(Infinite's View)

(One Day Later)

(Eggman's Ship)

It's done. The deed is done. I have conquered the forest planet's capital, claiming myself king of it after slaughtering the now-former king swiftly and easily by my bare hands. However, this successful conquering won't keep me bound to this forest planet. Instead, I have recruited a wise (as his companions called him) chancellor to be serve as king, but due to me being the official king, part of the civilian taxes, which are turned over to the government to support their finances, come to me and the militia, when needed, will be under my control. My wealth has increased tremendously, and if I keep this role going, I'll be the richest and the most powerful individual in the galaxy. I will have no weakness. I will be unstoppable.

As I reach the ship, guarded by some of my new royal guards, I wave them off without looking. The guards bow in response in understanding before trekking back into the forest that leads to the industrial capital. Soon, I enter the ship, quickly walking to the kitchen, where Eggman's own private rooms are connected to. However, I am stopped in my tracks at the sight of a peacefully sleeping Luna, who's lying on the large, red, living room couch.

"This is new. I thought Eggman would have kept her in the infirmary room." I say to myself. Eggman answers as he must have heard my footsteps coming, my words, or perhaps (and probably) both.

"She kept on complaining about being bound to the room. We compromised that she could sleep on the couch, but will have to spend the rest of her time in the infirmary room. We also compromised that she couldn't train. I caught her training once." Eggman explains. "She's quite the troublesome and reckless child."

"And also quite the courageous and daring one too." I whisper. My eyes shoot open, realizing that my words were spoken without any hesitation. Eggman's raises a brow and gives out a toothy grin as he strokes one side of his orange mustache. I glare at him. He begins to laugh. "So you DO have a romantic heart for Luna!"

"And WHY do you believe such a thing, Egghead!? It was only a compliment! People don't have to be in love if they compliment another person!" I roar. Eggman's laugh goes hysterical. After he calms down, he explains. "It's because it was you who said the compliment. You're not the type to, so it's a clear-as-day sign." He laughs. I begin to unsheathe my sword, but the action stops halfway as Luna begins to stir with a groan.

"Don't be so loud guys…" Luna groans, opening her eyes slightly. Eggman apologizes briefly, gives me a wink before walking off. This gets me triggered, but Luna begins to speak to me in a pretty-out-of-it way.

"Infinite...there's a note on your bed...It's from me...but I'm too tired to tell you...please answer the question later…" She moans, turning her back to me. I raise a brow and quickly scurry to my room, indeed finding a note on my bed. I unfold it and begin to read it aloud.

Dear Infinite,

I know this is sudden, but this question has been on my aching mind for a while now. You can probably guess what the question is. Even so, I'll ask anyways.

Why do you REALLY want me as your 2nd in command? It doesn't make sense to me. Btw, Eggman and I talked about our "relationship" too. It's not a big deal, so do NOT make a scene out of it.

Please tell the truth,


"Well then." I scoff, laying the note on my nightstand. I sit on my bed, trying to come up with an excuse. I don't want to tell her that she's the person I RESPECT the most in this world (besides my Squad, but their dead now, so…). She'll get the wrong vibe that I "like" her. Before long, I come up with an excuse. With it in my mind, I walk to Luna, who's still awake. She turns her body to me. "So...you read it…?" She asks in a groan. I nod. "Yes."

"So what is it?"

"It's because you're the strongest warrior, besides myself, of course, that I know. I need reliable backup and you're the perfect one. It's obvious to me, so I thought it'd be perfect for you." I reply. Luna, after some hesitation, nods. "Makes sense." She whispers, turning her back to me on the couch. "Now, I need to rest, so leave me alone." She whispers. I don't answer to her request, but I do oblige to it. As I walk off, I find myself stopping in my tracks, I turn to her.

"Oh, there's one more thing, Luna."

"What." She snarls, obviously not wanting any more of me. I grin.

"About the 2nd in command thing...You're welcome."