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The Gatekeeper Of Hell, Pet Shop

For three days straight the Joestar group have been searching for Dio's Mansion. They still had no luck and Joseph had made a call to the Speedwagon Foundation to know the status of his daughter's illness. Sadly, Holly's condition has worsened. Even informing the elder Joestar that Holly only had three or four days remaining. They all tensed up from the news but Joseph and Jotaro knew that Dio was nearby, they could feel it.

During that day, the Crusaders had a strange encounter with Hol Horse, never knowing his true intentions of whether he was going after them or not. Afterall, the cowboy made a run for it when a truck crashed into the Joestar group, almost killing them. Luckily none of them were badly injured, just a few cuts and bruises.

Today, marking the third day for their continuous search since arriving in Cairo, Polnareff was sitting on the concrete ground with a cloak on top of his head to protect himself from the intense heat of the sun's rays.

"Man, it sure is super hot today." Polnareff remarked, wiping the sweat off his face. He looked at his arms, noticing the sweat all over it. "I haven't had a bath since yesterday. My good looks are going to waste." He picked up his soda that was next to him and took a few gulps to feel refreshed.

Letting out a sigh of relief, a man walked over to the Frenchman and sat down next to him without saying a word. The man wore a pair of shades and had what appeared to be a broken arm.

Polnareff waved his hand in front of him and didn't receive any reaction. Feeling the man too close to his comfort, he scooted a few inches away from him, only for the stranger to scoot closer. He moved again and the man followed. He picked up the pace to get away but it seemed the man was going to continue chasing him.

Having enough, Polnareff turned around, "What the fuck is your problem, man?!" He snapped at him. "Do you want something from me or what?!"

"How dense are you?! I'm telling you to get the hell out of my way!" The man retorted.

The man removed his shades, "You're a foreigner! Don't sit here like you're a beggar! Just who the hell gave you permission?!" He pointed his finger at the Frenchman.

Polnareff only stared at him dumbfounded and a stranger approached him.

"Ah, are you a needy foreigner?" The stranger asked. "This isn't much, so here you go." He hands Polnareff a bill.

This only enraged the man and clenched his fists tightly, "Y-You bastard! How fucking dare you?! This is my territory, damn it!"

"Territory?" Polnareff asked, he was still confused by the man's accusations.

"Hey, Polnareff!" Avdol called out his silver-haired companion, grabbing his attention.

"Don't sit there and give that money to him." Avdol said as he and the rest of the Crusaders walked over to their friend.

"Is this guy a beggar?" Polnareff asked.

"Sorry for my friend here, he doesn't know much about this city." Avdol apologized to the man.

"You should've just said so in the first place." Polnareff told the beggar.

"I'm a beggar who can't speak in public for professional reasons!" The beggar said.

"This city has a beggar's association." Avdol explained. "Each beggar has an established territory where he's paid to sit and do his work. That may seem strange to you guys but without rules like this, there'd be chaos in the streets."

"Tch! Even worse, you hurt my pride!" The beggar said in a spiteful tone.

"I wonder if I'd earn more if I dressed up like a needy foreigner…" He wondered. "Perhaps I'll start doing that." He then turned to Avdol, he recognized the familiar Egyptian.

"By the way, aren't you Avdol, the fortune teller?" The man asked. "I heard that someone was trying to kill you, so you fled to Japan."

"I've been looking for you to ask a favor," Avdol took a step closer to the beggar and pulled out a photo from his pocket. "… since you hear much and remember it well. I'll pay well." He hands the man the photograph of Dio's mansion.

The beggar inspects the photograph as his brows are raised up.

"We need to find the location of that building shown in the picture and we're in a bit of a hurry." Avdol told him.

The man silently put the photo in his pocket and removed his ragged clothes, revealing an expensive suit he wore underneath.

"I'm done with work for the day." The man said, walking over to his fancy car and putting on his fedora.

Before he entered his vehicle, he glanced at the Crusaders, "I can find the place from that picture in three hours. Just wait right here."

And with that the man drove off.

Polnareff looked around, noticing someone was missing.

"Hey… Where did Iggy go, anyway?"




