093. Crisis



Lena never had to sleep around to advance her position in the scientific fields or corporations. And she doesn't expect others to assume that is something required with her L-Corp, or CatCo.

Sam is a hard-working, young mother, and a joy. A very best friend.

But with her constant absences and her psychological health deteriorating… …

"Maybe you should take a break," Lena suggests gently, caressing a fingertip over Sam's naked, tanned collarbone. While the other woman broods, gazing up at the bedroom ceiling, Lena waits for her response and absently fiddles with the small, braided and gold chain around Sam's neck.

"I don't know…"

"Not forever, just until we can sort this out." Lena can sense Sam's frustration and guilt boiling over. With an encouraging, coy smile, she lowers Sam's own fingers, willowy and soft, against Lena's thighs, rubbing them directly on her clit. "Don't you want to spend more time with Ruby—?"

"You don't know me, Lena."

Sam's growl pierces the air. A flash of shimmering, pulsating red overtakes her irises. Lena discovers she's less afraid, and more fascinated, by this.

The other woman studies Lena, with all of that terrifyingly red, and saddles herself onto Lena's body, grinding Lena's clit faster, messily pushing their lips and teeth and tongues together.

Right, wrong — Lena's unsure, but she understands something's changed about Sam.

And it's worth figuring out.



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