This is the close of my fic, Lost Souls. I have completed what I have intended here - telling the story of the Scoobies' turning. Now what you ask? I say sequel! I have unanswered questions - Where are Spike and Dru? What about Buffy? Joyce? The list is a long one. MORE FEEDBACK will hasten the return of this set-up. Thanks to all the faithful!!!!!!!!!

Chapter 26

Soon enough, Willow is covered with suds and the Scourge of Europe. Thankfully, he is still very amorous and very tame. The way to sooth a savage beast is NOT through his tummy!

Relying on both her vampiric instincts and her limited knowledge of men in general - vamp, werewolf or other wise, she guesses that the same ol' plan that worked with Xander will also work with the Scourge. Men are such suckers! Oh, she made a funny, she thinks.

When Angelus grasps her shoulders and firmly turns her toward the wall, she realizes that she needs to step up her plan. Taking an unneeded breath, she slips back around in his arms. Lucky for her, the soap seems to help. For a second, she is imminently thankful for her demon; she would never be able to carry this off otherwise.

"Hey, Big Boy, slow down." She growls seductively. "You've had your turn, now Willow wants to play." She announces with a pout. She slides her soapy hands down his chest and lower, making her intentions clear.

He arches his pelvis towards her with a low growl.

Quite unexpectedly, a giggle rises from her. Boy, Will - that's real seductive! "I guess that's a yes." She laughs as she goes to her knees peppering his chest and abdomen with kisses along the way. For a dead, evil guy, he tastes yummy.

Pausing above the object of her attention, she looks up with another pout as her fingers run lightly up his inner thighs. What she sees reminds her that she is playing with fire. Amber eyes are glowing down at her from his handsome human face and sharp fangs are visible in his masculine mouth. She is riding a fine line between teasing and torture that could turn on her at any moment.

Gathering her confidence, she purrs, "Tell me you want it, I want to her you say it. Say yes and I'll give you it to you. Say, yes, please."

There is a long moment of hesitation when she doubts he will comply. She lets him feel her cool breath. This seems to turn the tide. His hands push her forward as he groans out, "Yes, you witch, yes, give it to me!"

He immediately grinds his pelvis toward her and she has no choice and suddenly, no desire to do otherwise than to take him into her mouth. She can barley whisper the ancient word before closing around him. The contact is magical. The misty fog is lost in the steam of the shower as Angelus' head arches back as both pleasure and something else permeate his senses.

He feels dizzy as he comes into the cavern of her mouth; her arms are practically holding him up with their ivory strength. Finally, the incredible throbbing begins to subside and the red witch slides back up his body, her eyes wide.

He is so disoriented. It takes a minute before he can speak. It is difficult to take in. He is in a shower with Willow. Naked in the shower with Willow. Naked in the shower with a naked Willow with no heartbeat. The no heartbeat thing shocks his mind into a cascade of memory as the past days coalesce behind his eyes.

"Willow?" Now it is his turn to squeak.

Still plastered against him, she answers in a small voice from the middle of his chest where she is hiding. "Umm?"

"You just --- we just --- did you just --- curse me again?"

"Umm, I don't think it was a curse so much as a return this time." She mumbles from her chest.

"So, let me get this straight, you're you. You have your soul, right? Have you always had it? Since you know---"

"Nope---I, umm, that's to say, Giles, umm, ---" Finally, she hazards a look up into his face, "Guess you don't remember the Calvin Klein limbo, huh?"

From the look on his face, she knows her answer, "Umm, guess not".

A strange look passes over his face, culminating in a spark of gold, "Giles - Oh God, Willow, Giles - I killed Giles---"

"Umm, I know. He told me."

This revelation sparks yet another gold flash. "Giles, how?"

The water is cooling and despite the gravity of their conversation, Angel's arousal is making itself known. Dorky Vamp Willow also makes her appearance as she mumbles, "Long story", before pushing away and rushing for the first towel, she sees. Angel is right behind her and thankfully, suddenly feels just as uncomfortable as she.

Soon, they are both reasonably covered in thick white towels. Much to her dismay, Willow finds that Angel is not a quiet whisperer.

"Shush! Angel - Vamp hearing? - Hello?" Willow whispers venomously.

He gets the message though and quiets down. Unfortunately, he also pulls her back into his arms and suddenly the towels don't seem to offer as much coverage as they once did. Leaning in close to her ear, he whispers softly this time.

"So what gives?"

