A shiver crawled down Timberheart's spine as she stared eye to eye with her golden-pelted friend. She knew exactly what the dream was. "It was very strange," Sundance went on, "Tansystar came and told me a prophecy..." She paused to remember the prophecy.

Tansystar, the previous leader of ThunderClan, had been the leader when Timberheart was born. She had died whilst Timberheart was an apprentice, her precious last life taken by greencough, the dreadful disease that threatened them every leaf-bare.

"Oh yes!" Timberheart looked back up at her friend, who had a new look of seriousness in her icy blue eyes. "The Silver Circle, ruler of the night, shining with glory and light. Approach the light and hear the calling times three. And in the heart of a legend you'll be." Timberheart blinked at her. "Sundance..." Sundance looked at her feeling confused about her worried tone. "I had the same dream...But it was my father. He told me the exact same prophecy." Sundance's expression changed and she looked suddenly frightend. The two she-cats shared a moment of staring into each other's eyes before Gingersplash padded up to them.

"Hey Timberheart! Hey Sundance!" Then he noticed the worried looks on their faces and sat down with a feeling of concern. "Gingersplash, we had a dream last night, the same dream... A dream with a prophecy." Timberheart told him warily. "In my dream Tansystar told me the prophecy." Sundance continued. "And in my dream it was my father." Timberheart finished. Gingersplash paused, looking uneasy. "And what was the prophecy?" He swallowed a lunp in his throat. Timberheart and Sundance looked at each other and then at Gingersplash. The reddish brown tabby nodded and her friend recited the words of StarClan. "The Silver Circle, ruler of the night, shining with glory and light. Approach the light and hear the calling times three. And in the heart of a legend you'll be." Gingersplash looked horrified. "I had the same dream." The three friends looked at each other. "Does this mean that we have to go on some big quest?" Timberheart complained. Sundance rolled her eyes and Gingersplash laughed. "Seriously, Timberheart?" Timberheart shrugged, "Why me though?" Sundance looked at her with something like irritation. "I'll never become the leader if I just leave." Timberheart shook her head, "And we can't really tell anybody." She added. "Grumpy old furball!" Sundance teased. The other she-cat lunged at her playfully and the two cats fell to the floor, laughing playfully. As they scuffed around on the ground Gingersplash snapped. "You two are acting like kits! We have bigger things to think about. Remember?" Sundance and Timberheart pushed themselves to their paws and faced Gingerplash.

"You're just as grumpy as Timberheart!" Sundance purred, putting on a pretend motherly kind of voice, "Honestly!" Gingersplash glanced sideways at her but did not retaliate. "So what are we going to do? We don't even know what the prophecy means so how are we meant to fulfill it?" Sundance shrugged and sighed. "The silver circle, the calling times three..." She rolled her eyes upwards, obviously thinking hard. "Well when we go the 'calling times three' must mean some sort of signal. Like an animal sound?" Gingersplash suggested thoughtfully. "If we go at all..." Timberheart corrected him doubtfully. "Of course we are going! All three of us." Sundance shot a meaningful dance at Timberheart when she said the last part. Timberheart's tail tip twitched irritably. Sundance continued, "And, I think you're right, Gingersplash." Timberheart rolled her eyes Of course she thinks he's right, She thought. Timberheart had been aware of Sundance's feelings for Gingersplash since they were apprentices but Sundance had never told him. Timberheart shook herself back to the present as Gingersplash said, "But what is the silver circle? I don't know of any silver circle in the forest..." A thought suddenly crossed through Timberheart's mind. "Well, the prophecy said that the silver circle was the ruler of the night. Does that mean that the silver circle is the moon? It seems logical." Gingersplash