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The pub was packed this night. Heavy smoke filled the air and sailors from the incoming ship, was celebrating their homecoming. Mercedes filled mugs of beers and walked through the crowd of sailors, trying to avoid getting groped. She put down the mugs on a table as the sailors was singing loudly. A particular seaman was singing to her.

"Shut up" She yelled as she laughed. He laughed along with her.

"I´m finally home and then I´m told to shut up" He put a hand on his chest. "What about my poor heart? It needs some loving, woman" He said and gently wrapped his arms around her waist. She chuckled and shook her head.

"Sam, I´m at work" She wriggled her body free of his hold, but before she walked away, she kissed his cheek and winked. He smiled widely and sat down with a laugh as he cheered with his mates. Finn came out from the back with clean mugs and put them down on the bar.

"Should I make more food?" He asked as Mercedes joined him.

"No, don't. We are more in need of alcohol than food" She smiled and filled another set of mugs. Finn nodded as he took the dirty ones and walked back to the kitchen. Outside a cab stopped in front of The Mermaid and Quinn jumped out, closely followed by an excited Puck. He grabbed both of their bags and immediately walked inside. He looked around until he saw the person he was seeking. He threw the bags at the floor as he yelled.

"Hot mama! Come give me a hug!" Mercedes jumped and let out a small screech. She laughed when she saw who it was.

"Hell no, you ain´t got room for me"

"I always have room for you" Puck laughed and hugged her anyway. Quinn was right behind him and smiled at them. She looked around for Brittany but couldn't spot her. She put down her cap on a nearby table and leaned against the door.

"Hey, Mercedes" Mercedes smiled and gave the blonde a big hug.

"Quinn, it so good to see you again. How you been girl?" Quinn stepped away from the hug and grinned.

"I´ve been great" She looked around again. "Where´s Britt?". Mercedes smile faltered and looked away.

"She´s at work, of course" She walked behind the bar. Quinn´s smile faltered. "You can't expect her to sit around and wait for you, when she doesn't even know you were coming" Mercedes took a cloth and wiped the bar as she tried to focus on other things. Quinn frowned and stepped closer to her.

"Is there something wrong?" Mercedes looked at her with a forced smile.

"What should be wrong?" Quinn tried to ask for more when Jameson stepped inside cheerful and his pipe in hand. Quinn grinned and immediately gave the old man a hug.

"Quinn, my sweet girl. It´s so good to see you back home safely" He said as he leaned away from her with his hands on her shoulders.

"It´s good to see you too, old man" She laughed. Jameson let go of her.

"Old man? Me? No! I´m back on board" He turned to the people looking at him. "Captain Jameson is sailing again" A cheer sounded, and congratulations was said. "Drinks on me tonight!" He shouted, and everybody cheered again. Jameson turned to Quinn and put his arm around her shoulder. "You´re going to join me as first mate. What´re you saying?" Quinn smiled but shook her head.

"I´ve decided to stay on land for a while, so thank you for the offer, but I´m going to pass this time" Jameson grinned.

"No, you´re not" Quinn shook her head again.

"Yeah, I am" Jameson didn't say anything but lead her to a nearby table and called for Mercedes to bring them some beers. Quinn sat down and released her hair from the tight bun. It felt good as she ran a hand through her hair. She really needed to get a haircut. Quinn knew she should had sent a message to Brittany about her homecoming, but she had hoped the blonde would have been her by the time, Quinn got here. Her thoughts were interrupted by Finn coming with their mugs.

"Where are you going?" He asked. Jameson smirked and took a swig of his beer.

"It´s a secret, but I tell as much that we´re going down south" Puck turned around with a smirk.

"Down to the hot girls? I´m in!" Mercedes laughed.

"No, you´re not, you´re staying here"

"Puck is going" Jameson said, and Puck smiled widely. "That is a definite" He turned to Quinn with a sad frown. "I´m sad to see that you won't join us" Quinn took a swig of her beer. "Do you remember our first trip together? You were so young and still wet behind your ears" He laughed as Quinn nodded while she blushed. She remembered it.

