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"YGGDRASIL" was one of the top 5 DMMO-RPGs of all time in the year of 2126. Over 2000 basic and advanced job classes, players could take as many classes as they want as long as they met each class prerequisites. In addition, one could use various creator tools to customize their armor, weapons, appearance and other cosmetic setting. The game itself was so popular that when the word "DMMO-RPG" come up in japan people would think of YGGDRASIL. But all these were a thing of the past now. After 12 years, YGGDRASIL finally lost it prime. My name is Momonga of the guild Ainz Ooal Gown and today is the last day for game before it finally comes to an end.

(Great Tomb of Nazarick, 9th Floor, Round Table)

Sitting alone at a large table, with 40 empty chairs, the guild master of Ainz Ooal Gown, Momonga, let out a depress sigh. A while ago he had sent a message to his other guild members. As this was the last day until YGGDRASIL shut down for good, he had hoped that he and his friends, whom he had gone on so many adventures with, would spend one last time together in the Great Tomb of Nazarick.

However, it seemed that would not happen. No one had arrived and there was at least half an hour left before the shutdown. Momonga was about to give up when he heard a ping from his guild list. Soon several more pings followed. The sound made Momonga's heart leap as he opened his list to see who came on. The list included Herohero, Amanomahitsu, Tabula Smaragdina, Peroroncino, Ulbert Alain Odle, Touch Me, Bukubukuchagama, Warrior Takemikazuchi, Nishikienrai, Yamaiko, Punitto Moe and Bellriver. Momonga couldn't believe it! So many of them were logging in after so long.

The doors to the meeting room opened. Coming through were several individuals. Two of them were slimes. One was pinkish flesh-like slime while the other was a member of one of the strongest slime races; Elder Black Ooze Behind them was a Birdman wearing golden armor. The fourth was dressed as what could only be described as a ninja. The last person was a Nephilim.

Momonga greeted them with enthusiasm, calling their names in the order they entered. "Bukubukuchagma-san! Herehero-san! Peroroncino-san! Nishikienrai-san! Yamaiko-san! It's been to long!"

The Elder Black Ooze, Herohero, laughed joyfully. "Yeah, it has Momonga-san. When I heard that YGGDRASIL was going to be shutdown I was devastated you know!" He exclaimed.

"Right? All our hard work on this place and now it's going to be gone soon." Yamaiko added.

"After hearing that and seeing your message, how could we possible not come and spend the game's last few moments together here in Nazarick?" Nishikienrai stated.

The joy in Momonga increased as he heard his friends' words. What had seemed like a lonely farewell party was now one filled with old memories and joyful laughter. He then frowned mentally when he realized that some people were missing. "Wait. What about the others? I saw them on my guild list logging on."

It was Bukubukuchagama who answered. "We just got messages from them. It seems like when they logged in they appeared in locations further away from Nazarick."

"Damn shitty devs. Even when the game is about to end they still screw with us." Peroroncino muttered before reassuring Momonga. "They said they will be here shortly, though."

Fifteen minutes later, with only thirty minutes left before the shutdown, the rest had arrived. Touch Me, Ulbert Alain Odle, Warrior Takemikazuchi, Punitto Moe, Amanomahitsu, Tabula Smaragdina and Bellriver all sat at the round table with the rest of their friends. All of them were laughing as they talked about the fun they had when playing YGGDRASIL.

"But, oh man! It was really luck today. I was supposed to drive off to work for a meeting, but it got cancelled because some of the staff came down with the flu." Bellriver said.

"Wow, that is lucky." Punitto Moe commented. The Death Vine looked at Yamaiko and Touch Me. "And what about you two? How are things going with your families?"

"Pretty good. Akemi-chan is also on but she wanted to spend the last few moments in Alfheim since she liked the view there the most." Yamaiko explained about her little sister's status.

However, at the mention of family, the World Champion made a small flinch, but it was largely unnoticed. "Oh, everything is fine. I'm just taking a break from work, so I thought I visit." Touch Me replied.

"Everything okay Touch-san? You sound a bit troubled." Momonga asked, noticing his friend's tone.

"Nothing. Just some personal matters." Touch Me answered quickly. "In the meantime, look at what I found when I was coming over here." The World Champion pulled out a club in the form of beautiful medieval England-type mace. The other guild members gasped.

