The Alphonse

Ling Yao was looking at the readings on the computer, and he found General Lucian in a Lightning Battle Cruiser, which looked like a Klingon Battle Cruiser, but slightly modified to a black and yellow color scheme, headed towards the Galactic Mall, a space station that looked like a cube that was a high end mall.

"I found General Lucian!" Ling said. "He is headed towards the mall!"

"Ling, set a course for the mall, we are going shopping!" Ed told Ling, as he traveled at Warp Speed, as the ship dashed off at the speed of sound.

The ship landed at the mall, next to the Battle Cruiser, which the Alphonse crashed into the cruiser, and sent the ship flying into orbit, when Lucian jumped out of the ship and ran into the mall.

"After him!" Ed told his crew, as they ran into the mall to chase Lucian. The mall interior was beautiful, with glass walkways, marble floors, various shops with designer goods, and a food court with various foods from different planets as well as Earth foods. There was an alien sushi restaurant that served grilled tentacles, and a barbecue restaurant that served jumbo ribs made from alien rhino-triceratops, not pig. There were tan chairs and tan tables in the food court, and ads on signs reading "The Tale of Solider A: In theaters October 3rd" and "If These Walls Could Talk" and it shows Wall Maria from Attack on Titan. There was also a sign with Lelouch on it reading, "Planet Knights: Designer Fashion for Freedom In Style." There was even a fragrance sign with Mai on it reading; "Very Valentine" and a Yami Yugi fragrance sign reading; "Pharaoh's Throne". However, when they got to the food court, Lucian showed up in a hover car, looking like a black version of the hover car from Star Trek. It charged at Ling, as he threw his sword at the car, leaving a small dent. Roy used his phaser, and it seemed to be effective. Riza shot at the car with her two phasers, but it was no use. Ed and Roy stole some hover bikes and chased the hover car through seating areas, crashing through storefronts, and crashing through kiosks like they are not even there, as Roy was using his Flame Alchemy to shoot explosive shockwaves to hit the car, but Roy was reckless and damaged the mall. After Ed and Roy hit the car's armor so hard, the car was flying as it was about to catch on fire and detonate, and it went into the power room of the mall, hit its pressure point, and actually detonated, meaning the mall was going to collapse.

"Attention Crew, the mall is collapsing, so let's get the hell outta here!" Ed told his crew. "Lucian, you come with us."

"No." Lucian replied. "I started this, so I should suffer the consequences, not you."

"But you will die!" Roy said.

"Nothing can stop that now." Lucian said, as a piece of floor fell, and he fell into a hole into the void of space.

"Everyone back to the ship!" Roy said, as everyone got back to the ship, flying away while the mall exploded.

Ed was checking his email, when he got a Summons request from Olivier Armstrong.

Dear Crew of the Starship Alphonse,

You have been charged with the destruction of an intergalactic shopping center.

Therefore you will be court marshaled, and held accountable, which includes being kicked out of the Fullmetal Fleet, and I will rename the military the Briggs Fleet. Attendance to this hearing is mandatory, and I will not tolerate any excuses.


Commander in Chief Olivier Armstrong

"Damn." Ed reacted. "The fuzz got us!"

"At this rate the Lightning has an advantage." Riza said.

The Lightning Wing

The Lightning Wing was a large Batwing Spaceship the size of an Imperial Star Destroyer, and looked like a cross between the Batwing and a Star Destroyer, with yellow accents here and there. The Lightning sat on the bridge of the Lightning Wing, and made his speech.

"WE LOST TWO OF OUR BEST!" The Lightning roared.

"Calm down, Father." Leon said.

"Don't tell me to calm down!" Lightning replied. "We need a general, not an ambassador, for this is war we are talking about!"

"What will you have us do?" Queen Lucina asked.

"Send Lillian to retrieve one of them and make them join us!" The Lightning said. "Our reports say that the crew of the Alphonse is on trial, so let's take advantage of it and get the defendants to join us by posing as witnesses or jury members, and jinx the court to free some of the defendants if they join us!"

"Sounds like a plan!" Lillian replied.

"Indeed." The Lightning replied back, laughing maniacally.


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