HI! I was looking through some old files and I found this story I had written for some time ago, but never got to publish. So, why not give it a chance now? :) It´s about Quinn and Rachel, but be patient. Rachel wont appear in the first chapters, so if you expect immediate Faberry, this wont be a story for you. Hope you enjoy, even though it´s years away from when Glee ended.

The Pearl Island

The old man was standing on the dock with his fishing pole as he always tended to do these days. He looked hard and longingly at the ships passing by and whished for the thousand time that things were different and like old days. He looked down at his bucket, if he didn't catch more than the few fish already, it would be a very dry day. His pulling fishing pole pulled him from his thoughts and he excitedly wheeled his catch in. It had been slow in the last hour and now something had finally caught on, but it turned out to only be rubbish.

"All of those goddamn ferries, they scare all the fish away" He growled "Ruining it for us all" He added as he threw away the trash it caught. He was about to threw out his pole again when something in the distance caught his eyes. A ship was in the horizon. A very familiar ship. Old Jameson squinted his eyes together "Is that…?" He grabbed his old, worn out binoculars and lifted it to his eyes. "Oh my…" He let the binoculars fall around his neck and immediately bend down to grab his old bag and the bucket as he hastily left the docks, well as hastily an old man in clogs could move.

Puck whistled happily as he crawled down the ladder with a bucket of pain in his hand. He looked out on the sea and smiled at the land he could see. He was finally home. He wistfully looked once more before getting back to his alleged task. He painted a part of the ships wall as he continued whistling, nothing could kill his mood right now. He noticed at female figure coming out on the deck with her binoculars in hand. He smiled when he saw who it was.

"Spotting anything interesting?" He asked her, still painting. She didn't answer as she kept looking out on land. Puck smirked and sauntered over to her, whistling a small melody.

"Her heart beats wildly, because the woman lives on land and so she stands here and look out of her binocularsss" The female shook her head as she giggled. Puck smiled and walked to her other side as he continued his on the spot made up song. "Maybe she can spot the woman on land. She maybe stands on the docks, waving with her yellow braids" Puck put the paintbrushes on his ears as he girly blinked with his eyelashes. She looked at him with a lifted eyebrow, before looking out on land again. "She has two lovely blue eyes"

"Watch out, you may pull something" She said with a smile.

"And she hasn't seen her in over two years, so it´s probably hell" Puck continued. "But when she has Brittany in her arms, then will Quinn Fabray, know she´s home" He sang the last part.

"Are you done?" Quinn asked.

"Nope" Puck smirked. She gave him an unexpected push, so he fell backwards and landed on his ass on the deck. Quinn laughed at the surprised look on his face but was interrupted by the captain coming down the stairs from the bridge.

"Fabray, take care of the flag, would you?" Quinn stood straight and nodded.

"Yes, Captain" The Captain nodded and went back upstairs. She turned to Puck.

"I´ll fix it" He said immediately and ran down the deck to the flagpole to raise the flag. "Pull yourself together, man" He muttered as he felt himself getting a bit teary eyed. Quinn looked him moving down the deck and turned back to watch the oncoming land with a smile. She was finally home and she couldn't wait to see Brittany. Two years is a long time to be away from home, but she was hopeful. Quinn has received a few letters from Britt over the time, but she knew it was difficult communicating, since Quinn had switched directions and travelled to several countries fast. She sighed and ran a hand through her hair, before going back inside, to finish up before the hit the docks.

Jameson hurried down the streets with his bucket and bag in hand. He was sure he had hit a few people on his way with his pole, but he didn't care. He saw the hanging sign from the pub, The Mermaid, and let out a relieved breath as he stepped inside. Inside the pub, a few persons were occupying the tables as a woman walked around serving them beers. Jameson panted as he put down his things on a nearby table.

"Mercedes! Come here!" He said loudly. Mercedes put down her tray and walked over to him.

"What´s going on?" She asked worriedly. It wasn't normal for old Jameson to be this upset about anything, unless it was about his ships.

"Elle has just passed the lighthouse" Mercedes looked shocked.

"I´m sorry, what did you say?"

"Elle has passed the lighthouse" Jameson repeated. Mercedes sighed.

"Quinn will be here tonight then" He nodded as she wiped off her hands on her apron. She shook her head and took a step back towards the kitchen. "She can´t just, like, pop up out of nowhere like that. What was she thinking?!" She spoke loudly and pushed open the door to the small kitchen. "Finn! Quinn is home!" She yelled as she turned to the coat rack and grabbed her jacket. Finn looked up from the steaming pot.