"Yeah, we visited your friend, the Maharaja" Jameson slapped Quinn on her shoulder and she almost choked on her drink.

"Yes, of course!" Puck leaned forward in his chair.

"A real Maharaja? Tell us!"

"I rescued him from drowning once and to pay me back, he invited us for dinner in his palace. It was very nice, right Quinn?" Quinn chuckled and nodded. She remembered it clearly. They had been invited to dinner and they had accepted it. That night Quinn, Jameson and the Maharaja had watched one of his dancers while talking quietly amongst themselves. The music stopped, and the Maharaja clapped his hands and a young woman appeared next to the table. He spoke words that Quinn didn't understood, but it didn't matter as her attention had been on the woman in front of her. She smiled as she tried to get eye-contact but couldn't. The young woman only blushed and ducked her head at the attention. Quinn vaguely heard Jameson and the Maharaja talk until Jameson bumped his shoulder into hers to get her attention.

"I´m sorry, what?" Quinn asked and smiled at them. Jameson smiled knowingly at her.

"We´ll accept the offer about sleeping here, right?"

"Yes, of course" Quinn said immediately. "She seems sweet, the girl who was here" She added shyly. The Maharaja nodded.

"She´s only the maid" He replied, "I bought her, she´s my property" He said arrogantly. Quinn nodded and looked away, knowing not to react on the man´s statement, even though it nagged her to no end. Women should never be any man´s, or woman´s for that matter, property. They clapped as the dancer finished another act, but the Maharaja clapped, and the dancer started again. Quinn was a bit fascinated by her movements.

"Forty wives?! That must be some hard work" Jameson suddenly said and chuckled.

"What do you mean?" The Maharaja asked confused. Jameson frowned.

"I mean, they must fight or something?" The Maharaja shook his head.

"No, my wives obey to my every move" Quinn took a sip of her drink and discreetly rolled her eyes. Later, as they walked to their rooms, Captain Jameson held onto the Maharaja laughing as Quinn walked silently behind them. She saw the same woman from before and smiled to her. She whirled around and walked backwards as the girl bowed and blushed. The Maharaja showed them their rooms, which she thought as beautiful.

"Well, Fabray. We better get some sleep. We have a long day ahead of us" Jameson said as he stretched his body.

"Aye, Captain. Good night" She said and left his room. Jameson pulled the curtain and Quinn turned around to see the woman from before standing in front of her. Quinn smiled and walked closer to her. The woman looked down quickly before leaning towards Quinn and trapped her lips in a hard kiss. Quinn squeaked in surprise, before she wrapped her arms around her and kissed her back. The kiss ended, and they smiled to each other. Quinn sighed as she thought back to that night.

"Yeah, she was pretty great" Jameson laughed at her dreamy expression.

"Yes indeed, but the Maharaja got furious. I threw his wife out and Quinn snatched the maid" Puck hollered loudly, and Quinn sent him a glare. "The latter was the worst part. He wanted her for himself" People around them laughed along with Jameson as Quinn shook her head grinning. She looked up and saw Brittany stood by herself at the door. She didn't look happy, but Quinn was blinded by happiness and immediately stood up to get to her. She gave her a tight hug.

"Britt, I´ve missed you so much!" She let go of her and leaned forward to kiss her, only to be rejected as Brittany looked down. Quinn was confused.

"What´s wrong? Aren´t you happy to see me?" Brittany looked up at her and nodded.

"Of course, I am. Quinn, we need to talk. Come" She took hold of Quinn´s hand and dragged her upstairs. Quinn was very confused and didn't like what was coming. She could feel it wasn't a good talk, Britt wanted. She sighed and let herself being dragged upstairs. Finn and Mercedes shared a worried look as they saw them walk upstairs. They walked behind the bar and waited. Quinn followed Brittany into her room and was guided to a chair. She sat down, and Brittany followed, only to sit on her bed.

"What´s wrong, Britt?" Brittany fiddled with her hands.

"I did something. Something you absolutely didn't deserved, and I should have told you a long time ago"

"What is it?" Quinn asked feeling her heart hurting at every word said. Brittany took a deep breath and answered.

