Prologue: An Unexpected Visitor

Singapore. Where she had been for the last sixteen years as Pirate Lord, captain, and Pirate King. Here she had remained.

The peaceful evening in the port was broken when a couple of her guards entered the chamber, where she was studying maps.

"Captain," one guard addressed her in Chinese. "We caught a trespasser." They shoved a squirming boy forward. She rose from her desk and came forward to assess him, hand in its familiar position at the hilt of her sword.

"Aunt Isabelle!" cried the boy. "Aunt Isabelle it's me, Henry. Henry Turner!"

Coming closer, in the torchlight, she now saw a spitting image of Will. "Henry!" she cried, and scooped the boy up into a hug. "It's really you!" Honestly, he was the last person she expected to see. And it had been so long since she had seen him last - he was a young man now. Then she drew back and held him at arm's length, suddenly growing serious. " What are you doing all the way out here?!" she demanded. "Does your mother know you're here? Oh Elizabeth is going to kill me!" Then she noticed his rather disheveled state, part of the reason why she hadn't recognized him sooner. "My God Henry, what happened to you?" Then she ordered her guards in Chinese, "get him some food and water!"

She got him a chair and he had barely sat down before he was speaking rapidly. "We were attacked - by pirates! By ghosts! By ghost-pirates!" he cried. "And they didn't have their whole bodies - one was missing his leg, another half his arm, and one was missing most of his face!"

"Whoa, Henry, calm down-"

"I need your help," Henry was now saying. "I need you to help me find Jack Sparrow."

"Captain," she said out of habit, but then his words sank in. Jack Sparrow. A name she hadn't heard in a very long time, but one she found popping up in her thoughts every now and again, not as frequently as once had been, which she saw as an accomplishment.

"Wait, what has Jack got to do with ghost pirates?" Although knowing Jack, and having faced some interesting creatures herself while adventuring with him, she wasn't all that shocked. He seemed to have turned every pirate in the whole seven seas against him.

"The ghost pirate captain is looking for Jack, but I need Jack's help to free Father."

"So you sailed all the way out here?" she cried. Honestly, that boy could be just as reckless as his father, and his mother.

"You can find Jack Sparrow-"

"Henry, I think you are mistaken. I cannot find him."

"Well if there's anyone crazy enough to go after Jack Sparrow and a crew of haunted pirates and help break my father's curse, it's you!"

"Um, thank you, I'll take that as a compliment..."

"Please Aunt Isabelle," he begged. "It's to help free my father. Mother told me of her and your adventures with him and Sparrow. Please."

He'd caught her. To help her friends, she had to find the man who had stolen her heart all those years ago. She sighed. "Very well. I shall do so for Will, and you, and Elizabeth."

"Thank you!" He was beyond relieved.

She called on her guards, ordering them to ready a ship and supplies. She did not regret her past, her adventures with Sparrow. She recalled their final words to each other all those years ago: "I suppose it never would have really worked out between us?" "Never say never, love". She should have known it would all come back to her sooner or later.

Or at least she had hoped.

So I was originally going to start with 'Curse of the Black Pearl', but then I got this idea after seeing the fifth movie :) but now onto the first movie! Thanks so much for reading, hope you enjoyed!