A/N: My dear friend ila9182 was helping me to pass the time at work by sending prompts, this one is "wardrobe malfunction." I immediately assumed I had nothing and could never figure out what to write... But then I calmed down and thought of this little evening. I hope it is entertaining, but if not, I had fun thinking of the scene and a different type of malfunction. I posted this on tumblr, but then decided to maybe share it over here as well. Thank you so much for reading this, and for the reviews on previous stories. Seriously, they are very helpful and incredibly appreciated. Disclaimer: The mistakes are mine, but the characters are not. Plus, I just gave the boys names. Ethan is older than Ryder.

Swinging by the Suspenders

It was a lovely southern California evening; the sun was setting, the temperature was perfect, and the two boys chatting excitedly between them were soaking up every second with their grandparents. Nicole and Dean had planned a holiday weekend for themselves, so Andy and Sharon had naturally volunteered to watch the boys. Luckily, the team had not caught another case so the two were able to leave on time and head directly over to pick up the kids. Tonight the plan was pizza and ice cream on the pier, and maybe a ride or two before heading back to the house for movie night.

"Oh! Oh! Grandpa! Grandpa!" Ethan cried out excitedly as he tugged on his grandpa's shirtsleeve pointing ahead, "Can we ride the Ferris Wheel?"

Andy chuckled at the boy's enthusiasm and ducked down, "I don't know buddy, that is a big ride. Do you think you can handle it?"

"Oh yes! Oh for sure, I mean my friend rode it when he was here last time and says it is so fun," Ethan assured his Grandpa while simultaneously pulling him in the direction of the attraction. "It will be fine. I am brave and so is my brother." Ryder, who was still holding Sharon's hand, nodded in agreement.

"Well, I guess we can then, since you are both so brave," Andy smiled down at his grandson and then winking at Sharon continued, "Lead the way."

After purchasing ride tickets for the group they joined the back of the line to wait for their turn. While they were waiting the boys talked about everything they had planned for the weekend, while Sharon and Andy smiled and nodded along at their excitement. The time passed quickly enough and soon they were next in line.

"I get to sit next to Grandma!" Ryder called as the ride operator gestured them forward.

Andy handed over the tickets before the man addressed the group, "Okay kids. Stay seated at all times, no screaming, and no swinging the chairs. Good?" the boys nodded and the man secured the safety bar, stepped back, and pressed the button.

As the cart began to climb the boys strained forward to watch the lights of the pier fade below them. Sharon smiled at their excited murmurings, just as she felt the cart begin to swing slightly. She cut her eyes over at Andy who had a sly grin plastered to his face as he too watched the boys. Noticing the movement Ethan looked over at his Grandpa and giggled, "Oh that is fun!" and began to swing as well.

"Wait! No! The man said no swinging!" Ryder cried out a bit panicky as he swiveled his head from Andy to Ethan before looking desperately at Sharon to end the horror.

"Andy, stop swinging." Sharon instructed, "You heard the rules."

"Oh, but where's the fun in that?" Andy's smile widened as he reached over and patted the young boy's shoulder, "It's okay Ryder these rides have been here for years. We aren't in any danger."

"Yeah, don't be a baby," Ethan teased as he bumped his shoulder against his brother. Ryder was not amused and pushed Ethan back a little harder, also bumping Andy into the side of the cart.

"Boys, boys, that's enough. I'm sorry Sharon is right." Andy reached out putting his arm around Ethan to provide a buffer between the boys, "We shouldn't swing the seat."

Sharon shot him a pointed look as she held Ryder a little closer to her, "Oh look, we can see all the way down the beach." She pointed down the coastline, "Where do you think that is?" Sharon asked. Both Ryder and Ethan craned their heads forward and began shouting off random places, while Sharon shot Andy an exasperated look at his backfired attempt to be funny with the kids. He reached around behind the boys and tapped her shoulder with an apologetic smile before joining back in to the conversation about what could possibly be lighting up the rest of the city.

As the cart began its descent the boys started planning out their next stop, and it definitely was going to be ice cream. Sharon laughed as the cart slowed and the safety bar was released. She stood and helped Ryder to his feet as Ethan stood and reached out for his Grandpa's hand, "You coming?"

Andy sat awkwardly against the side of the cart and waved his hand, "Oh I think we should go one more time. What about you guys?"

"Yeah!" Ethan cheered as he jumped back on to the seat.

Andy moved slightly, "Maybe we can change up the spots? Maybe I can sit by Grandma Sharon?" Ethan shrugged and slid to the left.

"Oh, Andy, I think it is best if we both sit on the ends," Sharon reasoned, not wanting to allow any chance of one of the boys sliding off the side.

"Sure. Sure." Andy mumbled before smiling back at the boys, "Alright kids, one more go?"

"Yes, but no swinging this time!" Ryder ordered as he waved his finger at his Grandpa.

Andy raised his hand, "Scout's honor."

They all squeezed into their original positions once again as the cart was lifted into the rotation. While the boys were looking out at the ocean and discussing the likelihood of sharks and shark attacks Andy leaned back and tapped Sharon on the shoulder. She gave him a questioning look as he drew her attention to his right hip. He pulled lightly on the waistband of his pants to reveal that the hook of his suspender had somehow gotten stuck around the bolt connecting the safety bar on the side.

Sharon snort laughed before whispering, "How did you do that?"

"I don't know, maybe when the boys were pushing against each other. I somehow got stuck over here and didn't notice until we stopped to get off." Andy explained a bit apprehensively, "It just got tighter as I tried to stand. I think I'm stuck- stuck."

Sharon couldn't help but laugh at the situation, "Only you."

Andy rolled his eyes at her, "Yes, only me. But still, here we are, and that doesn't change the fact that I am stuck."

"Oh Andy," she laughed as she looked down at the boys who had now turned to watch the exchange between their grandparents. "Okay boys, can you lean forward just a little bit for me?" The boys leaned forward and Sharon was able to snake her arm behind them to pull at the back of Andy's suspenders. The clips in the middle of his back released. Sharon pulled them up over the back of his head as the boys shifted slightly to allow them more room.

"Genius," Andy sighed with relief. "I was beginning to think I was just going to have to cut them off." He shuddered at the thought, "These are one of my favorites."

Sharon rolled her eyes, "Well, unless you can work it off the bolt now that they aren't squeezing you to death, I think they may still be lost to the cause."

Ryder joined Sharon in laughing at his Grandpa's shocked face, "Sorry Grandpa, we have to get ice cream next, and we aren't going to wait for you."

Andy sighed, "Yeah, yeah. Okay guys I get it."

Ryder leaned over to Sharon and whispered, "I guess that's what he gets for not following the rules."

Sharon busted out laughing once again, "Yes, you're right Ryder. Maybe next time he will remember, no swinging."

The boy turned to his grandpa and gave him a stern nod, "Yes, those are the rules."

Andy leaned back in the seat and rolled his head back as he sighed, "Oh God, there's two of them."