Iggy roamed the streets of Cairo, sniffing around not caring where he went off to. His nose picked up a strange scent. Lifting his head up, the scent was coming from a familiar mansion that his companions have been searching for the past few days, though he didn't realize it yet. Iggy knew there was something ominous about the building, he could've sworn someone was watching him from behind the purple curtains of a window from the tower. But as soon as he turned around, two large, vicious dogs that were a few times bigger than the Boston Terrier with saliva dripping from their mouths, tried to surround him.

As soon as they tried to get close to him, Iggy shot a glare at the two dogs, standing his ground. The two dogs immediately stepped back in fear, sensing the menacing aura from Iggy. They walked around him instead and headed over to the mansion.

The sound of a bird flapping its wings behind the mansion's gate grabbed the two dog's attention. They could only see the bird's shadow from underneath the gate and licked their lips in anticipation to taste the bird. They stuck their heads under the gate as they desperately tried to get the bird and wagged their tail.

Then a loud thud came from behind the gate and the two dog's halted.

The sound caught the Boston Terrier's attention, averting his eyes at the gate only to find the decapitated heads of the two dogs impaled from a large icicle up in the air. The headless bodies of the dogs were forcibly pulled under the gates, blood spilled out everywhere, staining the ground and the iron gates.

Iggy widened his eyes from horror, sweat dripped down the sides of his face. Looking up, a falcon sat on top of the gate. He is wearing an ornate falconry hood adorned with three feathers and a heart motif. He also appeared to be wearing a scarf.

The falcon stared down at Iggy but he turned his gaze over to the car across the street. It was the beggar. The falcon's eyes enhanced its vision to see what photograph the man was holding. The beggar was holding a picture of the mansion. He was looking between the mansion and the photograph, confirming it was the building the Crusaders were looking for.

"There's no doubt about it…" The man said, a grin spread across his face. "That's the mansion." He chuckled and glanced at his watch. "And it only took me two hours to find it. There's nothing in this city I can't find!" His grin immediately diminished when something had suddenly blocked the sun above him.

Looking up, a giant icicle was above him. The man was confused, he didn't know how or where it came from but he had no time to react as it fell right on top of him, killing him instantly. The falcon grabbed the photograph and tore it into pieces with its sharp talons.

"That bird is a Stand User like me…" Iggy thought to himself, putting his guard up. "Must be some kind of ice Stand. And he's protecting this mansion. He eliminates those who try to enter. W-Which means, that bird will…" Iggy frowned, "... will come after me next!"

The falcon circling around Iggy is named, Pet Shop. His Stand represents the god of heavens, Horus.

Iggy then realized what that building is and why the bird is protective over it.

"Looks like I found the mansion Joestar and the others are searching for, where that Dio guy lives, and…" Iggy glanced at the destroyed vehicle that was impaled with the giant icicle. "It was that Stand's power that dropped that chunk of ice on that guy… Guess that makes him Dio's guard bird acting like a guard dog."

Pet Shop landed in front of Iggy, glaring at the Boston Terrier suspiciously.

Iggy became paralyzed as his eyes widened, "Y-You gotta be kidding me!" He thought nervously, now sweating bullets. "I've got nothing to do with Dio guy! I was dragged to Egypt against my will to travel with Joestar's pack! Like hell I'm going to fight! I just want to live comfortably, fall in love with a hot bitch and live a peaceful, carefree life. There's no way in hell I'll do something stupid as fighting a violent asshole like him, especially if I get nothing out of it!"

An idea popped in mind, he will act like a dumb mutt, hoping the falcon wouldn't suspect him.

Iggy scratched the back of his ear with a goofy smile on his face. He spotted his tail and tried to bite it. He chased after his own tail until he got dizzy and fell on his head. He let out a yelp, pretending to sound like he hurt his head. With his paws over his head, he took a peak at the falcon, who was still glaring at him.

"Those eyes…" Iggy thought. "I can't get a good read on him from the way he's looking at me. I don't think I'd lose to him in a Stand battle, but I've worked hard to act like an idiot! I've got nothing to do with this! Just hurry up and go back to the mansion, you birdbrain!"

His ears perked up when a car was driving in their direction. The driver of the vehicle honked at the bird to move but the falcon remained still, continuing to glare at Iggy.

Iggy's eyes widened when the bird flew under the vehicle at full speed. The falcon flew back to the mansion, losing interest in the Boston Terrier.