"No way! Is that [World Savior], one of the twenty top World Class Items?" Herohero exclaimed in shock.

World Class Items were the most powerful items in YGGDRASIL, the reason being that they could change the very rules of the game. Ainz Ooal Gown actually held several of these World Items, something the guild took ride in. [World Savior] was one of the top twenty World Class Items, the most powerful items. The weapon would start out very weak in its initiatory stage, but then gets stronger over time. It could become so strong without limit that it could even conquer Nazarick with all the members of Ainz Ooal Gown combined. When the guild first heard of the item, they got really worried that someone might find it first and use it against them. Fortunately, that never came to pass.

Ulbert chuckled. "Heh, it's kind of ironic. The 'World Champion' now wields the [World Savior]." He mused. Everyone also laughed, including Touch Me.

"Yeah, and I even found [Atlas]!" Touch Me said, earning cheers as everyone remembered their first World Item, before it was taken by another Guild.

"I was able to find the [Harvester]." Ulbert revealed, showing a long, wicked curved black scythe. It gave off a malicious gleam. The guild members looked at it in awe.

"I also found something that I've been looking for." Amanomahitsu announced as he brought out a golden hammer. It had a square-shaped form with red-colored patterns going across it. "I managed to finally find [Vulcan]!" The blacksmith declared happily, as he had been searching for the World Class item that could make and/or upgrade anything besides Guild Items and World Items.

There were 'ooohs' and other sounds of awe. "Wow! You've been looking for that thing since you heard about it." Nishikienrai commented.

"Yeah. This thing is pretty much the dream tool for anyone with a high craftsman job class." Said Amanomahitsu.

"If you think those are impressive, you should see what Yama-chan and I found." Bukubukuchagama giggled.

"Oh, and what did our lucky friend find?" Questioned Takemikazuchi.

"These" Yamaiko said as she placed three items on the table. When the rest saw it they gasped.

"N-no way! [Ouroboros], [Five Elements Overcoming] and [Ahura Mazda]?! Peroroncino exclaimed. "Just how much luck do you have, Yamaiko-san?" He asked his sister's friend, who merely giggled.

"Well I was able to find the [Ark]." Bellriver revealed, earning more gasps from his guild members.

"T-the Ark! Are you freaking serious Bellriver-san?!" Momonga asked the four-arm player.

"Yep. Took me a while, but I managed to find all the keys for it." Said Bellriver, a proud tone in his voice.

"Damn. Imagine what we could've done with that." Tabula muttered. "All I was able to get was this." He said as he revealed a pure white mask that almost seem to reflect the light off it. It had simple black dot eyeholes. "And I just got this from the main market since it was empty."

"That's the [Mask of Veritas], right? A World Item that let's you see through barrier and illusion items and spells." Touch Me summarized. "That's a pretty good find actually."

Momonga remained silent as he watched his guild members conversing with each other. It was these moments that he had missed. Friends just talking with one another and having fun; just like old times when they did adventures in YGGDRASIL. Sadly that time was running short.

"Looks like we only have 10 minutes left." Momonga noted sadly as he checked the digital clock, getting his friends' attention.

"Mhm" Touch Me hummed.

"How about we go to the throne room." Ulbert suggested, getting looks from the others. "If this is going to be YGGDRASIL's last day, let's enjoy the remaining time there."

The others seemed to like that idea. One by one, each guild member got up and prepared to head to the throne room when Momonga stopped. "Wait guys." The guild leader said to the others. They paused as Momonga summoned a golden staff with various gems attached to it. It was the guild weapon, the Staff of Ainz Ooal Gown. The staff floated towards Momonga who took it into his hands. "Figures we might as well have our guild weapon with us too." He suggested, earning some agreements from the others.

The group walked out the door and spotted a certain group "Oh the Pleiades." HeroHero said as he looked at the six maids and one butler.

Momonga silently laughed. "I wonder if Whitebrim is still making his assistants cry for the amount of detail they have to put in the manga?" Peroroncino laughed at that.

"Sebas..." Touch Me muttered as he stared at his personal creation. Likewise, Herohero, Yamaiko and Nishikienrai did the same as their own creations were amongst them.

Momonga looked at as he said, "We have you all guard the throne, but no player ever made it this far." Of course, he got no response.

