Okay, so Ila9182 has been incredibly kind and sent me a few more prompts to work through while I am getting everything organized in moving my sister, cleaning out my grandmother's house, and then moving myself. Lol, just normal life, but I have been needing a way to channel some of my anxiety. This little one shot was not the one I had planned on doing, or at least not the next one. The idea popped into my head this morning during my Dopey Challenge training and I literally stopped halfway through and quickly typed up some of this in the notes app while standing on a street corner. The rest of it had to be filled in while the movers were here. Thank you all for reading and for the reviews! This is what I came up with for a "Making a Bet" prompt.

"Healthy Competition"

Rusty entered the kitchen to find Sharon standing by the counter starting the coffee, "Morning mom."

"Hey, Rusty. Did you have a good workout?" she asked as she moved to the side so he could prepare his cereal.

Rusty smiled, "Yes, I got a solid hour in on that treadmill before I started my normal routine." He held up his wrist to show her the black band, "Almost reached the step goal before 7am. Has to be some kind of record."

Sharon laughed, "Well, I was a little worried about this whole thing. At first you were setting that up for the Lieutenant, and then you somehow getting talked into taking it for yourself. But, honestly it has been a very entertaining week. I don't quite think Patrice had this in mind when she decided to give them those to help with their New Year's resolutions." Sharon smiled, "But now that her anger over Louie's cheating has subsided, she seems to be enjoying the idea now too."

"It's all in good fun. He had to promise to be better about working out with her." Rusty shrugged taking his seat at the table, "So, it is kind of a win-win, he walks more, and we get to watch An-" He was stopped speaking just as Andy turned the corner into the kitchen.

"Morning," Andy greeted them, walking around the bar to pour himself a cup of coffee.

"Good morning," they both replied as he kissed Sharon on the cheek and moved to a seat at one of the bar stools.

Before anyone could say anything else, Andy looked down at an alert on his phone and nearly choked on his coffee, "How is he doing this? The man doesn't even run." He flipped his phone around to show Sharon the 'fitbit friend' update notification. She merely hummed and turned to pour her own coffee as he continued, "Besides he's been in court the last two days. There just hasn't been the time for this kind of effort."

With her back still to him she smiled to herself replying, "Well, Patrice did say they had joined a gym."

Andy rolled his eyes before dropping his phone to the counter, "Ha, I'd pay money to see that. Come to think of it I'm probably not the only one. We should sell tickets." The phone screen lit up again drawing his attention to the new 'milestone badge' achieved by his friend, "Seriously, how is he doing this?"

Sharon turned back around and noted Andy staring at his phone in disbelief, while Rusty was holding back a laugh and attempting to finish his cereal. She caught Rusty's eye and took a sip of her coffee to cover her smirk. Rusty smiled back as the band on his wrist vibrated, alerting him to a text message. He let out a light cough to cover the sound and checked his phone, "Speaking of court, that's Andrea with the morning coffee order." Rusty stood and carried his bowl to the sink and grinned at Sharon before he turned to head out.

"Life of an intern," she joked as she smiled at her son. "Will you be home for dinner?"

"Probably," Rusty answered as he shouldered his bag before turning to her speculatively, "Why? What do you have planned?"

Sharon ignored his uncertain tone and singsonged, "Oh nothing too crazy. Just thinking about cooking something fun this evening. Since it should be a light day finishing paper work."

"Okay…" Rusty began skeptically.

Placing his phone back on the counter Andy jumped in, "Don't worry kid I'll keep an eye on her."

Rusty snickered, as Sharon took a step and gestured between the two of them, "What is that supposed to mean? Hmm? Contrary to popular belief I am a very skilled chef. I truly can do more than boil water and brew coffee." The two exchanged knowing looks as she went on, "Shockingly enough I was able to cook for and feed myself and my children for years, before you two came along."

Rusty lifted his hands in surrender and explained, "Yeah, but since you started watching those cooking competition shows the meals have been…" He paused in search of the right word.

"Different?" Andy offered before chuckling at Sharon's shocked expression.

"Oh laugh it up you two." She turned to Andy, "And you haven't complained. Who was that someone asking for seconds the last time I cooked dinner?"