"How do you know?" He asked equally as shocked and leaned against the doorframe.

"Jameson has just seen Elle" She answered and walked past him to get outside. Finn looked after her, before turning to the old Captain.

"Why hasn't she sent a message?" Jameson shrugged.

"I guess she wanted it to be a surprise?" Finn nodded and put his hands in his pockets.

"Yeah, it definitely will be a surprise"

"It´s very unfortunate for her" Finn nodded and looked down at the bucket on the table. "Did you catch anything?" He asked.

"Only these two" Jameson replied sadly. Finn picked up the fish and studied them for a second. He felt bad for the old man.

"Well, they´re not huge. I can't give you more than five dollars for those two"

"Shush!" Jameson whispered and looked around the pub." I don't want to let everybody know, how badly it turned out for Captain Jameson on his old days. There´s no honour in selling fish" Finn looked apologetically at him.

"Five dollars" Finn said and wrote in a little black book. "I´ll take it from your bill on the room" He took the fish and walked out in the kitchen with them. Jameson mumbled for himself.

"One should have been a little bird. Then you could live for free on your own twig" He sat tiredly down on a chair and exhaled. Finn came out from the kitchen with two plates of food in his hands.

"By the way, there´s a letter for you" He put the plates down and stepped behind the bar to find it and handed it to Jameson who just sighed in return.

"Probably just bills"

"No, it´s from Shipowner Lopez" Jameson leaned forward, his interest peaked.

"Lopez? Haven´t heard from him in years" He mumbled and opened it. He frowned, then smiled. "He wants me to come to a meeting this afternoon" He said and smiled to Finn before looking down at the letter again "I wonder what he wants"

"I guess he has a ship for you?" Finn said as he began to eat. Jameson laughed sarcastically.

"I bet. I´ve been on land for the last five years. When you´re old, nobody wants to use you. He could have called me anytime but didn't" He spoke tiredly. Sometimes he felt a tiny bit bitter about his situation. "Well, let´s see what he wants" He added and put the letter away. He picked up the fork and joined Finn in eating the food.

Mercedes walked through the stores door, trying to locate Brittany. "Can I visit Brittany? I have some important news for her" She asked the clerk behind the desk, who just nodded and waved her away towards the back. She walked through the small door and spotted Brittany putting away some bottles. "Hi Britt" Brittany looked startled as she almost dropped them. She smiled as she saw it was only Mercedes.

"Hi! What are you doing here?" She asked as she put down the items in her hands, only to grab a box.

"Quinn is back" Brittany stopped and turned to look at her box in hand, all wide eyed.

"What should I do?" Mercedes shrugged and put a hand on Brittany´s shoulder.

"I don't think you can do anything else than tell her as it is" Brittany nodded as she looked away. Mercedes sent her a small smile. "It´s about time, don't you think?" Brittany didn't answer as she fiddled with the small box. Mercedes patted her back encouragingly. "Well, I need to go. I´ll see you later?" Brittany nodded, and Mercedes left the store. Brittany sighed heavily before continuing working, trying to figure out what to say to Quinn. She should have predicted this, of course Quinn would get home at one point, but she just kept pushing it away and now it´s coming to kick her in her ass. She put away another box, thinking she would tell Quinn tonight, she has too.

Back at Elle, Quinn was humming as she packed her bags. She had saved up some money and was looking forward to being back on land for at least six months. She smiled as she picked up a picture of Brittany smiling at the camera. She has missed Brittany like crazy and really looked forward to seeing her girl again. A knock on the door got her attention and the captain stepped inside her cabin. He smiled at her with his pipe in hand.

"Getting ready to get on land, Fabray?" He asked. Quinn nodded smiling broadly.

"Yes, sir. Almost there" He nodded and took a drag on his pipe.

"I just came down to ask if you were serious about leaving us? You have been a great asset to the crew these past years" He tried with a small smile on his lips. Quinn felt proud and hesitated before shaking her head.

"Thank you, Captain. I´m very glad to hear that, but I´ve saved some cash and don't intend to see any more decks for at least half a year" She said and turned around to pick up the last of her clothes. The captain nodded and looked thoughtful.

"What if I make sure you´re going to be First Mate on our next trip?" He smirked as he tried to lure her in. Quinn turned to him shocked and hesitated once more. Damn, he´s good, she thought.

"It sounds very tempting, but I have to decline your offer, sir" Quinn took out the picture from her bag. "I have plans on land" She showed him the picture "At least I hope so" The Captain took the picture and whistled.