"The Powers that Be sent Giles into the limbo where our souls were being held. They came up with a way to, Ahhh, re-soul us."

"If we're re-souled then why am hiding out in the bathroom whispering?"

"'Cause, there's a clause that everybody has to say yes on his or her own."

"So, that's what all the teasing was about and gee, I thought you really liked me!" Angel quips.

Willow rolls her eyes. Obviously, this non-cursed soul of Angel's has left Angelus' sardonic sense of humor intact. Oh joy!

"I've gotten to Xander but not Buffy. She needs to say 'yes' on her own to me. She just doesn't need to know to what!"

Looking down, she continues, "Ahh, so far, the --- well --- the sex thing -- - has --- ahh, worked with you and Xand."

"Sounds like a plan." Angel states as he turns to go back out to bedroom.

Willow squeaks at him before he can get to the door, "Towel, you just have on a towel!"

It's Angel's turn to roll his eyes now. "Well, you did say the sex thing worked, didn't you?"

Begrudgingly acknowledging that he is right, Willow tucks her towel tightly around her and heads back out for her command performance.


Willow had thought to prod both men out of the room so that she could get Buffy alone somehow, someway and be done with it. So far, so good.

Back in the bedroom, she is again confronted with this new amalgamation of Angel's personality. Despite the dire circumstances and the pressing need to restore Buffy's soul, he seems up for some fun of a purely physically kind.

Seeing Willow's desperation, he simply cocks a dark brow her way and smiles. He slides into bed beside of Buffy and immediately begins nuzzling her neck while still maintaining eye contact with Willow.

Willow grasps the fact that whatever scheme she is cooking up to get Buffy to say yes - the boys are going to be there to watch - boys - no men - with their souls. Oh great - Vamp or not - she is never going to live this down in a million years!

Buffy's limbs have become entangled with Xander's while their mates were in the shower and as she starts to wake, Xander rouses too. His dark head rises up, his eyes meeting Angel's. Immediately, something unsaid passes between them and Xander gives an almost imperceptible nod as he slides over, making a place beside of Buffy for Willow.

For a second or two, Willow hopes that once she is settled - towel and all - that Xander will take off for the shower like a gentleman - but no such luck as she feels him spoon her body with his own larger one. Mirroring the pair in front of them, he bites into her neck without any pretext. Her eyes close as her neck arches back into his bite. She is immediately lost to the electric hum of life and blood and magic.

Minutes have flown by before she surfaces again. Xander has flung himself away from her and is lying sated on his back and while she would like nothing more than to return his recent attentions, she turns to the matter at hand.

Both Angel and Buffy seem to be dozing but when she directs her gaze towards them, Angel immediately opens his eyes. It's time, she guesses. Angel seems prepared to take the lead this time as he begins to make low circle on Buffy's smooth with his fingertips.

At his touch, Buffy purrs like a cat in cream. She makes no move to even open her eyes as she arches into her sire's touch. With a bare whisper, Angel poses the needed question to his lover as his fingers continue to tease.

"Buff, tell me you want it". Nodding for Willow, he asks again, "Tell us that you want it".

With that, Willow comes closer, rubbing her cheek against Buffy's own. She hears Angel's appeal again.

This time, Buffy arches abruptly as she cries out, "Yes, yes, I want you. I want what you can give me."

Willow whispers her word and places a chaste kiss on Buffy's cool lips once again triggering the dense, magic fog. Angel plunges his fingers to where Buffy needs them most as she cries out over and over. Her actions wake Xander and he leans over Willow's side to watch the restoration of Buffy's soul with interest. Hey, it doesn't hurt that she's naked either.


Buffy fights her way through the layers of cobwebs in her brain. Her body is throbbing. She can sense people around her. Somehow, through senses less obvious than sight and sound - she recognizes those around her that are attempting to sooth her. The presence of these beloved ones calm her as she fights for reason and awareness. Unexpectedly, the unusual silence of her own body and those around her gives her a shock.

She is free falling into a nightmare. Every fiber of her being revolts against itself as the horror of what she has become is realized. The initial revelation is closely followed by the dreadful memories of the recent days, culminating in the murder of her mother. The utter repulsion she feels is beyond words. She has become the very thing that she was born to kill.

She opens her eyes to find the very face that has led her to damnation staring down at her. It is too much; she closes her eyes and curls into a small fetal ball too overwhelmed, too damned to do otherwise.

The End???