Superhuman Gifts

Chapter One - Quirkless

Hello World and welcome to my newest fic! If you've read my previous works you will probably be aware that I've been inactive for over half a year and may be thinking, "Why the heck are you not working on your already published stories!?"

To that I respond, "I really don't want to dive back into writing without warming up, I'll probably ruin my current stories if I try to continue them after a 6 month hiatus."

Also cause I felt like it.

Anywho, if you're new to my stories, then welcome! I hope you enjoy reading Superhuman Gifts! This story is my first step back into the Boku no Hero fanfiction scene!

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Izuku Midoriya sat on the edge of his seat, shaking with expectation. Today was the day, today he would find out what his quirk was. He had never been more excited in his 4 years alive.

"He's quirkless." The doctor said casually, lacking any form of tact.

Izuku froze, trying to process what he meant.

"Quirkless?" Inko Midoriya, his mother, asked with concern.

"Yup. It's pretty rare, but sometimes kids are born without either of their parents quirks." The doctor yawned, clearly not enjoying his job, "It's science, just believe me."

Izuku continued processing this, "So my quirk is called 'Quirkless'? Does that mean I can stop other quirks? Like Eraserhead?"

"Izuku…" Inko looked at him sadly, she then turned to the doctor, "Thank you for your time, we'll be leaving now."

"But Mommy, I still don't know what my quirk does!" Izuku protested as his mother lead him out of the doctor's office.

After they left the hospital Inko asked her son, "Izuku, why do you want a quirk?"

Izuku tilted his head in a questioning manner, "Why?" He didn't even have to think about it, "So that I can be a cool hero like All Might!"

"Right." Inko lowered herself to Izuku's level, "How badly do you want to be a hero?"

"More than anything in the World!" Izuku's response was instantaneous.

Inko smiled.

"So what is my quirk?" Izuku asked expectantly.

Inko continued to smile, "That doctor said that you don't have one, but I don't believe that."


"Yup!" She took out a notebook from her bag.

Scrawled across the cover in a child's handwriting were the words, "Hero Analysis for the Future"

Inko opened the book and showed it to Izuku, "See this?"

The page had a childish drawing of a kid with spikey blonde hair and fire coming from his hands.

"It's my page on Kacchan." Izuku said taking the book from his mother, "He has a really cool quirk…"

"And so do you." Inko pointed at the words written next to the drawing.

"Kacchan's quirk is called 'Explosion'. He can create explosions by lighting the sweat from his hands on fire. Sometimes the explosions are too big and he falls down on the ground. If he gets his hands wet he can't light his sweat on fire so he can't make explosions. He also is stronger on hotter days, probably because he sweats more."

"Did Kacchan tell you these things?"

"No…" Izuku said, not sure where she was going.

"That's amazing! I had no idea how his quirk worked and I'm a grown up! You discovered how his quirk worked just by watching him!"

Izuku looked back at the page, "But this isn't a quirk, it isn't cool."

"Well you know what?" Inko patted her son on the head, "I think it's cool."

Izuku looked up from the notebook, "Really?"

"Really!" Inko stood up and took his hand, "How about we go to the store and buy a new notebook? That one is nearly full!"

Izuku nodded happily as he wrapped his arms around his notebook, "Let's go!"

Ten Years Later…

A large crowd began to gather as a wooden man fought a giant villain on top of a train track.

"KAMUI WOODS!" All the spectators turned to the owner of the scream and saw a middle school boy furiously scribbling into a notebook.

"The most popular rookie that Japan has seen since All Might's debut! He's only a week into his professional career but he already has 8 large scale arrests under his belt and 25 civilian rescues!"

Izuku Midoriya looked up with stars in his eyes, "Graduated from Yuuei at age 18 and spent the past 10 years training in New York, America! Kamui has been rapidly rising up in the JP Hero boards and is projected to reach the top ten in the country within three years!"

"You sure know a lot kid!" An old man standing next to him spoke up, "Are you a fan of his?"

Izuku turned away from the fight, "K-kamui?"

"Who else?"

"I guess? I'm more curious about his quirk!" Izuku opened his notebook to a page with an intricate drawing of Kamui performing Lacquered Chains Prison, "Arbor, it allows the user to control the wood that encases his body! I've heard of two other people who have this quirk one being his father and the other being his cousin, interestingly enough Kamui and his father are both made of walnut while his cousin is made of ash!"

"Are you aiming to be a hero too?"

Izuku scratched the back of his neck, "Kinda..."

"Well good luck!"

Izuku smiled, "T-thanks!"


Izuku and the old man turned back to the fight.