Rusty laughed at their exchange, "He's on a heart healthy diet, with the exception of his precious coffee. Anything more than butter free broccoli makes him go in for seconds. Plus, he has to be kind otherwise he gets into trouble."

"Funny guy," Sharon teased as she light heartedly tossed a dishtowel in his direction.

Andy chuckled as he waved Rusty off, "Don't worry, kid. I'll keep an eye on her. See you later."

"Love you, Rusty," Sharon called after her son, "Let me know about dinner."

Andy's phone dinged again and he pushed it to the side not wanting to read the update. Sharon took another sip of her coffee before addressing the issue, "Maybe you need to start walking with me in the mornings? Or maybe even join Rusty downstairs at the gym?"

"Yeah, I know, I know. But with work it has been a bit difficult to find the time. I am not a morning person, I can't get up everyday and walk or whatever like you two." He sighed, before joking and glancing back down at his phone, "I do need my beauty rest."

"Very funny," she muses as she reaches for his phone before he can see the newest update. "Whatever happened to the idea of this being just a healthy competition? I mean shouldn't you be happy that your friend is getting out and making healthy lifestyle changes?"

"I am, it's just -"

"Well that vein popping slightly right there," she pointed to his temple, "Says otherwise." Andy teasingly swatted at her hand as she chuckled, "Go finish getting ready. We can drive in together. "

"Okay," Andy agreed as he stood and carried his mug to the sink. He poured out the rest of his coffee before rinsing Rusty's bowl as well and moving both items to the dishwasher. "Hey, maybe we should see if Nicole wants to take the boys to the zoo tomorrow? I could get some steps in."

Sharon smiled at his reasoning, "Good plan. I'll text her."

Andy dropped a kiss to her cheek and moved back down the hall to collect their things. Sharon turned to the sink shaking her head as her phone chimed.

"Rusty: How does he call himself a detective? He should know I don't have a smart watch. What does he think the buzzing on my wrist has been about this week?
Mom: Are you texting and driving?
Rusty: Nope, I texted in the coffee order while I was waiting for the elevator. Then inspiration took over and I decided to take the stairs.
Mom: You're evil.
Rusty: You still love me. :)
Mom: That I do. How's the pool going?
Rusty: Thought you didn't like our betting? Something about being Switzerland?
Mom: Doesn't mean I would stop adults from participating… and definitely doesn't stop me from being interested.
Rusty: Lol! Well Sykes was out Day 2. Buzz had this morning so he's gone. Next up is Tao with Sunday after mass.
Mom: Good deal. I think we can keep it going a bit longer. He's already planning out the weekend.
Rusty: He's right, you are wicked.
Mom: Be kind... but that's what he gets for complaining about the exercise plan, and then lying about it. ;)
Rusty: As if anyone needed another reminder not to cross you. Lol. I'll talk to you later.
Mom: Love you. Be safe.
Rusty: You too. "

Sharon chuckled to herself taking her own mug and rinsing it out before loading it into the dishwasher. At hearing Andy coming back down the hall she opened up her conversation with Nicole.

"His Friend Sharon: What are you guys up to tomorrow?
Nicole: Just a lazy weekend. Why? Any fun ideas?
His Friend Sharon: What would you all say to a zoo day? Someone needs to get his steps in.
Nicole: Hahahahaha yes! He still hasn't figured it out? This is the best! Meet at the entrance at 9?
His Friend Sharon: See you there!"

Sharon beamed as Andy reentered the kitchen with his jacket over one arm and her bag in the other, "Ready?"

She reached out to take her bag, "I think so, and I just texted Nicole about the zoo day. They're in."

"Good deal," Andy replied and turned to let her lead the way down the hall. "Provenza won't know what hit him. Maybe we should see if Rusty wants to go too? Make it a family day?"

Sharon grinned as he opened the front door, "Of course. I'll let him know the plan."

As Andy joined her at the elevator she opened up her messages once again:

"Mom: Looks like you can skip the gym tomorrow. We are all going to the zoo.
Rusty: Perfect! Sooooo many steps. Haha."