Something Special

Another Hope/Liam drabble series. But this one is decidedly AU. It's Lope in HIGH SCHOOL!

1- Upside Down

She didn't awaken that morning knowing her life was going to change forever. In fact, she'd had not one inkling that her true destiny was about to be realized. As far as she'd believed, it was just another Thursday: The alarm clocked buzzed right on time. She took a hot shower; dressed up in a pale blue skirt and matching top; applied her standard pink lip gloss after she breakfasted with her family and her once-and-soon-to-be-again stepfather in the little nook in the kitchen. She drove to school in the outrageous blood-red convertible her mom had given her for her last birthday; hung out at the lockers with her friends, shared homework notes, and gossip. Her boyfriend walked her to first period and gave her a sweet kiss. It was routine. Safe. Predictable.

And then Liam Cooper walked into her class and turned everything she knew - everything she thought she wanted - completely upside down.