Akeno Misaki was waking up early and she gets dressed and getting ready for school. Rin Shiretoko holds an event at the Opening Ceremony and she let her go. She constantly seen Rin Shiretoko dressed as her new look and as she puts her dressed on, she becomes a pretty make-up artist. She loves all of them in school.

Maron Yanagiwara was about to rock on stage after the audience is full pack. All of students are ready to get by the rock music before all the presentations. Maron is a singer and her friend was a singer as well with no instruments. After the rock music, Akeno Misaki becomes next. So she went inside the stage.

"Presentation #1. Respect to each other. You need to respect each other's friends, so we have the right to remove our bad words and some violence so we are kindly accurative to people who needs to behave our temper. As we hold on together, we have someone who needs our ship to look after. Her name is, Black-Haired girl with pink dress. She will be joining you as the respective classes."

"Presentation #2. Taking our Trips. We have our Harekaze II so we need our students and other students can go on our trips to our North American City is called, Vancouver British Columbia. We need to film our TV and Film Program so we don't need our time to serve as our real members, we need a crew members of our Harekaze II students to work on those films in Vancouver British Columbia.

As the students leaves, they gone to their classes. They had a worksheet to work on the first day of school. Hime Wazumi draws some girls writing their sheets and they have some lunch after the first day of school sheet work done. The Students went on their new life for their new trips they work on. Harekaze II still on the dock.

The End. This would turn out great. the next story will be the students new method. Have Fun.