"C-Crazy bastard…" Iggy sighed in relief, though his heart was still pounding like crazy. "Guess he's attacking only when someone tries to enter the mansion. If the Joestars and the others somehow find this place, they'll have a hell of a time trying to break in because of that bird. Well, it ain't my problem…"

A boy walking down the sidewalk, walking past Iggy, called out his dogs names.

"Chibi! Buchi! Where'd you two go?!" The boy shouted. He stopped, noticing Iggy.

"Hey, have you happened to see my dogs?" The boy asked. "Their names are Chibi and Buchi."

"Why the hell are you asking me?! I'm a dog!" Iggy thought angrily. "I can't talk! Are you stupid or what?!"

The boy gasped when he spotted the collars of his dogs underneath the gate. He ran over to the gate, "T-That collar…" He reached under and grabbed the collar. "It's Chibi's collar! But how did it get under the gate? A-And it's covered in blood!"

Iggy widened his eyes in realization, "W-Wait a minute… those two dogs from earlier… their names are Buchi and Chibi? They're his dogs?!"

"Chibi! Buchi!" The boy stuck his head under the gate, calling out his dogs, unaware that they're already deceased.

"H-Hey! You're not trying to slip under that gate are ya?! He'll kill you!" Iggy thought about pulling the boy away from the gate but stopped himself from doing so. He let out a sigh and walked away.

"This ain't my problem." He thought. "I don't care if some human kid dies. Survival of the fittest is the law of nature. Idiots die, the careless die… I don't need anymore trouble. Later." He sprinted off.

"Chibi! Buchi! Where are you?! Come back!" The boy shouted, still calling out his dogs. His upper body was already past the gate.

He stopped when he heard crunching and slurping sounds. His eyes landed on Pet Shop, who was devouring the decapitated heads of the little boy's dogs.

"HE'S EATING THEM! NO!" The boy screamed.

Pet Shop screeched and flew up in the air. The falcon turned around, charging at the boy to strike him with his talons that had icicles on it.

Iggy suddenly appeared and jumped on the falcon, knocking him aside. He landed on all fours on the ground.

"Good grief…" Iggy muttered to himself. "I can't just stand by and let a boy who loves dogs get killed!"

"Chibi! Buchi!" The boy cried out for his dogs.

Iggy kicked the boy in the face and started barking at him to make him leave. The boy, still confused and scared, took the hint and disappeared.

The Boston Terrier averted his eyes back at the falcon, glaring at him. "Damn it! I guess I'm gonna have to fight!"

Pet Shop stared at Iggy, he realized that the Boston Terrier is also a Stand user like himself.

"You birdbrain! Come at me! I'll kill you!" Iggy threatened.

The falcon gave Iggy an amused smirk.

Iggy then noticed something was wrong. The air has gotten colder. He looked down and there was ice coming from the ground. The ice froze his paw along with his Stand, The Fool.

"D-Dammit! I was too busy look at that stupid bird that I wasn't paying attention! This is bad!" Iggy tried to move away and saw icicles forming around Pet Shop.


With his quick thinking, he made The Fool form a shield barrier around himself for protection as Pet Shop shot icicle projectiles at him. Taking this opportunity, Iggy escaped under the mansion's gate.

However, Pet Shop wasn't done, he flapped his wings and flew up in the air. He wasn't going to let an enemy of his master escape from him.




Meanwhile with the Crusaders, they were waiting for Avdol's friend to return. Polnareff finished his cigarette and crushed it on the ground.

"But seriously, Avdol…" The Frenchman turned to his companion. "Do you think that sunglasses guy can really find Dio's mansion?"

"If he can't find it then no else can." Avdol replied. "He knows the complex geography of Cairo better than anyone else. Believe in him and wait."

"You say that Avdol but we have been searching for three whole days and found nothing! I find it hard to believe that he'll find it in just three hours." Polnareff complained.

"You're starting to get repetitive, Polnareff." Noriko told the Frenchman with her arms crossed as she stood beside him. "Honestly, will you calm down for just a moment?"

"Look, I know it's hard to not feel anxious, but we have no choice but to rely on the locals for help." Joseph said.