Ulbert walked up to him. "Follow" He ordered the NPCs. The butler and the maids followed the order, moving behind the players towards the throne room until they were given the next order. "Stand by." The butler and the maids stand in the side while the player stand in front of the throne which is actually a world item called "Throne of Kings". In the past, the guild members would, through a lot of convincing, get Momonga to sit on it, which he does again for the last time. In the throne room was also a beautiful female with a white dress, as well as black feather wings and a pair of curved white horns. Tabula walked up to the NPC.

"Albedo. Overseer of the Floor Guardians and one of my personal creation." The Alchemist said proudly.

"Hey, you even gave her the World Item, Ginnungagap." Bukubukuchagma said as she noticed the large black wand in the NPC's hand.

"Huh, I never noticed that before." Momonga commented as he walked over to them.

Tabula scratched the back of his head. "I thought it be useful for her to have."

"You know, I've always been curious about the settings you gave her. Mind if I look?" Momonga asked his friend.

"Of course, Momonga. You can look at my hard work with the Staff of Ainz Ooal Gown." Tabula said in a cheerful tone as the guild leader did so. Momonga began looking at her settings. He kept skimming when he stopped, seeing something that surprised him. The others took note of this. "What's wrong?" Touch Me asked.

Momonga looked at Touch Me before glancing at Tabula. "The last part says she's a slut." He said bluntly.

The others looked at Tabula with annoyed stares. Many of them voiced their complaints until Tabula waved his hands. "Alright, fine. I'll change her settings if that's what you all want." He said as he made his way over to Albedo. However, since it was the last day, Tabula decided to do a little joke. The others looked over his shoulder at what he wrote.

"And she is madly in love with Momonga." Punitto Moe said aloud.

That made everyone laugh except Momonga. "Tabula-san, please change it." Momonga asked silently, embarrassed by that, as well as that he was still virgin and never once had a girl with a crush on him.

"No don't change it. It's hilarious!" Bellriver said between laughter.

Eventually the laughter died down as the group of thirteen took the remaining time to look at the banners above them. They each spotted their own before naming the ones of their friends who hadn't been able to make it.

"It was fun." Momonga said.

Touch Me nodded. "That it has. Maybe an YGGDRASIL 2 will be made."

"That would be nice. Then we could all meet again." Herohero said with a hopeful tone.

Murmurs of agreement spread among them as the time was almost up.








"…Huh" Was what Momonga said as he realized that they were still in Nazarick. He looked around and saw his guildmates were also there, and just as confused.

"What happened? Did the shitty devs change their minds?" It was Peroroncino who asked.

Everyone attempted to contact the GM. However, there was no response, which only furthered to confuse and anger them. "What the hell is going on!?" They shouted, their voices echoing throughout the throne room.

"Masters? Is something wrong?" An unfamiliar female voice asked.

Surprised, the players they look at Albedo who was staring at them with worry. Shaking his head, Momonga responded, "None of us can seem to contact the GM."

Albedo seemed confuse before bowing. "I'm sorry masters, but this ignorant one does not know of this GM you speak of. Please forgive me." She said.

It was at that moment the players could not hide their shock as Albedo, an NPC, was actually talking to them. The closes thing one could have in terms of a conversation with an NPC was a response downloaded from audio logs into their settings. However, it appears as if that was no longer the case as even the Pleiades and Sebas were looking at them.

It was Tabula who responded. "No need to apologize Albedo. It is no surprise that you would not know of GM." Tabula said calming tone, which appeared to relieve his creation. The guild members were surprised, of how calm he was during this predicament of theirs. Even Tabula seemed a bit startled of how well he was taking this.

Following up, Momonga said. "Sebas! Maids!" He called out to the Pleiades.

"Yes." The one male and six females' voices echoed albeit quieter.

"Approach the throne." The Overlord ordered.

"Understood." Came the response as they made their way to the throne before dropping to one knee and bowed.

The players soon realized that they did not need a keyboard to type the order. The NPCs understood their intentions and executed them. It also became clear that Albedo was not only one that became sentient seeing how Sebas and the maids were acting.

"Sebas take one of the Pleiades and exit the tomb and investigate the surrounding region. If you encounter intelligent creatures, interact with them peacefully and invite them to the tomb. Do not stray too long outside and avoid unnecessary combat. Should battle begin retreat immediately." Touch Me ordered.

