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"Grissom, *NO*!"

"Oh c'mon, Catherine, just gimme your hand."


"Why not?"

"It's so...hairy!"

"Just give it a little stroke."

"No way!"

"C'mon! I'm not letting you go until you touch it."

"This is torture."

"Please, just one little touch."

"Fine. But you have to promise never to make me do this again."

"Touch it and you'll always want to do this again. Believe me."

"I doubt it."


"Ok, ok!"

*knock knock*

"We're busy!"

Greg poked his head into the office anyway, "What are you two doing?"

"What do *you* think *you're* doing? I said we were busy."

"What did you *think* we were doing, Greg?" Catherine smiled, realizing how she and Grissom must've sounded just now.

"Nothing." Greg blushed and disappeared into the hallway.

Grissom shook his head, "He's an odd one."

"I wouldn't talk, Grissom, you're the one who's making me touch your spider."

The End