"Jeez," Polnareff sighed. "And Iggy has been gone for a while, too. Where the hell did that dumb dog run off to anyway?" He then turned to Noriko, "Isn't he always with you? You're the only one he likes to be around with."

"Gee, I wonder why?" Noriko said sarcastically, tapping her chin. "Perhaps you shouldn't mistreat him and maybe he'll start to like you too."

"That bastard attacked me when we first met!" Polnareff objected.

"Because you refused to listen to Mr. Joestar and Mr. Avdol's warnings!" Noriko countered. She then sighed and looked elsewhere, her face now filled with worry. "But… I'm also worried about Iggy. I haven't seen him since we left the hotel this morning."

"Iggy hates being part of any group," Joseph stated. "I'm sure he's close by, he'll show up eventually so we'll wait for him."

"Tch, what a snooty fucking dog." Polnareff grumbled.

Noriko sighed at Polnareff's remark, "And yet you wonder why he's always rude to you?" Noriko thought then turned to Joseph.

"Mr. Joestar, I know you said he'll show up eventually but I find it strange that he's been gone almost all day. How about I go look for him?" She suggested.

Joseph frowned, "Noriko, I already warned everybody here that-"

"I know, I know, that we should be in pairs but I can take care of myself Mr. Joestar. I'll have Hierophant Green scout the area in case an enemy is nearby." Noriko reassured the elder Joestar with a smile.

Joseph sighed, "Fine, you can go but you must be back before the sun sets, got it?"

"Yes, Mr. Joestar." Noriko nodded.

Before she walked away from the group, she glanced at Jotaro, giving him a smile with a nod, assuring him that she'll be fine. And with that, she disappeared between the buildings.

However, Jotaro didn't like this idea one bit. He was worried something could happen to her. What if she gets attacked by an enemy and gets killed? He should probably go after her, which he was going to do until he felt a hand on his shoulder.

"Let her. If she isn't back by sunset then we can go looking for her." Joseph assured Jotaro.

Jotaro let out a tch under his breath. "Whatever, Gramps…" He murmured.




Back with Iggy, the Boston Terrier managed to escape from Pet Shop. While the falcon is flying around looking for his prey, Iggy is hiding in the shadows of an alleyway.

"Ngggh!" Iggy huffed, looking at his bloody paws. "That thing's ice took the skin right off my paw pads! Dammit! I should've just let that human kid die!" He glanced at the sky, seeing the bird still looking for him.

"That bird's Stand is no joke. The ice it makes isn't normal. There's gotta be more to it…" He turned to the other way to leave, making sure Pet Shop didn't see him. "I've got to hurry up and get the hell out of here."

As he was about to walk away, Pet Shop suddenly appeared from the corner, screeching at the small dog. Iggy screamed and ran in the opposite direction. Pet Shop shot icicles at him only for the dog to dodge the attack.

The chase continued, Iggy turned to a corner past a truck and Pet Shop's icicles hit the vehicle, making it explode.

"Talk about holding a grudge!" Iggy said while panting.

They were almost pulling up to a street but an eighteen-wheeler passed by, causing Iggy to stop. The Boston Terrier turned around, facing the enemy. Taking this opportunity, Pet Shop fired more icicles at Iggy.

Iggy quickly summoned The Fool to protect himself as he let out a scream. Pet Shop thought he had finally gotten Iggy but when the dust had cleared, Iggy was gone. The only thing that was left was a crater Pet Shop created with his Stand's icicles.




Down below a manhole, Iggy had managed to escape from Pet Shop once more.

"Shit…" Iggy groaned, sitting back up. "That ruthless bastard really doesn't hold back! But in the end, he's just a stupid birdbrain!"

Iggy looked around and he couldn't stand the smell of the sewers, but he'll have to deal with it for now. He'll have to wait until the falcon leaves. But as soon as Iggy turned around, Pet Shop was already behind him and the bird let out a screech.

"W-What the hell is up with this bird?!" Iggy yelled.

He tried to run but Pet Shop's icicles got to him and blew him apart into pieces. Iggy's body parts fell into the dirty water but it turned into sand.

"Hey." The real Iggy said behind the falcon.

Pet Shop widened his eyes in shock and turned his head.

"Too gullible! All you did was break apart The Fool's shape shifting sand!"