"Understood, my lord." Sebas replied as he and the maid, Narberal Gamma, exited the throne room.

Yamaiko looked at the remaining Pleiades. "The rest of you, leave and head towards the 9th Floor. Repel any invaders that might make it pass the 8th Floor."

"Yes, Yamaiko-sama." The five girls said at once before leaving.

Next, the guild members looked at Albedo who simply smiled back. "What do you wish of me, my lords?" She asked.

"Come to me" Momonga ordered.

"Yes" Albedo got closer to Momonga who deactivated his ability Despair Aura I so she would not be affected. He then proceeded to touch Albedo's chest, earning the ire of some of his guild members. It was Tabula, upon seeing his friend do what appeared to be molesting his creation, who made the next discovery.

[Tabula Smaragdina: Momonga-san! What the hell are you doing to Albedo?!] The Brain Eater blinked mentally when he realized what he just did.

[Nishikienrai: Hey, looks like we can use [Message] each other without the NPCs knowing what we're saying. That's good!]

[Momonga: True. And to answer your question Tabula-san, I'm making sure Albedo has a pulse, which she does. Now I must check out if R-18 action could get their attention.]

[Tabula Smaragdina: What are you planning to do to my creation?!]

Ignoring Tabula, Momonga looked at Albedo. "Albedo can I touch your breast?" He asked.

Everyone glared at him with a judgmental look while Tabula look like he was about to explode. However, it was Albedo's response that made them react the most. "YES, MOMONGA-SAMA, DO WHATEVER YOU WANT WITH MY BODY IN ANYWAY YOU SEE FIT!"

[WHAT?!] Everyone screamed, especially Tabula in message while looking at Albedo with disbelief. With that said, Momonga began to touch her breast, causing Albedo to release gasps and moans of pleasure. Tabula was internally screaming at Momonga for violating his creation. Everyone took a step back away from Tabula, seeing his anger rise. Momonga eventually realized that he was taking to long and released Albedo's breast. Before he could apologize, Tabula pushed Albedo out of the throne room, ordering her to wait while the guild members talked to one another. Once that was done, the Brain Eater began marching towards the throne where Momonga was sitting. Momonga was about to get up when Touch Me pushed him back down.

"Touch-san?" Momong asked warily.

The World Champion was glaring at Momonga through his helmet with disapproving eyes. "Momonga-san, face justice."

The Overlord lowered his head in shame as he took verbal lashings from not just Tabula, but Touch Me, Bukubukuchagama and Yamaiko. The other guild members just watched from the side.

"I wonder why Albedo seemed so fine with Momonga touching her like that?" Bellriver asked out loud.

It was Tabula who realized. "Oh no! The settings that I changed!" He cried, stopping his scolding at Momonga midway.

"Nice going, Tabula. You gave Momonga-san a fan, maybe a yandere." Peroroncino said, only to get a whack in the head from his sister.

"It was just a joke! If I know this would've happened, I wouldn't have put that in and deleted the other part!" Tabula exclaimed.

"What's done is done. Nothing we can do about it now." Punitto Moe said, trying to diffuse the situation. "Question is: How do we proceed?" The Death Vine then took notice that a certain black ooze was missing. "Hey, where did Herohero-san go?"

"Probably the same place where Chagma-chan went too, the kitchen." Yamaiko answered as she and Touch Me approached the others, Momonga behind them. "She said she was starving and ran off."

Ulbert nodded in realization. "Ah, that makes sense. Since they're both slimes, their hunger is greater. Will they be okay though?"

"Don't worry. My sister and Herohero-san are both high slime variants and made sure that they have strong vitalities to go without large quantities of food for a while. Their hunger will probably be satisfied shortly." Peroroncino explained. "And if not, they can always use the [Ring of Sustenance]."

"Umu, then we should probably focus on other things." Momonga said as he used [Message].

[Momonga: Albedo]

[Albedo: Yes, Momonga-sama?] The succubus asked.

[Momonga: Gather all the Floor Guardians except the 4th and 8th Floors, to the 6th Floor colosseum. My comrades and I will notify Aura and Mare ourselves.]

[Albedo: Understood]

Ending the [Message], Momonga looked at the others. "Before we go, how are the rest of you feeling?" He asked.

