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Book 0:

The End of the Beginning and the Beginning of The End

Chapter 1:

A Short Lived Conversation

Percy Jackson knelt down before the throne.

The throne displayed the ever-changing galaxy; Percy swore he saw the Milky Way pass by but it was soon replaced by another galaxy. Trillions of stars were born and the same amount died within a blink. He felt small and unworthy to even look at the throne, let alone look at the Lady sitting on it.

"Lady Chaos" Percy said with awe in his voice. The women on the throne had the look of a regular mortal but the power and beauty radiated from it. She had a sparkle in her eyes and seemed to be amused. Her perfect lips had a small smile on them like she knew a secret no one knew. Her hair was a dark shade of purple and reached her shoulder from where it slowly faded into the background. She wore a simple black dress however her beauty made Aphrodite look ugly in comparison.

"Perseus Jackson," Chaos said, "rise."

Percy got up and looked at Chaos, the creator of the universe.

"Do you know why you are here?" She asked.

Percy nodded, "As a thanks for saving the Olympus you are willing to fulfill my one wish,"

Chaos smiled, "Yes indeed, after all you did for the world, I deem you worthy for a personal conversation with me. Something even Zeus never got."

That message took time to sink in. Percy knew he had to be grateful, screaming with joy but he felt empty.

After all he had achieved in his life he did not have much more to do. His parents had their own life; all his friends had their own relationships and they tried to get a peaceful life. Sure, he had many friends at Camp but they didn't treat him the same anymore. After slaying Gaia people tend to act like you are a walking time bomb.

And Annabeth…

Percy and Annabeth broke up shortly after the Giant war, nothing dramatic, she just told him that she didn't have the feeling anymore. Percy's heart broke but he accepted it and tried to move on.

If Percy was honest, he almost would wish Kronos would rise again. Just to have something on his mind. Not that he wanted anyone to get hurt, but after spending half his life spending fighting in a war he had seen too much. He couldn't get back to his normal life.

He never came home from war.

And now he just felt empty.

"Thank you Lady Chaos," he said.

"Just call me Chaos," She smiled, "You certainly have achieved that much to call me that."

"Call me Percy." He said quickly, then he realized what he just said. Chaos, however, just laughed gently.

"So Percy as you heard you can ask for one wish, it can be anything, no restrictions."

Percy raised his eyebrow, no restrictions? That was a new one.

"Of course you can't ask for more wishes." Chaos sighed.

Percy gave her a questioning look. Chaos waved her hand. "There's always someone who thinks he is smart."

Percy chuckled. Honestly he had considered asking for more wishes, just to see if it would work.

"Thank you Chaos but I'm afraid I don't have any wishes," Percy spoke.

The creator blinked. Percy said nothing. Another blink.

"What?" Chaos perplexedly asked.

Percy shrugged, "it's just I don't want anything."

"You can get one wish fulfilled by the creator of the Universe and you don't want anything?" She asked flabbergasted.

"Guess I'm just happy as I am." he lied.

"No, you're not." Chaos told him, her eyes narrowing in on the boy. "You feel empty, and you're looking for a purpose in life."

Percy just looked at Chaos not knowing what to say. What she said was true, but he couldn't imagine a wish that would make him happy. Well, there was one thing he could ask for but she would never do that…Would she?

"Well, there is one wish I have..." He began.

Chaos raised her eyebrow, but gestured to Percy to keep going.

"I wasn't the only hero who saved our civilization, too many people died along the way, so I could save Olympus."

Just thinking about it hurt. Percy felt his eyes begin to fill with tears but he managed to blink it away, too many memories. With a shaky voice he spoke. "Zoë died while I was holding the sky, Charles died so I could escape, Silena died so Ares cabin would join the battle, Ethan died trying to make a difference. "

It was as if the Creator's presence opened the floor gates of his heart. Percy was now fighting to stop the tears as the memories came back to the surface all at once. His moment of peace allowed him to finally break up and think it all through. He realized he never had the chance to cry for his friends. Being the camp leader and a hero, he was supposed to be strong, if he would cry the morale would be affected. Instead, he just had to bury it all. But it all came back now; the only one who saw him crying was the creator. She just gave him an understanding sad smile.

"Bianca died so I could escape, Jason died so Apollo could escape, Bob died so Annabeth and I could escape Tartarus" Percy fell to his knees. His sight was blurry by all his tears. "Luke Castellan died so I could be the Hero."

Chaos walked over to Percy and pushed his head on her lap, comforting him.

"So many died, so I could be a hero, all those campers I sent to fight the Titans and Giants."

She just played with his hair, comforting him and letting him spill it.

"So If I could ask just one thing, I want my friends who died back."

Chaos froze and Percy felt it. "But I know you can't do that, the Fates would never allow such a thing." He said.

Percy got up and rubbed the tears out of his eyes. "Sorry," he said apologetically.

Chaos shook her head, "Nothing to worry about." She snapped her fingers and her throne disappeared. Instead it was replaced with a small campfire and a log to sit on next to it.

She sat on it and offered him the spot next to her.

"Why the sudden change?" Percy asked.

"Well what I want to tell you doesn't require any formalities."

Percy shrugged it off and sat down next to her.

"I can't bring back your friends and you know that." She said softly with regret in her eyes after she saw Percy's pain.

"However, I can make you a different offer."

"What kind of offer?"

Chaos sighed, "You saved Olympus and brought peace but…"

"But what?" Percy asked curiously.

"You only brought peace to Olympus."

"What do you mean?" Percy asked, "did I do something wrong?"

"Kronos and my daughter Gaia, they still haven't found their peace. Medusa is still cursed. The Peaceful Titans are still outcast. Things are better but there are still those in hurt."

Percy didn't know what to say, so Chaos just went on. "What if told you I want you to do everything again, but this time I want you to bring peace to the entire family, not just the Olympians."

Percy's jaw dropped, a few seconds later he managed to put himself back together, "but...But Kronos is evil, I mean he tried to kill the entire western civilization!"

Chaos sighed, "Gaia and Kronos were not always like this, Kronos loved Hestia until the Fates decided to mess with him and Gaia was a peaceful goddess until Ouranos went mad. But they still are Family and you cannot change your family; I think they deserve a second chance too."

"But how in Hades name can I do that?" Percy almost yelled, "They don't seem really looking for redemption, and I'm just a mere child of Poseidon remember?"

"If you go back in time for a second chance, and I make you my champion, you will be able to learn new powers and represent hope and change how things happened." Chaos said cheerfully, excited by the thought she would have a champion.

"Wait, what?"

"You'll go back to the moment you discovered you're a half-blood, I will guide you and together we can save your friends and my family."

"But…" Percy began but was interrupted by a loud thunder crack.

"Oh no, the Fates know…" Chaos said mysteriously with a flint of terror in her eyes.

"Just accept my offer, before they come, and you can save your friends and you get to become a bigger hero and reunite the family"

"But how-"

A louder thunder crack was heard.

"Just accept it please, I'll explain later." Chaos begged.

"Okay, I accept." He said quickly.

And then everything and nothing changed at once. A tugging sensation pulled inside his stomach but before Percy could process this feeling he was no longer in the void.

He sat on a chair.

He looked around and saw Grover sitting on another chair next to him.

He glanced around.

And a wide grin appeared on his face.

He was back where it all started.

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