The sand in the water shape shifted into The Fool and jumped up, charging at the Falcon. The Fool slashed Pet Shop's chest with its paws. Pet Shop fell on the ground, bleeding from its chest and grimaced.

Iggy had a smug look on his face, "I got ya! Only a birdbrain like you would fall for that!" He said and landed on all fours on the ground.

"You're losing a lot of blood there." Iggy pointed out. "I wouldn't suggest moving like that. I'll be honest with you, I never had any interest in you or that Master Dio of yours. Let's just call it a draw. You already got me with your ice missiles earlier, anyway.

Pet Shop slowly got back on his feet. He glanced at Iggy, licked the blood off his wing and spat it out.

Iggy frowned, "W-What's your deal?! You think you're Bruce Lee or something?! Hey! I said we would call it a draw! Let's stop this already, okay?" He gasped under his breath when the tunnel suddenly began to feel cold.

Ice began to grow from the ground and walls around the falcon at a fast pace. A large piece of ice formed behind Pet Shop and broke into pieces, revealing his Stand. A large, skeletal creature with the head of a pterosaur. It has multiple limbs ending in bird-like talons, including six small arms on its torso and several pairs of legs on its lower body, giving it some resemblance to a spider or centipede.

Horus, Pet Shop's Stand, froze the wound on his user's chest to stop the bleeding.

While too busy being distracted, Iggy barely realized that the ice around Pet Shop not only had spread all over but also blocked the exit.

"Shit! This is bad!" Iggy jumped away from the ice that was spreading towards him. "I have to get the hell out of here!"

Iggy ran as fast as he could while the deadly ice Stand continued to spread its ice through the whole tunnel. Pet Shop screeched and shot multiple ice missiles. Every exit Iggy would find, it would be blocked by the icicles that Pet Shop had shot. Iggy jumped onto the pipes of an exit and ran as fast as he could while Pet Shop chased after him. Pet Shop was determined to finish Iggy off, how dare a small lowly creature like Iggy just simply cut him? Once he catches Iggy, he'll devour him alive.

"Talk about excessive!" Iggy thought as he ran, his heart pounding like crazy. "This goes way beyond holding a grudge! He's a killing machine!"

Pet Shop fired more icicle missiles at Iggy. The icicles hit behind Iggy and everything began to freeze once more. The ice quickly caught up to Iggy and his front paw was caught in the ice.

His front paw was frozen stuck. "W-What?! My foot!" Iggy cried out. He heard the falcon screech and knew he was getting closer. He struggled to free his paw.

"D-Damn it!" Iggy cursed under his breath in panic.

The falcon finally arrived and the icicles appeared around Pet Shop.

Suddenly, multiple emerald projectiles were fired at Pet Shop and the bird tried to quickly dodge the attack but one of the projectiles managed to hit his wing. Pet Shop fell down to the ground and other projectiles hit the ice that had Iggy's paw stuck, breaking the ice.

Iggy's paw was now free, he recognized the attack and knew who saved him.

"Noriko!" He barked with excitement.

"So this is where you have been, Iggy." Noriko approached Iggy and stood next to him. "I guess it was a good thing I came looking for you." She gave the Boston Terrier a smirk.



A few moments prior, Noriko had heard an explosion nearby and civilians were speaking to one another about a bird chasing a dog around. She found the area of where the explosion occurred, finding a burnt vehicle and a civilian nearby told her that it suddenly happened out of nowhere when a bird and a dog ran past it. The innocent bystander even informed Noriko that icicles appeared out of nowhere and destroyed the vehicle.

Noriko demanded the stranger where the bird and dog ran off to and the man pointed the direction for the teen. Noriko sprinted to the area and found a crater in the middle of the street and a manhole near it. She heard faint noises coming from it and decided to check it out. She had a strong feeling in her gut that Iggy was in trouble and was in there.



Pet Shop stood back up and shot a glare at Noriko, he recognized the red-haired teen as one of Dio's traitors but he could've sworn he had seen her in person before. Noriko's eyes widened as she gasped under her breath, she remembered seeing this falcon before. It's the same bird that was with Dio when she first encountered him.

"You're that bird that was with Dio when I first met him…" Noriko's fists clenched. "And you're not just any ordinary falcon," She frowned. "You're a Stand user as well."

