Space: The Final Frontier

These are the voyages of the Starship Alphonse, to explore strange new worlds and seek out new civilizations. To explore new kinds of alchemy, and find new life on a five year mission to boldly go where no alchemist has gone before...

Captain's Log:

After Father was defeated and Roy became Fuhrer, Roy united the alchemist nations into the United Alchemist Federation, or the UAF. Their military, the Fullmetal Fleet, is the strongest military seen so far. I, Edward Elric, am captain of the Starship Alphonse, named after my brother who I sought to protect.

My name is Edward Elric, and this is Fullmetal Odyssey.

A/N: I got back from Dragoncon and I met Vic Mignogna. I asked him to say the intro to Star Trek in Ed's voice, and this came to mind. After Vic spoke, I had so much FMA left to tell that I decided to reboot my FMA fanfic universe. Shout out to 1942 for giving me the idea of setting my story in the cool 90s instead of the 10's because it's cooler and more fun that way.