(Infinite's View)

(Eggman's Headquarters)

(Two Days after his Defeat in Sonic Forces)

Light begins to seep in my eyes from an unknown state. I open my heavy eyes, a hiss coming out of my mouth as the light above me amplifies my migraine, a nearly unbearable one that makes my head seem to literally thump to the same beat as my heart. With a weak groan, the strongest one that I can manage to get out, I lift my aching hands onto my face, covering my eyes from the light. But, that strikes a concern.

"Where's…where's my mask?" I mumble, lifting myself up until my arms buckle. With my head and back on the infirmary bed, I turn my head around, my neck in the least state of pain, finding my mask, as well as my red sword in the distance, standing next to the door on my left.

"Mobius dammit…" I murmur out, rubbing my eyes. After I do, I attempt, once again, to sit up, but the same result occurs, making me realize that I'm bound to the bed from whatever knocked me out. When my back and head lie back onto the bed, the door opens, revealing Dr. Eggman. Eggman's eyes widen. A grin creeps up his face.

"So! You've finally came around, Infinite! Glad to see you're awake!" He hums out, walking to me, leaning down to something under the bed. He pulls out a wire, its end connected to a white, bulky machine with a dark blue screen a circle of plastic on its other end. I quickly realize that my chest, on both sides has this too. He places it onto my arms.

"What…What are these?" I ask. "There's electrodes. These sense your vital signs and condition, which I can monitor on this machine." He says firmly, in a way that seems he's disappointed or annoyed, but I can't tell which one he is. Probably both. Anyways, after some time, he walks to me, stroking through his mustache. "You should be fine. You're actually in a better condition than I thought you'd be in, especially with the Phantom Ruby out of you." He says. My eyes instantly lighten as they grow wide. It's out of-?! What on Mobius HAPPENED!?" I boom. A hiss comes out as a pain rips through my chest. Eggman exhales a quick breath through his nose. "You lost to Sonic and his friend. You went into a reactor. The Phantom Ruby's power protected you, but it shattered in the process." He says. My eyes widen ever more. My pupils jitter in shock. "I…I lost!? Me?! How!?" I boom. Eggman shrugs his shoulders. Then he continues his explanation. "When I took you to this Headquarter, one of my main ones to be exact, I ran some tests with you and your capability to the Phantom Ruby. I have bad and good news…"


"You sure you want to hear?"

"YES! TELL ME!" I boom out. Eggman perks up, sighs and strokes his mustache again. "Well, your body isn't compatible to it anymore. However, the good news is that the Phantom Ruby left you the power of super speed, identical to Sonic's." He says with a grin. I frown. "So, you want me to still help you?" I snarl. He nods. "Yes. I have a couple plans for Sonic and this galaxy of ours." He sneers, a toothy grin forming. My eyes widen. "The galaxy? You're thinking of galactical domination?! How will that be possible when we can't even take over this pathetic planet!?" I ask, my hand clenched into a fist, frustrated of the retention of my defeat. Eggman grin doesn't fade. "Don't you remember that I'm a mastermind of technology, Infinite? This will be nothing, but it'll take some time to build." He says. He turns his full body to me. "So, you in?" He asks. I nod. "Yes…but promise me, Eggman. Give me the task of ruling the planets after we conquer them." I snarl. Eggman frowns. "But how will I build the Eggman Empire?"

"Does that matter?"

"Yes! That's the reason I even have all these robots! Are you dumb?!" He booms. I scoff. "I suppose. Fine, one or two of the planets will be the Eggman Empire, but the rest is mine for keeping."

"Very well. Now, since we have that covered, let's talk about your recovery." He says. "What about it?" I ask in a snarl. Eggman frown worsens. "Let's just say you're going to listen to me for your recovery, or I'll leave you out for dead." He scowls. I bite my lip, and then scoff. "Fine."

"Good…Oh, and about your mask. It'll need to be repaired. Half of it is burnt to a crisp thanks to the electricity of the reactor. Give me about a day, but that day isn't today, nor tomorrow." He says, turning around to the door. "So how long will it take?!"

"Be patient Infinite, it won't be too long. For now, though, rest up. You need it for our galactic conquest." He says, walking out, slamming the door behind him. I bite my lip.

Let's just hope this conquest won't end the way it did with this pathetic planet.