1: maybe

She didn't know when it began.

Maybe it was when she felt the urge to poke the puffed up cheeks when Haru was pouting about one thing or another. Brown eyes wide and full of emotion. It was in the purse of her lips, the crinkle in the corner of her eye. The indignant tone and clench in her fist as she passionately ranted about yet another stupidity of the boys.

Maybe it was when they first met, and both discovered a mutual love for pastry and they just clicked. Sunlight streamed through the windows, she smiled with a spoon still in her mouth, and snorted at her joke.

Maybe it was in the future in the hot tub, where she saw Haru and thought: "Who wouldn't marry her?" She could cook, clean, and smile worries away. Even when the silence ambushed them and pure, cold fear- She smiled. It was absolutely ugly, desperate, wobbly. They clung to each other, fellow hapless victims in useless resentment and anxiousness, and Kyoko focused on her warmth and fabric of her shirt.

Or maybe, it was during one of the missions. Maybe it was when she demanded being trained. Maybe it was when they together stared down Tsuna-kun so that he realized they can't be ignorant forever. Maybe it was when she held her when it all became too much, and they went through five boxes of tissues in that evening.

But at the very latest, because there were as many, many opportunities to fall for Haru, it was when she came back, dead tired from negotiations, hair undone from ties, pins, and sprays, and collapsed onto the bed. Kyoko wasn't in better shape, only managing to take of both of their shoes and socks before flopping down next to her, thankful she kept it in a bob.

Haru turned, facing her with those brown eyes, and groaned: "They're so fucking moronic. Stupidity doesn't cut it."

She laughed breathlessly in response, wondering when Haru adopted those words from Hana, and watched as these words faded from her lips and awareness from her eyes. Her breathing evened out. As Kyoko followed suit into sleep, both of their hair entangled in each other, cheek on cheek, she was...Happy. Content.

And she deluded herself, thinking: "This should be forever."