"I understand. She looks really sweet" Quinn smiled and nodded.

"She is" She said and took the picture and put it back in the bag.

"Well, then I won't hold you back" He said and turned around to walk out the door. He stopped in the door and turned around. "If you ever regret, just come to me and we´ll figure something out. Alright, Fabray?" Quinn nodded. He smiled and walked out of her cabin. Quinn finished packing and looked around the room once more. This small cabin had been her home for two years and she felt a bit melancholy about leaving it, but it was time. She pulled the bag over her shoulder and put on her cap, before leaving the room to find Puck.

Jameson strolled slowly down the street till he saw the large grey building he was seeking. He briefly looked up at it, before walking through the gate, passing the sign saying; Lopes Lines. West Africa Service. M. Lopez. Jameson had been here multiplied times, so nothing was new to him. Inside the building a, very frustrated young woman was trying to bribe the secretaries.

"Kurt, come on. Give me say, 1500 dollars. You´ll get them tomorrow morning and dad won´t need to know" Kurt shook his head as he kept looking down at some documents.

"You said that yesterday too" Santana shrugged.

"That was only 500. If you give me 1500 today, it would be 2000 dollars and much easier to remember" She smirked and crossed her arms. Kurt looked up at her with a stern glare.

"If you want money, you can go talk to your father"

"Not over such trifle" She said. Kurt stared at her.

"Such trifle? Do you call 2000 dollars a trifle?" Kurt shook his head, not knowing what to do with this airhead. He picked up another document which needed a signature.

"Hey, it´s not my fault my father is a shipowner!" Santana said exasperated and threw her hands up in the air as she walked around in the small office. "My friends count on me to have some cash and lot of them" She turned to look at Kurt again. "It would be much easier if dad was a-a postman or something" Kurt rolled his eyes.

"Yes, you have an extremely tough life" Another secretary came into the room from the main office. Santana turned to her and gave her a charming smile.

"Tina! You´re on my team, right?" Tina smiled, but shook her head.

"No, I´m with Kurt" Santana sighed and walked towards Kurt´s desk and sat upon it, crossing her arms again. Kurt sighed as Santana sat on some important forms.

"Kurt, I thought you were hired to relieve dad for some of the more minor problems"

"Not that kind of problems" Kurt replied tiredly. He´ll never get home, if Santana won´t leave him alone.

"What is Tina doing here then?" Santana asked as she looked over at her.

"She´s writing down, what I´m asking her to write down" Santana smirked and leaned closer to him.

"Then ask her to write me a check"

Kurt looked up at her with a glare. "No" Santana huffed annoyed about the situation.

"And we have known each other since we were kids. We played in the sandbox together" She tried to guilt him into giving her the money, but it didn't work. She noticed the front door opened and stood up when she noticed who was coming into the front office. "Well, I´m out of here" She sighed. "With an empty wallet"

"You´re having a rough life" Kurt said with no care in the world. Santana growled before leaving the room in a hurry. Just as Santana left the office, the door to the front office opened and Jameson stepped inside. Kurt smiled at him waiting for him to say something.

"Jameson. Mr. Lopez asked me to come" Kurt nodded and stood up.

"Yes, just a moment" He said and fixed his tie. He walked over to a large brown door and knocked on it before opening it. "Mr. Lopez, Jameson has arrived" He announced. Mario Lopez looked up from his desk.

"Show him inside" He said and signed a form before putting them away. Kurt showed him inside and closed the door, leaving them some privacy. Mario stood up from his chair with a big smile. "Welcome, Jameson" He shook the old man´s hand and pointed to the chair. "Sit down, please. It´s been a while since you´ve been here" Jameson nodded and looked around the office.

"Well, it´s certainly not my fault" Mario ignored the small jab and just smiled. He stood up and walked over to a small cabinet. "Cigar?" He offered. "They are good, importing them myself" He added. Jameson took one.

"Certainly not for me, huh?" Mario shook his head and put the cigars away.

"It´s an honest case, that I´ve haven't found the need to use your experiences" Jameson spit out a piece of the cigar in the tray and lid it up as he looked excited at Mr. Lopez.

"But you do now?"

Mr. Lopez nodded. "Yes, even though you may not know why" Jameson laughed hoarsely.

"No, not at all" Mr. Lopez leaned forward in his chair and folded his hands on his desk.

"Do you remember about twenty years ago, when you and one of my ships were stranded on a tropical island?" Jameson frowned, but nodded.

