Katsuya sat in the hallway, his headphones on and turned as loud as the small device would allow. For the eight year old boy, this was his shield from the world. As long as he was in the world where only his music existed, he didn't have to accept reality. A pair of shoes came into his vision next to his own and he knew someone had approached him. He chose not to look up an acknowledge his visitor. After all if he did then he would have to acknowledge the very thing he was running from at the moment. After a few seconds his visitor decided they were tired of being ignored and put a hand on his shoulder. They called his name and Katsuya easily recognized the voice of his uncle.

"Katsuya." his Uncle called again, impatient this time. He put a hand on top of Katsuya's head and then pulled his headphones off. Katsuya looked up at him, glaring at him for disturbing his refuge. "She's asking for you." he said. Katsuya's glare immediately melted away and he gave a small nod. He stood up and without waiting for his Uncle ran into the hospital room where his seven year old sister lay on the bed.

She was dying. They had all known that for months. Katsuya had spent every moment that he could by her side, but now that her condition was getting worse he was afraid to enter the room. He knew one of these days would be the last time he would be able to see her, and after the last episode the doctors were sure she was out of time. Katsuya had a childish fantasy, and idea that if he wasn't present she couldn't die. After all their mother didn't die until they were both in the room with her, therefore Shizuka couldn't die unless Katsuya was beside her. If that was the case then Katsuya had to stay as far away as possible so that she would live longer. Yet if she asked, he'd do anything for her.

"Hey sis." he said, sitting up on the edge of her bed next to her. He gave her a huge smile that she returned, but both of them were forced from pain. Just pains of a different type. For Katsuya it was the terror of loosing the only person he truly had left, and for Shizuka it was the physical pain from her weakened body as well as the pain of hurting her brother.

"Katsuya...you came." she said. Katsuya gave her an offended look for a moment, and she gave a soft chuckle. "Of course...you would." she said, appeasing him. "I have a gift...for you." she said. She looked up at their Uncle who pulled a small wrapped box out of his coat pocket. Katsuya didn't even glance at the object.

"The only gift I want from you is you getting out of here and the two of us going and playing in the field behind Uncle's barn." he said. Shizuka didn't let that bother her, she knew that was how her brother was. Meanwhile their Uncle slipped the present into Katsuya's backpack. Right now the gift meant nothing to Katsuya because he was worried about Shizuka. However soon enough it would mean the entire world to him and he wanted to ensure Katsuya had it.

"Brother..." Shizuka started, reaching out her hand. Without hesitating Katsuya snatched it in both of his. "I'm sorry." she said.

At those two words Katsuya felt both extreme rage and sorrow. Those words meant she was tired and done fighting. She had given up and she was sorry to put him through the pain she was about to. Katsuya scowled. "Don't you dare..." he started, but a loud beeping filled the room. Katsuya tried to puzzle out what it could be, and when he connected the beeping to his sisters heart monitor he thought his own heart stopped. "Sh...Shizuka." he started, letting go of her hand with one of his, he reached out to shake her shoulder. "SHIZUKA!"

An arm looped under Katsuya, lifting him away from his sister. Katsuya screamed in horror and anger. He tried to twist out of whoever was holding him but soon doctors took the place he was occupying seconds before. His Uncle carried him into the hallway and released him on his feet. Katsuya went to dart past him back into the room. He had to see his sister. His Uncle grabbed his shoulder to keep him from passing.

"Wait here Katsuya." he said, and then turned to go back into the room. 'Screw that.' he thought, making to go into the room again. He got into the doorway when a doctor turned to his Uncle.

"I'm sorry, there's nothing else we can do." he said. Katsuya was rooted to the spot. His Uncle sighed, a heavy sigh that was a mix of relief and sadness. It was horrible to lose one so young, but now she wasn't suffering anymore.

"I see." he said. Katsuya meanwhile had decided he heard all he needed to. Shizuka was gone! He turned and sprinted from the room. He went down the hall, down the stairs, and out the hospital doors. He ran as fast and far as he could, until his lungs gave out. When he found he could no longer breath Katsuya stopped dead in his tracks. Looking around he had no idea where he was. He decided it didn't matter either. With a scream he let himself fall to his knees and begin to cry.

As he cried he heard a humming sound. At first he hardly noticed it, but it kept getting louder. Then light was all around him. Katsuya figured his Uncle had called the police by now and they had come to find him, but if that was the case the light should be horizontal and not vertical. Katsuya looked up to see a large structure in the sky above him. His cries caught in his throat. Then the ground was gone and he was in a metal room with a handful of people had had never seen before. Katsuya wiped his tears on his sleeve and glared at the strangers.

He had no idea what was going on, but he knew a few things. He was afraid, he was angry, and he was sad. These men didn't look friendly either but that thought didn't bother Katsuya as much as it should have. His only thought as he clenched a fist was that he may just be seeing Shizuka soon. Then he took a swing at the nearest guy, figuring no matter how this ended he'd get something out of his system.

Yo! I've actually been thinking about this for a while. So a little bit back I was watching Treasure Planet and I thought I'd go over to Tumblr and see what I could find. There was a post about 'Space Dad's and their surrogate children.' This had Silver and Jim (which is what I was looking for), characters from Firefly and Rouge One, and Yondu and Peter. So I thought 'hell, let's go watch Guardians of the galaxy.' Long story short I thought I'd write a Yugioh cross over with Guardians of the Galaxy, but before I knew it I just ended up writing a guardians of the galaxy rewrite with Yugioh characters. I thought Katsuya would be a perfect Peter Quill. Sadly that meant Shizuka would be Meredith. I'm really sorry for that. Anyway, I own neither Guardians' of the Galaxy nor Yugioh. It's not really a crossover but there you go.