"Its weird." Touch Me said as he adjusted his helmet. "I feel stronger than ever, and it's as if my mouth could bite through metal with ease. Not to mention of how light my body is, I feel I could run a marathon without breaking a sweat." He said, referring to his insect racial class.

Nishikienrai was next. "I feel quite light even though I should be heavy since I'm half golem." The ninja said as he flexed his arms.

Amanomahitsu was waving all four of his arms. "This feels odd. I'm somehow able to use four arms as if I was born with them."

"I know how you feel." Bellriver said, waving three of his four arms. Almost every mouth on him was speaking at once, creating an echo of sort. "And all these mouths across my body are moving in sync. It feels completely natural."

"The feathers on my body feel so weird and yet normal. My eyes are so sharp I can see everything. And the wings on my back feel like they've been there forever." Peroroncino said as he poked one of said appendages.

"I feel very light and flexible." Punitto Moe commented as he waved his arms and bent his body at unnatural angles.

Takemikazuchi flexed his arms and muscles. "My body feels heavy, yet I can move perfectly well." Yamaiko, as a fellow Nephilim, nodded in agreement.

Momonga checked himself. "I don't feel either hungry or tired. Also, whenever I feel a strong emotion, something seems to suppress it."

"My body is completely hairy, but it doesn't seem to bother me nor these horns on my head." Ulbert said next. "Plus, I feel quite malicious which I assume is because of me being a demon or perhaps my class, [World Disaster]." His words made the others realized that their minds were also altered too.

"I guess our bodies are also changing our perspective and the way our minds think too. I feel like doing a whole bunch of experiments along with a thirst for knowledge." Tabula said as he flexed his tentacles. "I recall Bukubukuchagama-san mentioning how light she felt as well as hungry. Probably the same with Herohero-san."

The players gave each other and themselves unsure looks. They still had no idea what was happening and what further changes might occur. Fortunately, Momonga chose that moment to change subject. "This is a lot to take in, believe me. For now, I think we should head to the 6th Floor. Peroroncino-san, can you contact your sister and Herohero-san and let them know what's happening and meet us at the colosseum."

"You got it, leader." The birdman replied with a salute.

(Great Tomb of Nazarick, 6th Floor, Colosseum)

The guild members then used their rings and teleported to the 6th floor. They reappeared to said floor in seconds in one of the hallways that lead to the arena. "Well at least we know that the rings work." Ulbert commented, pleased.

The eleven members of Ainz Ooal Gown walked out into the colosseum, which was completely devoid of life. Above them was the clear night sky, thousands of stars glittering. The players couldn't help but marvel of how real they looked like, rather than being made of computer data like before.

"Hoh!" A young voice shouted, getting their attention.

Jumping down at an incredible height from the VIP section, but landing without any problem, was a boyish female Dark Elf with short blonde hair. She had a blue left eye and right green eye and wore reddish-black dragon scale leather covered by a white and gold vest with matching trousers and gold-plated shoes. Around her neck was an acorn shaped necklace. She performed a double victory sign with her fingers, a wide smile on her face. The Guild Members immediately recognized her as Aura Bella Fiore, one of the Floor Guardians of the 6th Floor and a personal creation of Bukubukuchagama. With incredible speed, Aura crossed the distance between them in seconds without breaking a sweat.

"Ah, Aura." Momonga greeted.

"Greeting Supreme Beings! Welcome to the Floor that I guard!" Aura said as she bowed respectfully.

"Mhm" Momonga nodded. "Forgive us, but we'll be intruding for a bit."

"My lord you must be joking. You guys are the Supreme Beings! There's no place in Nazarick any of you would be intruding if you visited!" Aura said dramatically.

The guild members gave each other looks but accepted it. It was then Peroroncino spotted something, or rather someone, at the VIP box. "Hey, Aura…" The birdman said to his sister's creation, pointing up.

Aura blinked for a moment before realizing someone was not present. With a growl she turned around to look at the figure. "Mare! The Supreme Beings have graced us with their presence! Get down here right now!" She yelled.

From the shadows, a feminine male Dark Elf could be seen from the VIP section. He wore an outfit similar to Aura, including a similar necklace, except his dragon scale suit was blue and he wore a skirt that exposed his thighs and forest green-leaf cloak over his shoulders. The colors of his eyes were swapped too. In his hands was a twisted black wooden staff. "I-I can't oneechan." He said a in a quiet voice. However, thanks to the acorn necklace around his neck, Aura heard in perfectly.