"CANNON!" A giant woman crashed into the villain, destroying the train tracks in the process.

"You know who she is?" The old man asked Izuku.

"Yup, I believe that her hero name is Mt. Lady. This should be her first battle as a pro hero."

"This is her debut!?"

Izuku nodded, "She's been working as an intern for Colossus' Agency for the past 4 years. Her quirk, Gigantification allows her to grow to 2062 centimeters tall."

"You know a lot about her too! Do you know her giant three sizes?" The perverted old man asked him.

Izuku chose to ignore this question, and instead added Mt. Lady's name to the list of nearby hero agencies.

"It looks like she'll lose most of the money for this fight to construction fees…" Izuku wandered towards the train station as Backdraft started letting people through.

"E-excuse me!" He asked the firefighter hero.

Backdraft turned to him, "Midoriya! Looking for another signature?"

Backdraft, like all heroes who lived in a 10 mile radius from the Midoriyas, knew Izuku by name; due to the insane number of times that he showed up to their fights.

"Yes! I was actually hoping to get an interview with Mt. Lady now that she's starting her own agency!"

Backdraft chuckled, "Is it going up on 'Quirk Crossing'?"


'Quirk Crossing' was a blog that Izuku ran in his free time. It was a compilation of quirk analysis, hero fight commentary, random hero trivia, and hero interviews. While it wasn't going viral anytime soon, it made enough profit to be considered a partime job.

"Then she should be begging you for an interview, go ahead." Backdraft lifted his water fence to allow Izuku to bypass the crowd and reach Mt. Lady without any trouble.

"Thanks Backdraft!"

"Don't mention it! Just make sure you get to school in time!"

"I will!" Izuku promised.

Izuku burst through the door to his classroom sweating and out of breath.

His teacher, Ms. Swartz glared at him, "Midoriya! You're 30 minutes late!"

Izuku averted his eyes, "The trains were down?"

"They started back up an hour ago!"

The class laughed and Izuku turned scarlet.

"Take your seat, but I'd like to see you after class."

"Yes ma'am..."

Izuku sat down and pulled out his laptop, normally teachers would get annoyed with a student neglecting their class so much, but Ms. Swartz taught History of Heroics. Throughout the year, Izuku had proven himself more knowledgeable on the subject than everyone else in the school, including the teachers. The only reason he was in the class was because most hero courses had it as a prerequisite.

"So Mt. Lady's costume was designed by HeroTech…" Izuku typed up a storm, converting his notes from the interview into a digital form, "Just like Colossus… She must of gotten a recommendation. But wait, Colossus' quirk gives him rocky skin as well! So she sacrificed defense for a more elastic material! Well that makes sense, but it also means she won't be able to do much against heroes who use cutting attacks… I'd better not add that."

Izuku finished the blog post within first period and had it up right before the bell rang. He packed up and started for the next class.

"Midoriya!" Izuku flinched when he remembered that Ms. Swartz wanted to talk to him.

"Yes?" He asked cautiously.

Ms. Swartz showed him a sheet of paper, it was his attendance records, "4 absences and 17 tardies… This is the first month of school you know."

"Right…" Izuku looked away.

Ms. Swartz sighed, "You're aiming for Yuuei right? If you want to get in you're gonna need to have a better looking record than this!"

Izuku couldn't think of anything else to say, "R-right…"

"Listen." Izuku tried his best to disappear, "I know that you're a smart kid! You know more about this heroes then I do, and I'm supposed to be your teacher!"

Izuku was silent, Ms. Swartz continued, "I really shouldn't be saying this but…"

Izuku looked back at her, "It's fine if you skip my class, just make sure you're on time for all of your other classes!"

"Really!?" Izuku asked excitedly.

"Yeah yeah…" Ms. Swartz waved his comment aside, "You could pass the end of year exam in your sleep, and you keep up with hero news, you were probably late today because of Mt. Lady's debut, weren't you?"

"Yes Ma'am."

"Of course you were." Ms. Swartz tossed the attendance sheet in the trash, "Hurry up to your next class."

"Thank you!" Izuku started out the door.

"And Midoriya!" Izuku turned back, "Do your best to get into Yuuei!"

Izuku smiled, "I will!"

Well there we are! The first chapter of my newest story! Also, if you are a fan of short and sweet stories, go find another author, this one is gonna be a long one.

I'm always accepting criticism, but remember that criticism and vague insults are very different.

Also, I completely made up Colossus. He's not canon.

Along with Ms. Swartz.

Anywho, I hope that you guys enjoy this and can wait a bit longer, A Worthless Quirk will be continued fairly soon(so within 6 months)

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