One Piece: Wolves of the Sea

Chapter 1: Passing of the Torch

A captain is not without their ship, and a ship is not without it's crew. I am a captain of a vessel, said to be the swiftest on the Grand Line. My name is Fleurette De La Belle. I am originally from Kuja, but I cut all my ties away from Amazon Lily to see the world with my own eyes. My journey with my crew started at a funeral. It was mother's.

My mother was mortally wounded in battle against the Marines. With her last ounce of strength, she gave me her sword. She grinned, and touched my cheek, "I have lived a full life, remember what I have told you, never let anyone tell you cannot do something, not even me," she said, and passed on. Her body was wrapped in our ships colors.

With her burial at sea, I was given command of my mother's ship, a clipper-bowed corvette named the 'Cerberus'. Designed from the keel up to our colors, she has 18 guns and a capable crew. When looking for new members, I search for the most beautiful of young maidens that can hold their own in battle and know their way around a ship.

You would be surprised how many fit those criteria. Like me, my crew are very buxom, healthy ladies. It warms me to see their smiles when I step aboard my mother's ship. I do not wear a hat like some pirates, I prefer my pixie cut white hair. I have a scar going over the bridge of my nose. A reminder of my foolishness in battle against Tashigi.

I maybe captain, but I am not above my own crew. I am no different from them. So I wear a fitted black tanktop that goes down to just above the belly, and a comfortable pair of tight jeans. At my sides are two Pattern 1900 cutlasses. When faced with opposition, my crew use boarding axes, pikes, and the Soper Type 2 breechloading rifle.

"With these supplies, we should be set for three months or so," I said to my second-in-command,

"If not more if we can stretch it," replied my most trusted of friends.

My second-in-command is Belladonna Carabinieri. Her last name fits her skills to a tee. She is the cartographer and an expert in firearms. On the beltloops of her black jeans she carries four factory engraved Sharps breechloading single shot pistols, and slung behind her back is a Soper Type 2 breechloader, "Any chance for action?" she asked,

"Very likely, the Marines have been bolstering their presence since we arrived," I replied, our ship balances out her voyages. We set sail at night, making the black paintwork and dark grey sails give us some cover. In the day, merchant vessels are our prey. Just because these ships are called 'merchant vessels' does not mean they are unarmed.

"So that means we set off tonight?" Belladonna asked, I nodded lightly as the last barrel was put into the hold of the ship. Belladonna is as tall as I. She has short black hair slicked back with gel, and a hair bang in front that resembles a stray dangling husk on an ear of corn. She also has beautiful brown eyes, with a slight hint of tan to her skin.

I let my crewmembers be free when it comes to styling their hair. I have one whose curls fluff out from behind her bandana-covered head as an example. I only ask that they wear clothing suitable for work as sailors. One should not expect any fancy dresses or frocks on this vessel. I went down into the ship's hold to check on the supplies we have.

We had everything from hardtack biscuits to salt pork and dried sausages for food, and fresh water in barrels. The magazine was full of fresh gunpowder and ammunition for the guns and the firearms of those onboard. I came out of the hold, and everything looked ready. With the moon high in the night sky, I went to the helm and we casted off.

The crew was asleep in hammocks in the gundeck, "Rest well, my dears," I said quietly to them,

"You should get some rest yourself, Captain," suggested Belladonna

I dropped the anchor, and rested for the night since we are in shallow waters. The next morning with the chain being pulled up from the depths, I helped with the anchor and went to my place at the helm of the ship. We had a favorable wind. I looked through the periscope, and saw a vessel in the sights, "It's a Marine vessel, and it looks armed,"

"I am on it," said Belladonna taking the helm at the wheel while I helped in the gundeck to get canister shot and powder into the breeches of the guns. The crew above armed themselves for battle. One of the cannons had chain-shot in it, and is to be aimed at the ship's rigging. Our colors were hoisted up the middle mast as we gained on her.

Our colors are a black flag with three wolves heads in the center with the middle head biting a sword. Because of our colors and the ship's speed in open water, the Cerberus is nicknamed the 'Sabody Saber' by the Marines. The guns came out of the ports with a ready broadside. I unsheathed my cutlasses ready for action against the Marines.

All the guns were loaded and ready as we were closing in on the Marine vessel. Through the gun ports, you can see the faces of the enemy crew. I was up on the upper deck of the ship just as Cerberus was in range of her guns, and my crew had ready rifles, pistols, and other weapons. With a downward slash of my sword, I gave the order, "FIRE!"