"Mare~!" Aura yelled, annoyed at her brother's shyness. She quickly looked at her masters. "Heh…he's just scared, not trying to insult any of you, my lords." The Dark Elf said nervously.

Mare eventually jumped down with no problem and soon approached the guild members, standing beside his sister. "M-my apologizes for making you wait, my lords." Mare stuttered.

"Mhm, that's alright, Mare." Momonga said. He turned his head and spotted two slimes walking into the arena. "Ah, here come the others."

The twins followed his line of sight. Upon spotting a certain pink slime, their faces brightened. "Bukubukuchagama-sama! You're back!" The Dark Elves cheered.

"Aura-chan! Mare-chan!" The pink slime cried as she immediately rushed towards them. She pulled them into a tight hug, one arm around each elf. Bukubukuchagama had always wanted to do this ever since she finished creating them. Aura and Mare did not seem to mind, as they eagerly returned the hug.

The other guild members just looked at the scene with smiles, or those that could smile. Eventually Momonga decided to get down to business. "By the way, Aura, Mare." The Dark Elves looked at the Overlord as their creator released them. "We've ordered Albedo to gather the Floor Guardians. They will be here shortly."

"Eh~" Aura moaned. "Does that include Shalltear?" She asked, for some reason upset of having Peroroncino's creation coming. Momonga just tilted his head in curiosity but nodded. Aura let out a huff, however said nothing else.

"Anyway, we wish to test this while we wait for the other Guardians to arrive." Momonga said as he showed the staff.

The dark elf twins gasped at what they saw. "The Staff of Ainz Ooal Gown!" They exclaimed.

Warrior Takemikazuchi laughed at their awestruck looks. "Yeah, it's beautiful isn't it? Took us months to make, but it was worth it." He said.

"Yeah, each stone is a divine level item. It's so powerful it could compete with a world level item." Ulbert added with a smirk.

The guild members all remembered fondly of their time creating the staff. Meanwhile the twins continued staring at the Guild Weapon and Supreme Beings in awe. "Sadly, we never got a chance to test it, until now. Put some dummy target to use it on!" Nishikienrai ordered.

"Understood, Nishikienrai-sama." Aura said before putting her thumb and pointer finger into her mouth. The dark elf made a loud whistle and several seconds later two Dragonkin came walking into the colosseum. They were carrying straw dummies before placing them a safe distance away from the guild members. The Dragonkin then stood beside Aura and Mare.

Momonga walked ahead of the others. "Let's try something simple. [Fireball]!" He declared as he released a large ball of flame from the staff towards one of the straw dummies. The target was quickly reduced to ash.

[Herohero: Whoa! How'd you do that, Momonga-san?]

[Momonga: Honestly, I just imagined the spell and somehow measured the amount of MP needed in my head.]

[Ulbert Alain Odle: Interesting. Back in YGGDRASIL, we'd needed a console to select a spell.]

Feeling more confident, Momonga raised the staff again. "[Summon Primal Fire Elemental]!" And the second target was consumed in scorching hot flames. It soon took the form of a humanoid monster made of flames, with a fiery tornado for the lower body. The heat was so great that the Dragonkin had to shield Aura and Mare from it. The players were not affected thanks to their high stats and defenses.

"Amazing!" Aura exclaimed in awe as she stared at the level 87 summon.

Chuckling, Momonga looked at the twins. "Want to fight it?" He asked.

"Can we?!" Aura asked with excitement. Mare however, looked unsure.

Momonga looked at Bukubukuchagama, seeking approval. The pink slime waved an arm, a sign of saying yes. "Go right ahead." Momonga answered Aura, who dragged her brother into the fight.

While most of the guild members were watching the Dark Elves fighting the summon, Peroroncino took this chance to test out his wings. The moment he took off, he was flying in the air like a pro. "Hell yeah! This is awesome!" The birdman cheered as he zoomed above the colosseum. He had been able to fly in YGGDRASIL thanks to his racial class, but now it felt so much realer. Some of the others took this chance to try and send a [Message] to Sebas.

[Touch Me: Sebas, can you hear me?]