That's right, Pet Shop was there, watching Dio seduce her with his voice and touch to obey him. He should've killed her at that moment when she entered the room but he didn't since his master Dio saw potential in her and needed allies.

But his master now wants her and the Joestars dead. Icicles formed around Pet Shop, aiming at Noriko.

"Watch out!" Iggy shouted, though his words sounded like a bark to humans like her. He jumped in front of Noriko and used The Fool to create a shield.

Pet Shop fired the icicle missiles at the sand barrier and exploded. Once the dust cleared, the two Crusaders were already running far ahead. Pet Shop screeched and chased after them at full speed with its ice continuing to spread in the tunnel.

"So that bird's Stand uses ice abilities, that explains why the entrance was blocked with ice…" Noriko thought. Before she entered the sewers, she had to find another manhole to enter, which she did luckily that was also nearby.

They found the exit but before they could climb up the ladder it was immediately blocked by the frozen ice from Pet Shop's Horus. They ran again but as they continued running down the tunnel, it was getting smaller and narrower, too small for Noriko but not for Iggy. The red-haired teen immediately halted and turned around.

"What are you doing?!" Iggy barked her in confusion.

"Keep on running Iggy, I'll face the bird and hold them off right here. I won't be able to fit in that small and narrow tunnel but you can. Just go and get the others!" Noriko told the Boston Terrier.

Iggy widened his eyes, "What?! That thing will kill you! It's too dangerous!" He protested.

"Just go!" Noriko shouted, although she didn't understand a word Iggy was saying, she knew that he wasn't too happy of leaving her behind.

She got in a battle stance and summoned Hierophant Green, her Stand's tendrils spreading around the tunnel. Iggy had no clue how she will fight off the falcon by herself, all he could do is have faith in her and hope she makes it out alive. He turned around and continued heading down the tunnel.

Pet Shop appeared and spotted the teen girl standing in the center, alone. He didn't see Iggy anywhere to be found, but no matter, he'll simply take out Noriko and go after the small dog. He screeched and charged at Noriko with its icicles ready to fire.

Suddenly, multiple tendrils pierced Pet Shop's wings and body in an instant. Pet Shop shrieked from the immense pain, blood gushed out from his body as his icicles faded away. Hierophant Green was summoned in front of him, glaring at him. The green-slender figure placed her hands together with green fluid splattered in between.

Pet Shop shot a glare at the girl and his Stand, Horus, appeared behind him. Horus reached over and froze Hierophant's tendrils and the ice was making its way towards Hierophant Green.

Noriko was about to recall her Stand but she couldn't move. Looking down, her legs were frozen in ice. While too busy being distracted by Pet Shop's Horus, the enemy not only was freezing the tendrils but also spreading ice around the tunnel again.

Noriko gasped under her breath and saw the ice quickly spread to her Stand's body. She knitted her brows together, she needed to attack him now before it's too late.


Pet Shop fired multiple ice missiles to counter Noriko's attack. The projectiles hit each other but it didn't change anything. Hierophant's body was halfway frozen just like her user.

"D-Dammit!" Noriko grunted while trying to break free from the ice.

Both opponents were stuck in their positions and Pet Shop opened his break wide, preparing to launch an ice missile from his mouth.

Noriko widened eyes and was going to unleash another emerald splash attack on Pet Shop but her and Hierophant's hands were already frozen.

"Shit… I was too careless!" Noriko thought to herself.

About to give up when suddenly Iggy jumped from out of nowhere, zooming past Noriko's head.

"I-Iggy?!" Noriko shouted in shock.


The Boston Terrier bit down the falcon's beak, hard. Pet Shop's beak shattered into pieces and exploded from his Stand's attack being interrupted, instantly killing him. The explosion blew both Iggy and Noriko away, the ice that had her trapped in place broke into pieces.



Noriko slowly opened her eyes with a groan escaping from her lips. She felt like she was hit by a truck like yesterday when her and the Crusaders were struck by a vehicle. She was covered with small wounds from the pieces of ice that cut her when the explosion occurred. Barely managing to sit up, Noriko noticed Iggy was missing.

"I-Iggy?!" She called out desperately.

