from her best friend in the whole world, and their trip down memory lane was only making things hurt a lot more.

"Jessie, I still miss you so darn much that whenever I think back on all the times we've spent together it still hurts. Especially around Christmas time where we would all gather around the tree and celebrate the true meaning of the season, or in our case get into some kind of crazy situation. My best friend Lou reminds me so much about you, besides the whole farm life thing."

"There there, Emma. It'll be okay." Her former nanny reassured her, wishing she could be there to wipe the tears away, along with giving her a long comforting hug. Just hearing Emma's heartbreak made her warm heart wanna shatter into smithereens. Out of all the Ross kids, Jessie always had a soft spot for her and Zuri the most.

"I know I'm pretty far away now, but I promise it won't be forever. We'll cross paths again sometime soon. In the mean time, if you ever wanna strike a conversation with me about anything at all, just remember I'm only one call away."

Emma sniffed, trying to quickly pull herself together so Zuri, Ravi, or the others at the camp site wouldn't notice her sudden sadness. "O-Okay. Well, I better go check on the campers now. You know, make sure they're all staying out of trouble. Especially Zuri and the new kids who arrived here recently. Ttyl, Jess."

"Bye, Em. Take care."

When their chat was over, Jessie then gently pulled the photo album close towards her chest. She hugged it tightly while glancing back towards the photo of her kids with a sad smile. The memories of four long years she would cherish and hold in her heart forever and always came racing back into her mind once more.

No matter if we're side by side or many miles apart, our friendship will always hold a very special place in my heart.