[Sebas Tian: Yes, Touch Me-sama. I am receiving you.]

[Touch Me: How does it look outside the tomb?]

[Sebas Tian: Well my lord, it appears that the Great Tomb of Nazarick is no longer in a swamp.]

That caused Touch Me and the other guild members to look surprise. While the fact the NPCs were now showing sentience, they had still thought they were in Helheim. However, that no longer seemed to be the case.

[Herohero: Then where are we?]

[Sebas Tian: A grassland, my lord.]

[Touch Me: Any intelligent creatures?]

[Sebas Tian: None, just harmless regular animals, my lord.]

[Amanomahitsu: What about manmade structures, like buildings or forts?]

[Sebas Tian: No, my lord. Just flatlands from as far as the eyes can see.]

[Momonga: Return to the Tomb, Sebas. Meet us at the 6th Floor colosseum and give us the rest of your report there.]

[Sebas Tian: Right away, my lord.]

By then, Aura and Mare had finished their fight, the Primal Fire Elemental dissipating.

"That was a great fight you put on." Warrior Takemikazuchi congratulated the twins.

"Thank you, my lords! It's been some time since we had to work so hard!" Aura said cheerfully.

"You two must be thirsty." Momonga said. He pulled a pitcher of Endless Water while taking two glasses. He passed them on to the twins and filled the glasses. "Aura, Mare, have a drink." Momonga offered.

The twins appeared surprised by the offer. "But, Momonga-sama. To drink from your own item, we can't do that." Aura said with Mare agreeing as he said, "Yeah, I can make water..."

Momonga shook his head. "Nonsense you two work hard and well. Besides, I am undead, so I don't need water. Think of this as my thanks to you." Momonga said. The twins still seemed unsure but drank anyway. The Overlord looked at his fellow players. "Do you want some water my friends." He asked. Touch Me, Bellriver, Warrior Takemikazuchi, Ulbert, Tabula and Nishikienrai politely took the offer while the others kindly refused.

As they finished their drinks, a [Gate] opened. From the tear in space, a pale red eyed girl walked out. "Oh, am I first to arrive?" She asked out loud. She looked around and spotted the Supreme Beings just as her creator, Peroroncino, landed " Peroroncino-sama!" True Vampire, Shalltear Bloodfallen, cried as she ran to hug the birdman. The archer chuckled as he greeted his creation.

"Its good to see you, Shalltear. How is everything on your floors?" Peroroncino asked.

Shalltear backed up respectively and did a curtsy. "They are fine, Peroroncino-sama. No enemies have approached the first floor."

Peroroncino nodded before noticing that his creation's chest was surprisingly bigger. He was about to ask when Aura unknowingly answered his question. "Fake Tits."

The true vampire let out a yelp and turned to glare at the Dark Elf. "What did you just call me, shorty!?" She exclaimed while holding her chest.

Aura smirked. "I said fake tits. I mean just look at it. One of them is displace." She commented and pointed at Shalltear's chest. Indeed, one of them was out of order. "I bet you used [Gate] to save you the trouble of reorganizing them when you run until you saw Peroroncino-sama."

"Shitty brat!" Shalltear said in angry tone.

"Do I smell perfume? Shalltear, are you starting to rot?" Aura mocked while giving a smile to Shalltear.

"Shut it! It's not like you're any better! You have nothing, shorty!" Shalltear shot back.

Aura was not perturbed. "Hmph, that may be true right now. But I'm only 76 years old. I still have time to grow, while you, whose an undead, won't ever change. Might as well accept your fate."

That only seemed to enrage Shalltear even further. The true vampire ran up to the she-elf and the two began arguing. Mare meanwhile went to stand behind his creator, so he wouldn't get dragged into the fight. At the same time Peroroncino and Bukubukuchagama just chuckled as Aura and Shalltear arguing reminded them of their relationship.

That's when the air around them began to get a bit chilly. Followed by a loud booming voice. "Cease such useless chatter in front of the Supreme Ones!"

Approaching them was a light blue, four-armed giant Vermin Lord with sharp, spiked icicles on his back. In one hand was a halberd. Now and then gusts of cold air would come out of his jaws. Warrior Takemikazuchi smiled when he saw his creation, Cocytus.

"This brat insulted me!" Yelled Shalltear, her hands covered in darkness.

