This is a story featuring my OCs, Sundance, Gingersplash and Timberheart. Please do not steal my characters. This is also my first story so I'm not that good yet. I hope you enjoy.

A graceful shape wove through the trees, silhouetted against the black and white sky. Paws met earth one after the other as Gingersplash padded through the night smoothly like a figure from StarClan. He stepped into the moonlight as he finally reached Sunningrocks and the place where Feathernose rested. The beaming light shone down on his brown, tabby pelt, making him look ghostly. Like a figure from a dream. Like he wasn't really there. The young tom stopped at the riverbank and crouched low against the sand and pebbles. He dipped his head to a large rock that sat about a tail length away from him. The grave. Feathernose's grave. His mentors grave. His mothers grave. "If I hadn't have left camp that day you would still be alive." Gingersplash whispered, almost choking one the words, "It's my fault you're gone..."

Timberheart prowled out of the warrior's den with her eyes darting. She felt alarmed as she recalled her dream. As she recalled the prophecy: 'The Silver Circle, ruler of the night, shining with glory and light. Approach the light and hear the calling times three. In the heart of a legend you'll be.' What could it mean? a feeling of dread crawled through her body, taking over her limbs on by one. She felt her paws tremble a little and realised the power of the words that had been spoken to her. The silver circle, Timberheart thought, in the heart of a legend? What does it all mean? A familiar voice shook her from her thoughts she saw Sundance approach her. The golden she-cat looked agitated, like there was something she wanted to talk about. "Timberheart, I need to talk to you about something." She signaled with her tail for Timberheart to follow her and weaved her way to the gorse tunnel entrance where she led the way towards a hollow beneath an old tree. Then she spoke, "Last night, I had this dream..."