Superhuman Gifts

Chapter Three - Explosion

Hello World! And welcome to chapter three of Superhuman Gifts!

I did just announce a one week release schedule, but I got a little bit ahead and this(along with chapter 2) was originally gonna be one big chapter.

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"When battling villains, it's important to take their type into consideration. Take pokemon for example, a trading card/video game in which you create a team of cute, cool, and/or scary monsters and make them battle other cute, cool, and/or scary monsters.

In this game pokemon are divvied up into several categories defined only as elements. Take for instance, pikachu, an electric type. Pikachu is strong against magikarp, not only because magikarp is a weak and near useless pokemon, but also because it is water type.

While this is an oversimplified version of real life 'types', kids can understand these mechanics because they are based in truth. Fire is weak against water, water conducts electricity very well, ice does not do well with heat, hence fire. These 'oversimplifications' can help in actual battles, like if someone has a darkness based quirk it is safe to assume fire, lightning, and/or glowing quirks would be strong against them, since they create light and light tends to get rid of darkness.

But you can go even further than that. You could 'change' someone's type by means of third party items. You could take a person who is an 'earth type' and make them weak against electricity by tossing a bucket of water on them, effectively making them a 'water type'. You can also use this method to protect people. Someone is weak against light, put a dark cloak on them, someone is weak against physical attacks, put body armor on them.

These things seem obvious but for some reason countless heroes ignore these simple rules of thumb. Skintight suits that offer no protection, close range combat experts with no long range capabilities, fire based quirks that have no methods to deal with water.

To put it into simpler terms, don't fight an onix with a pikachu."

Izuku closed his notebook with a sigh, he shoved it back into his book bag and slid the bottle of sake into one of the side pouches made for water bottles.

He was in a bad mood, why wouldn't he be? He was just told by his idol, a man he had admired and respected since his childhood, that he couldn't accomplish his one and only dream(If you ignored the dream he had to hold a conversation with a girl his age).

So Izuku was doing what he always did when he was upset, analyze, cry, mutter, and take notes.

"I should be getting home…" He said miserably, standing up and looking around.

It was like meeting All Might, and the villain attack, had never happened. The street was clean as could be, aside from a slime covered grocery bag being blown in the wind.

"Wut?" Izuku was so shocked that he forgot how to spell a simple question, "T-that's the bag that All Might trapped the villain in…"

Izuku stopped to think for a few seconds.

Most of his brain's processing power was still working on how to beat an onix while only using a pikachu.

"If that's here… That means that the villain…" Izuku picked it up and looked at the large hole torn in the side of it.

"Hmm…" Izuku was snapped back into attention when he heard a loud explosion from the Dagobah Shopping District.

"All Might forgot the villain!" He belatedly realized as he rushed towards the source of the noise, "And the only reason he forgot it!"

Izuku thought back to all of the questions he was bombarding All Might with while the villain was, presumably, escaping.

"It's my fault…" Izuku said out loud.

His sprint brought him to the edge of a large crowd that was forming around the shopping district.

"What's going on!?" He asked an old skeletal man who was standing near the back of the group.

"Kid… A middle school boy's been captured by a sludge villain." The old man grimaced and clutched his side, "He's been fighting for the past two minutes."

"T-two minutes!?" Izuku asked in horror, "What about the pro heroes!? Why are they not helping him!?"

The old man just looked away.

Izuku stared at him for a second before pushing his way to the front of the crowd. Backdraft was there, fighting off the fires with his hose quirk.

"Backdraft! What's going on!?"

"Midoriya!? What are you doing here!? Ok, dumb question, I'm sorry I asked. But now's not the time! I've got my hands full keeping this fire in check!"

'Hands full' was an understatement(it was also a personification, considering that his arms turned into hoses at the end). The raging fire was spreading from building to building, endangering civilians and distracting heroes from the source of the commotion.

Said source was the same villain All Might had defeated just minutes ago, but this time with a new and powerful hostage.

Katsuki Baku-


Before the narrator could finish saying his name, Izuku ducked under Backdraft's makeshift water fence and made a mad dash for his childhood friend.

"MIDORIYA!" Backdraft reached out to stop him but wasn't quite fast enough.

"What s-should I do, w-what should I do!?" Izuku quickly swung off his backpack and launched it at the villain.

"You again!?" The villain decided to yell angrily instead of defend from the backpack that was flying directly at one of his eyes.

He was then hit in the eye by a flying backpack.


Izuku slid to a halt next to Katsuki and began trying to pry the villain's body off of him.

"DEKU!" Maybe getting the sludge off of his mouth wasn't such a good idea.