Aura readied her whip. "I'm just saying the truth."

Cocytus immediately slammed the butt of his halberd on the ground, causing ice to spread. Seeing how a fight was about to start, Peroroncino and Bukubukuchagama decided to put an end to it.

"Shalltear, stop it. This isn't something to fight about." Peroroncino said to the vampire.

Bukubukuchagama nodded. "That's right Aura-chan! No fighting! You're scaring poor Mare-chan!" The pink slime added as Mare continued to hide behind her.

Immediately the two Guardians stopped and bowed their heads before their creators and the other Supreme Beings. "O-our deepest apologies!" They said swiftly.

Takemikazuchi approached the Vermin Lord. "Ah, Cocytus. I am happy that you arrived." The samurai said.

Cocytus bowed his head. "It brings me great joy to see you as well, Warrior Takemikazuchi-sama. And you need not thank me, I will always come when you and the other Supreme Ones call!" He said.

"Apologies, everyone." A new voice said.

Turning around, Ulbert and Tabula watched as Albedo approached them. Following behind her was a demon wearing an orange suit. He had a wide smile on his lips, which widened even more when he spotted Ulbert. "Ulbert-sama. This humble servant is most delighted to gaze upon you once more." The demon said when he reached the Supreme Ones.

Ulbert nodded. "I am pleased to see you as well, Demiurge. And there is no need to apologize. We were able to run some tests while we waited, regarding to our current situation."

Demiurge nodded, pleased he had not upset his masters. "Forgive me for asking, Ulbert-sama. But what do you mean our current situation?" The arch-devil asked.

"All will be explained later, my creation. It appears that we are about to begin." Ulbert said to Demiurge, who accepted with a nod as his creator went to join the other Supreme Beings.

"Now then" Albedo said. "Let us begin the ritual of fidelity."

The guild members watched as the Floor Guardians lined up before them. Shalltear was the first to step forward. "Shalltear Bloodfallen, Guardian of the First, Second and Third Floors. I bow before the Supreme Ones." The True Vampire said as she got to one knee.

Next up was Cocytus. "Cocytus, Guardian of the Fifth Floor. I bow before the Supreme Ones." He declared as he let out a gust of cold air. The Vermin Lord also kneeled.

The Dark Elf twins spoke next. "Aura Bella Fiore, Guardian of the Sixth Floor." The female elf said, followed by her brother. "And, and Mare Bella Fiore, also Guardian of the Sixth Floor." Both bowed at the same time. They then said in unison, "We bow before the Supreme Ones."

Demiurge walked up. "Demiurge, Guardian of the Seventh Floor. I bow before the Supreme Ones." The Arch-Devil joined the others in kneeling.

The last was Albedo, who stood in front of the other guardians. "Albedo, Overseer of the Floor Guardians. I bow before the Supreme Ones." The succubus knelt before her masters.

"With the exception of Gargantua, the Guardian of the Fourth Floor, and Victim, Guardian of the Eighth Floor, all Floor Guardians are present. We pledge our absolute loyalty to the Supreme Beings, the rulers of the Great Tomb of Nazarick." Albedo said.

Non-Canon Items:

Harvester: (World Item) a wicked gleaming scythe that when attacking living creatures, will steal their HP and be used to heal the wielder as well as any debuffs and other powerful negative effects. Should the scythe kill a being, it takes ten levels that the user can use on themselves or others, including Customized NPCs.

Vulcan: (World Item): Named after the Roman God of Blacksmith, the hammer can create any items or smith copy of items except for Guild Weapons, World Champion Items and World Items. It can also increase the stats of existing items too. The hammer can also be used as weapon with a debuff ability when striking items.

The Ark: (World Item): It is a massive armed floating ship that possesses its own [Gate]. It can carry an entire guild, as well as customized NPCs and Mercenary NPCs. The ship itself is not a World Item, but its core is, which holds all nine keys that are each hidden on one of the nine worlds and needed to control the Ark. It also allows the user to summon the ship whenever they want.

Mask of Veritas: (World Item): A mask that let's the wearer see through illusions, barriers and invisibility spells of even 10th Tier. When used by a character with classes related to divination magic, they can even see through the effects used by Super Tier Magic and even World Items.

Like to give thanks to lordruiz for letting me use Vulcan.