Looking around, her eyes landed on the small dog floating in the sewer water. She let out a grunt as she struggled to stand up. Summoning Hierophant Green, she used her tendrils to reach out and grab him out of the water. Once Iggy was in her arms, she gently stroked his head. Iggy was unconscious and also covered in wounds but he was still alive. It was too soon to celebrate their victory, they had to get out of the sewers.

Noriko found a nearby exit and used her Stand to help her climb the ladder. Finally at the surface, she was now in a completely different area. She was next to the famous Nile River. She had to hurry and find the Crusaders before it got dark but that would be difficult, she's wounded and in so much pain from the battle that she wasn't sure if she had any strength to move around.

She began limping down the street but her legs quickly gave up and fell on the ground. Noriko leaned against the building next to her, her vision began to blur and her eyes felt heavy. She felt like she was about to pass out. She then heard someone calling out to her, it sounded like a little boy. She slowly glanced to the side and saw a child-like figure running over to her. She couldn't understand what they were saying, everything was becoming a blur and suddenly the girl fell unconscious with Iggy in her arms.




For the rest of the evening the Crusaders were extremely tense. Not only did their beggar never return like he promised, but their companions Iggy and Noriko were missing. Avdol assumed the beggar might've encountered an enemy Stand user from finding Dio's mansion but wasn't sure if it was the same to Iggy and Noriko.

They began their search for their missing companions around sunset. They searched through all over Cairo for them but once it was late in the evening, they went back to the hotel. Jotaro insisted on continuing searching for them but Joseph had to remind him that they're in enemy territory and that it was too dangerous to look for them during the night.

The next day around noon, after eating lunch, the group continued their search for their friends while also looking for the mansion. Suddenly Jotaro stopped and turned around. The others also stopped.

"What's the matter, Jotaro?" Joseph asked his grandson.

The brunette didn't answer, instead he continued to stare at the empty road.

"Is someone following us?" Avdol asked.

"No… but I thought I heard a voice calling out to us." Jotaro said.

"A voice?" Joseph raised a brow.

Around the corner, a small familiar dog appeared. It was a tired-looking Iggy. He was panting and began walking over to the group.

"Iggy!" Polnareff cried out and rushed over to him.

Avdol noticed a few bandages around Iggy. "What happened, Iggy?" He asked.

"Where did you get those wounds? Were you attacked by an enemy?" Joseph asked.

"Could he have possibly been hit by a car?" Polnareff wondered.

"Iggy isn't that kind of dog to get into car accidents." Avdol stated. He looked down at Iggy. "You were attacked by the enemy, weren't you, Iggy?"

Joseph kneeled down and took the Boston Terrier in his arms.

"His wounds have already been taken care of." He pointed out.

"It wasn't Iggy's voice I heard." Jotaro informed, looking at the road once more. "Whoever was calling us, it was in a human voice."

"I apologize for making you guys worried…" A female voice spoke. "Iggy had a run-in with the enemy Stand user when I found him, so I had to help. I got badly injured and I passed out in the middle of the street. We were lucky that a little boy found us and took us to the hospital to have our wounds treated."

The group averted their attention at the person who spoke and were filled with relief and joy. Noriko is walking over to the Crusaders, her uniform was clean and was covered with a few bandages like Iggy.

"NORIKO!" They all shouted in unison and rushed over to her.

"You made it back!" Polnareff exclaimed with a smile, putting a hand on her shoulder.

"We were all worried about you when you didn't return." Avdol said.

"We've missed you!" Joseph added.

"I'm glad that everyone is safe." Noriko smiled. She then turned to Jotaro, she was going to say something but Iggy jumped off from Joseph's arm, grabbing everyone's attention.

"Where are you going, Iggy?" Joseph raised a brow.

Iggy briefly glanced at everyone before turning around, gesturing everyone to follow him.

"Despite Iggy never showing an interest in humans or Stands, he's trying to lead us somewhere. It seems he found something." Noriko said. "I don't know where or how he encountered the enemy but he doesn't look happy…"

"Where exactly is he trying to take us?" Joseph wondered and followed behind Iggy.

Soon everyone followed Iggy down the road. Nobody uttered a word. They walked for a while and came across a destroyed, bloody-stained vehicle being towed that passed by them, it was the beggar's car. They were shaken for a brief moment.