"I fell in love with someone else. I´m still very much in love and I can´t help it" Brittany looked up at Quinn with tears in her eyes. Quinn didn't deserve this, even if she had been away for longer than she had. The sweet, caring girl sitting in front of her, had done nothing but treat her right and loved her to no end. Right now, that girls face was cold and emotionless, something that Brittany was the cause of and she didn't like it one bit. "I cheated on you and- "Brittany didn't get to finish before she heard the door slam and she was left alone. Quinn could feel her heart breaking as she tried to hold her tears at bay until she was outside. She couldn't believe it; how could Brittany do this to her. She wiped away a tear as she ran down the stair.

Jameson walked over to Finn and Mercedes. "How do you think it´s going?" He asked them. Mercedes shrugged.

"I don't know. I just hope she can explain it the right way, not like there is a right way. What Brittany did was wrong, but it happened" Jameson nodded.

"Quinn isn't easy to deal with when she gets angry"

"In a way, they hadn't promised each other anything" Mercedes said.

"No-"Jameson said but was interrupted by Mercedes shushing at him.

"I heard a door" She said and looked up. "It´s her" All three of them made it look like they hadn't been listening.

"How much for it all?" Jameson asked as he saw Quinn running down the stairs and outside. The door slamming after her. "Here take what you need" He said and quickly followed her outside. Finn walked upstairs to find Brittany in tears. He smiled sadly to her before giving her a comforting hug.

"She´s going to hate me" Brittany sobbed into his shoulder.

"No way. You´re very un-hately" Brittany sobbed as she chuckled.

"That´s not a word, Finn" She felt him shrug.

"Maybe, but it´s true. Just give her some time" He said and held the crying girl in his arms.

Jameson found Quinn nearby, sitting on a bench with her head in her hands. He sat down next to her and quietly waited for her to say something. Quinn was devasted and she felt the tears running down her cheeks. She was glad that Jameson was giving her time to get her feelings under control, or else she would had been crying all over him.

"Why would she do this to me? I guess you all knew?" Quinn asked sadly feeling her voice cracking. She had felt that they were all acting weird towards her, she should have guessed something was wrong and now she felt utterly ridicules. Jameson had heard the small crack in her voice and put a comforting hand on the girl he basically considered his daughter´s shoulder.

"I knew, but it wasn't my place to tell you" Quinn looked up at him and scoffed quietly. "Don't think it was about you, love. You are still young and young people makes mistakes" He smiled to her. "Brittany didn't do it to hurt you, it is something she will regret forever. I don't condone to cheating at all, believe me but as I said. When you´re young, you still have a lot to learn and she isn't the only girl in the world" Quinn knew he was right and sighed as she nodded in understanding.

"It still hurts like hell" She spoke quietly.

Jameson nodded, "Of course and it probably would for some time. Just remember, there´s plenty of fish in sea"

"I wanted this fish" Quinn said brokenly. Jameson sighed. A broken heart is not to make fun of. He would know, as he had his fair share of it. He put his pipe in his mouth and stood up.

"Walk with me. My old body isn't what it used to be. It gets all stiff by sitting too long" Quinn chuckled and followed him. She put a hand though her ruffled hair, before putting them in her pockets as they walked down the street. The air was chill, but the stars was ever so clear on the sky. She had missed her home and felt good to be here, even under these circumstances.

"Do you know who it is?" She asked after a while.

"Does it matter?" Jameson asked. Quinn shook her head as she kicked a rock. She felt the anger seeping into her body, making her regret coming home.

"To hell with it all! I shouldn't have come home" She spoke angrily and let out a humourless laugh.

"Then join me, Quinn. There´s enough space on the sea to kick and scream all you want" Quinn looked away from him and walked a few steps before stopping.

"Did you mean what you said earlier? Do you stand by it?"

"Of course!" He laughed. "You know, everything is going to be alright. There´s plenty of harbour's and that means plenty of girls waiting for you" Quinn nodded and listened to him as they walked closer to The Mermaid. Quinn, absolutely heartbroken, but with a new journey ahead of her.