Me: Hey, people of the world! I'm really glad you liked my fic... Although I actually don't like the replies I'm getting from the Majestics! ^^;;

Oliver: ;_; You killed me!! YOU KILLED ME!! *breaks down*

Enrique: *runs over to Oliver and hugs him* Now look what you've done, KK!!

Me: What I did?

Johnny: Glad that it's finally done... *mutters*

Me: *ears perk up* Huh? Did I hear that right, Johnny?

Johnny: Uh... *sweats* No! No!

Me: Oh don't worry Johnny! You'll have your turn!! *grins evilly but frowns* If only I have another idea in my mind... Hm...

Johnny: *silently* Wheepee!!

Robert: Don't worry... I'll give you some ideas...

Me: WHAT?! REALLY?!?! Oh Robert! You're the best!!

Johnny: What?! Robert, how could you? And I thought you loved me - OOPS! *covers mouth*

Oliver & Enrique: WHAT?! You two are going out?

Robert & Johnny: ^^;;

Me: *mutters* Weirdos... Well, here's my thanks to the reviewers!

*Jess - YEAH!! OLIVER & ENRIQUE 4EVA!! Oh... sorry if I made you cry... *scratches the back of her head* Hehe...

*Aznfiregoddess - Arigatou!! ^-^

*Lillian-and-Lime - Eh.. *blushes* I'm really not that good... I only write stuff like this to torture the characters!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! *stops* Got any ideas to torture anyone from the Majestics or Bladebreakers? Hehe...

*Liyanette - Aww, really? I also LOVE Majestics fics!! They're the greatest!! ^-^

*MistyEyes - Really? Thank you... =3

*Mistress Of Anime - You understand French? Hehe... To be honest, I only translated it... and what would your French teacher REALLY say about that? ^^

*Christina - You could never kill Oliver in one of your stories huh? Then what about the story 'One Last Breath'? Hehe... And gomen if I made you cry! Tough Girl image huh? *grins* I know what yah mean! I also cried when I wrote this!! Good thing that no one was here!

* Imrhien Bulkov - *blushes* Thank you!!

*MidnightLoner - Well, yea... I DID use a translator... hehe... and thank you, too!!

Me: Now, gotta run! More reviews are welcomed! (As always) *chuckles*

Oliver: *sobs*

Enrique: *STILL hugging Oliver*

Johnny: *kissing Robert and somehow trying to choke him by the lack of oxygen and he ended up choking himself, too!*

Robert: *kissing Johnny and doing the same thing as I wrote above*

(Tee Hee... ^-^)