"It's just as I feared…" Avdol spoke up. "I should've never contacted him." Guilt spread all over him.

"Could this be the work of the enemy of the Stand user you and Iggy fought?" Joseph asked Noriko.

"I wouldn't doubt it…" Noriko replied.

They continued walking down the road and suddenly the atmosphere changed. It became heavy and ominous. They all felt it.

"What's going on? I'm suddenly having cold sweats." Polnareff shivered. "This overwhelming oppressive feeling… Where is Iggy taking us?"

Noriko frowned, she recognized this dark, heavy and tense feeling. It was the same feeling when she first met the familiar vampire. She shivered from the memory that flashed before her eyes but it was quickly brushed away when Jotaro grabbed her delicate hand to comfort her.

"I know where he is taking us…" Joseph realized. "This atmosphere, the dark aura… it's all too familiar to me!"

They arrived at their location and Iggy pointed towards the building in front of them.

It's Dio's mansion. It's exactly like the one in the photograph. The mansion projected an abnormally sinister energy. It was the source of all adversity they had encountered, as well as their destiny; the embodiment of evil.

The Crusaders had journeyed long and far to reach this place. Traveling through many lands and encountering Dio's countless Stand-wielding assassins. It was, indeed, a series of life-or-death battles that proved difficult to survive. Tears, laughter, sadness, rage, joy and even love. Their journey was fraught with these emotions. In order to save the life of Jotaro's mother, Holly, they departed from Japan a mere fifty days ago. Their goal was to defeat Dio, finally concluding a one-hundred year destiny in the making.

"I can feel his presence, he is inside the building…" Joseph stated.

"That means…" Avdol began.

"We have finally reached our last stop of our journey." Polnareff finished.

"Are you ready?" Joseph asked everyone.

Everyone affirmed with a nod.

Iggy frowned, something isn't right. "The gate is open…" He noticed. "We can just walk in but it was closed yesterday."

The Crusaders cautiously entered through the gate.

"Just as I can sense his presence, he is aware that I have arrived." Joseph told the group. He glanced over his shoulder, seeing the door and a window.

There appeared to be someone watching them. The shadowy figure could be seen behind the curtains of the window.

"Entering this mansion carelessly would be like being swallowed by the enemy. We need to come up with a strategy…"

Suddenly the front door of the mansion opened.

"Everyone watch out! Stay on guard!" Joseph warned. He then turned to the group and gave them a nod in approval.

They walked over to the door and stood to the side, expecting an enemy to pop out. Polnareff was the first to peek inside the mansion.

"H-Hey, take a look at this corridor. I can't see the end of it…" Polnareff said. "It can't be real, right? It has to be some kind of trick or an illusion, right?!"

The elder Joestar gazed down the long corridor and narrowed his eyes. "Polnareff, don't go through that door." He warned. "We should be expecting a couple of Stand users before facing Dio."

Both men gasp when they see a figure from a distance.

"What the-?! Someone's coming!" Polnareff shouted.

Everyone looked inside and saw a male figure levitating down the corridor towards them. Once he reached the Crusaders, he greeted them with a bow while still levitating.

The individual wore a head wrap and a pair of earrings shaped into the letters T and D. He has beehive hair that is segmented and protrudes upwards. He wore a bluish vest over a black shirt with a double layered heart symbol in the chest area. He also has parallel bars tattooed on his nose, chin, and forehead, very similar to the markings of Daniel J. D'Arby's cheeks.

"Welcome. Mr. Joestar, we have been expecting you." He said. "I am the butler of this mansion." His red piercing eyes gazed at the Crusaders.

His eyes felt very familiar. Noriko could've sworn she has seen those same pair of eyes on someone else. She felt like she was seeing a younger version of D'Arby.

"I don't know what the hell that is but it's no ordinary human!" Polnareff yelled.

"Polnareff!" Joseph tried to calm him down.

"It doesn't matter! I'll kill him!"

Polnareff summoned Silver Chariot to attack but the butler threw a Queen Of Hearts playing card at the Frenchman. Silver Chariot sliced the card in half.

"My name is D'Arby, Terence T. D'Arby." The butler introduced himself with a smirk.

To Be Continued…

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