Izuku didn't have time to respond as he was hit by one of the villain's tentacles and sent flying.

"O-ouch…" Izuku stuttered out his pain. He began to get up when he was the bottle of sake lying on the ground next to him, it was most likely sent flying when he threw his backpack at the villain. He picked it up.

"KACCHAN!" He yelled again as he charged the villain once more.

"Again!? Do you never learn?" The villain got ready to swat him away again.

Izuku threw the bottle of sake and watched as the contents spilled out on the sludge villain.

"What are you trying to do now!? Make me drunk!?"

While the villain didn't quite understand, Katsuki understood perfectly.

"DIE!" He managed to scream through the muck.

Katsuki twisted his hands around and ignited them directly on the villain's body.

The villain lit on fire.

"AAAUUUUUGHHH!" This time, instead of a scream of pain, it was a scream of fear.

The villain released Katsuki and rolled around to put the fire out. It didn't work.

"NO! SOMEONE HELP ME!" He screamed as the flames approached his eyes and mouth.

He finally realized what he needed to do and shed the burning layers of sludge. Shrinking in size, but removing the flammable liquid from his body.

"You… YOU BRATS!" The villain, now being the size of someone's head, had a very high pitched and squeaky voice, "I'LL KILL YOU! I'LL KILL YOU ALL!"

The tiny sludge villain continued to scream even after he was bagged up and placed under police custody.

"Well I'm glad that's over!" Izuku said wearily.

"You didn't help me, got it!?" Katsuki asked angrily, "I just saw that you spilled your dumb cooking wine and I decided to use your clumsiness to my advantage."

Izuku didn't have the strength or confidence to argue.

"MI. DO. RI. YA!"

"Ow!" Izuku was whacked in the head by Backdraft.

"WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!? You could have gotten yourself killed!"

"I'm sorry?"

"You'd better be!" Backdraft rubbed his temple, "Do you know how difficult it would have been for me to explain to your mother that you got hurt under my watch!?"


"WELL IT WOULD HAVE BEEN TOUGH! I probably would have made Kamui do it!"

"Why me?" Kamui asked stoically.

Slowly the other pro heroes joined in the banter and scolded Izuku. The lecture lasted for about an hour.

"Alright then, go ahead and go home." Death Arms sent Izuku off.

"Yes sir…" Izuku got up dejectedly.

"And Izuku!" Backdraft called out to him.


Backdraft gave him a thumbs up, or maybe the middle finger... It was hard to tell since he did't have any hands.

"You were the true hero today."

Definitely a thumbs up.

Izuku didn't even feel the tears welling up. The sprang from his eyes too quickly, "Thank you!"

Izuku got home late that night. He apologized to his mother and flopped into his bed, not even bothering to change. He then remembered being cover in slime and proceeded to take a shower, and wash his sheets.

But after that he fell asleep.

Like a sloth.


Izuku got out of bed after he heard the doorbell ring for the fifth time, it was 2 o'clock in the morning.

"Yes?" He asked as he opened the door blearily.

At the door stood an adorable middle school girl who looked to be about his age. She was wearing a black t-shirt and pink shorts. Her brown hair was cut in a short bob that outlined a cute face that looked like it had a permanent blush.

Izuku was particularly fixated on her eyes, her beautiful wide brown eyes. But he wasn't fixated on their beauty, though he might have been any other day. Today he was fixated on her eyes, due to the large tears that were forming at the base of them.

"Are-*hic* Are you I-Izuku Midoriya?" She asked holding out a slip of paper.

He took it.

It was dirty.

It was crumpled.

It was partially soaked in blood.

But more importantly.

It was his business card.

"Yes, I am." He said, now wide awake.

The girl cried a bit more before announcing, "All Might is dead."

So, the spiel at the beginning of the chapter was a problem I've had with a ton of anime, not only Boku no Hero. For simplicity I'm gonna call it the "Ash Ketchum Syndrome" or AKS.(Edit: I fixed the messed up acronym)

Basically, AKS is when a person ignores strengths and weaknesses and instead uses the power of emotions. Sure, that can make for a pretty cool scene and a good message, but something about a pikachu defeating an onix with quick attack and thundershock bugs me.

Another example of AKS comes in the USJ raid arc of Boku no Hero. Noumu, a beast created solely for battling and defeating All Might, comes into the battlefield, and All Might beats him by overwhelming his "shock absorption". I believe, Noumu could have instantly been defeated if Todoroki just froze his entire body at once. No cells left? Nothing can regenerate.

But I digress.

There you have it! The end of chapter three!

Am I gonna ignore the cliffhanger I just made?


Yes I am.

Next chapter, "Zero Gravity"