Chapter 1

Angel's apartment: 3:30 am

Buffy awoke slowly. There was only a second where she didn't realize where she was, what had just happened - finally. It seemed like her entire life had been leading up to this moment, this event. It was almost too much to take in all at once, to savor the moment, as it deserved to be savored. Here she was in his bed - his bed. Those two small words held such import. It sounded so primal in a way, as if he had claimed her and now she was forever his space where he slept.

At that thought, she turned in the nest of sheets and covers - to look at him. As soon as she turned, his eyes opened to gaze back at her. His eyes seemed different than she had ever seen them before. Not so much the color, they were still that warm chocolate brown but they seemed to be appraising her almost. She had never seen him look at her with such a flat affect, so detached. Perhaps he was just more relaxed, less broody. That was probably it but he had never been much for wordiness and smiles. She guessed that now shouldn't be any different. Her analysis was cut short as a smile lit his face. It was a purely masculine smile leaving no doubt that he was pleased with himself, with her as well. She smiled back as his hands came up around her back pulling her more securely into his embrace. She thought that his skin would be cool but he was warm, almost hot as her own hands slid up and around his neck.

"Umm, you're so warm"


"Pleasantly", at that she burrowed her head into his neck as she arched into further into his body. His hands moved to the small of her back and she let out a satisfied sigh.

Angel smiled - a smile that didn't quite reach he eyes. She was right about one thing, he was satisfied. Finally after one hundred years, he felt whole. And she was the one to do it for him. He guessed that he shouldn't have been so surprised. As he looked at her honey blond hair and felt her embrace, he knew that it was destiny. It was all destiny, it couldn't be anything else.

He couldn't help but be pleased that she had no clue just how satisfied he was at the moment. He caught that little look when she had first turned to him but a well-placed caress or two and she was practically purring. Oh yes, this was perfect. He just needed to play his cards patiently.

With that thought, he rolled her under him, raising up to look at her again. He gave her a reassuring smile.

"You look so happy."

He responded with a soft laugh, "I am. Actually I can't remember when I've felt so good and it's all because of you." He reached to touch her face before leaning in to kiss her neck, to draw her pulse into his mouth.

"Hey, vampire - much, remember?" she laughed at she felt him nibble at her neck, his blunt teeth holding the tender skin as his mouth suckled with increasing veracity.

Pulling back he asked with a boyish grin on his face, "Do you mind, I mean - I am, you know, a vampire - pretty much."

Drawing his head back to its resting place in the crook of her neck, she answered "I won't break, you know."

"I don't know, you seem pretty fragile to me."

At that Buffy took the lead, flipping him over so that she had the upper hand. His eyes combed her face in response to her action. His expression was intense as she again got the impression that he was somehow studying her. It was an uncomfortable feeling.

"Hello - Mr. Broody? Whatca' thinking about?"

His expression cleared as he reached up to draw her hair back from her face. He blinked twice as he clearing out his mind. His face softened as he laughed again, "I was just thinking that you, my dear, are going to work out just fine."

"Fine?" she questioned leaning forward to nip at his nose. "Just fine? Why not exceptional? Why not way super great."

"OK, super, great, excellent. I like my women aggressive."

"Woaw now, women? I see one wo-man. One in the singular sense."

He thought briefly of the women he was referring to - Darla, Dru - Buffy. "A figure of speech, Buff." Kissing her firmly.

"Well, as long as we've got that straight." She replied with a laugh.

With that talking ceased. Angel pulled her down to him and soon they were rolling in the sea of blankets. Angel was truthful about one thing. He did feel happy. She had delivered that to him when she delivered herself and as a result, she had let the proverbial cat out of the bag.

Things were just getting interesting but for now, he was satisfied with the warm bundle in his arms - world domination could wait until tomorrow he thought with yet one more laugh.

Buffy's heart warmed. Angel's laughter was wonderful. She had never hardly heard him chuckle - much less laugh. The difference earlier - that must have been it - happiness. He seemed wilder this time, less apt to feel the need to gauge her reaction over and over - more sure of himself, of his actions. There was an air that he felt entitled to her - all of her. Well, she could deal with that she thought - as long as he kept kissing her behind her knee.