"I´ll never forget that. That storm was a bitch, sorry my language" He looked solemnly at Mr. Lopez. "We were three that was washed up on a deserted beach, more dead than living"

"And the rest was picked up by a nearby ship. What happened with the other two?" Mr. Lopez interrupted. Jameson took a drag of his cigar.

"Ah, yes. The chef and the kitchen maid. He liked the place and she liked him, so they stayed on the island" He chuckled. "I came home with an Australian cruiser"

Mr. Lopez nodded. "Yes" He leaned back in his chair. "Yes, tell me. Do you remember the name of that island?" He asked curiously and stood up. Jameson followed him with his eyes, equally as curious. He stopped at his large map, which was hanging on the wall. "As far as I remember, it was placed around the equator?" Jameson smirked and leaned back in his chair.

"Its name? I suddenly can´t remember" He took a long drag of his cigar as Mr. Lopez crossed his arms and looked sceptically at him.

"Perhaps you can specify the islands position on a map?"

"Yes, I´m not that stupid, but why the sudden interest in this island?" Jameson asked and stood up. Mr. Lopez uncrossed his arms and sighed as he walked closer to his desk.

"I better be honest with you, captain"

"I prefer that" Jameson replied. Mr. Lopez smiled and picked up a rather large stone from his desk. It sparkled in the light and Jameson was interested.

"Do you remember this? You had it with you when you left that island" Jameson looked at it, before remembering it.

"Oh yes, it looked interesting and the island had tons of it" He said and put his hands in his pockets. "I guess it´s phosphorus or something equally as boring"

Mr. Lopez smiled as he put it back down. "I thought so too, but last week a friend of mine, a professor, saw it on my desk and told me it was uranium"

"What´s that?"

"Something our nuclear scientists are interested in" Jameson took a step back and held up his hands.

"Is it going to blow?!" Mr. Lopez chuckled.

"No, this one is not the best example there is, so nothing to fear" Jameson nodded and then something clicked.

"You want more of this?"

"Yes, and I need your help. You will of course be paid for your time"

"Of course" Jameson replied as Mr. Lopez walked around his desk.

"One of my ships, Belle, is cleared and ready to set sail. You know her, right?"

Jameson nodded. "Yes, lovely girl"

"In a week, it would be ready and loaded for a trip to the Gold Coast and it was my intention for it to take a detour down south" Mr. Lopez looked at Jameson. "If you joined the crew, you could help the Captain and find the island"

Jameson looked shocked and confused. The thought about just tagging along, didn't sit well with the old captain.

"The Captain? I´m a passenger then?"

"Yes, of course" Mr. Lopez said. Jameson was scandalized.

"I´m not a goddamn tourist!" He boomed and then smirked. "I´m afraid, it´s going to be very difficult to find that island, if I´m not the Captain" Mr. Lopez frowned. It was not going as he had planned.

"Jameson listen to a sensible advice"

"Where should that come from?" Jameson mocked. Mr. Lopez shut his mouth and turned around to look out of the window.

"I will think about it" He said after a few minutes. '

"Don't think too long. I will be much older by the time you have found your decision" He smirked.

Mr. Lopez sighed. "You would need a crew" Jameson shrugged as he leaned up against the desk.

"I´ll find my crew" Mr. Lopez turned around.

"Can you make it in a week?"

"Easy enough. My reputation is great" Jameson answered proudly. Mr. Lopez nodded and stretched his hand out for the old man to shake.

"Very well. It´s a deal" Jameson smiled widely.

"Great" He turned around to get his worn-out cap, when Mr. Lopez spoke again, this time a bit more gravely.

"There´s another thing. I have a daughter whose giving me more grey hair than I need"

"I know" Jameson said, but clapped his back smiling "Well, we were all young once" He chuckled, and Mr. Lopez joined him before continuing.

"Yes, I´ve been giving her a very long leash, but she could do with getting away from her so-called friends. You know, getting some sense and responsibility knocked into her head. She´s a sweet girl and good enough on the bottom, when it takes her" Jameson nodded along.

"And you believe that a trip over seas could do that?" Mr. Lopez nodded. "Fine by me, I´ve already have a grudge on her" Jameson added and turned to leave the office.

"What do you mean?" Mr. Lopez asked confused. Jameson waved his hand around.

"I got a grudge on everybody. I better leave. For once in many years, I´ve got work to do" He shook Mr. Lopez´s hand once more and left the office in a much better mood than when he came.