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Yugi: Didn't you say that your minimum was going to be 10?

Ryou: She had to change it.

Yugi: Why?

Ryou: Because-

Erin-chan: Now, now the readers don't wanna know that! *laughs nervously*

Ryou and Yugi: Why?

Erin-chan: Just... because...

Ryou and Yugi: Because why?

Erin-chan: Just... because...

Ryou and Yugi: Why?

Bakura: Oh, brother.

Yami: That's gonna go on for a while. Bakura, why don't you do the disclaimer?

Bakura: Why me?!

Yami: 'Cause I'm doing it next chapter!

Bakura: Oh, fine. Neko Senshi Erin (or Erin-chan) doesn't own Yu-Gi-Oh! or its characters. She does however own any characters she makes up.


"What are you doing, Ryou?" Bakura asked, looking at his hikari who was staring out the window in the living room of their apartment. "It's 12:00 at night."

"Oh, nothing. Just waiting to see if a shooting star will appear tonight." Ryou answered calmly, mesmerized by the bright lights in the sky.

"What're you doing such a baka thing for?" Bakura asked, walking over and looking out the same window.

"Don't you know? If you make a wish on a shooting star then it'll come true." Ryou said matter-of-factly.

Bakura raised an eyebrow. "You believe that?"

Ryou nodded enthusiastically before looking back out the window. "Yep!"

Bakura shook his head. "I can't believe you."

"Say, what would you wish for?" Ryou asked. Bakura started to say something, however Ryou interrupted him. "Other than the ability to take over the world, the death of Yami Yugi (A/N: can he die or not? I'm not sure), and all of the Millineum Items?"

Bakura growled. "That's not fair."

"Well, what would you?"

"I don't know. I guess I would wish for something really awful to happen to that baka pharaoh."


"Isn't there a part in this little wishing business that says if you tell your wish, it won't come true?" Bakura asked.

"Aw, you're no fun." Ryou pouted. "Would you wish for him to be a little kid or something like that?"

"Not telling." Bakura stated.

"Oh, fine." Ryou said, moving away from the window and going to his room.

Would you wish for him to be a little kid or something like that? Ryou's words repeated in Bakura's head as he walked into his own room.

'Yeah, right. Why would I waste a wish on making that baka a kid? Though it would be funny...' He laughed in his head. 'Nah! I mean, how would I phrase that anyway? Oh, I wish that Yami were stuck in a three-year-old's body! Whatever...'

Unfortunately for him (and everyone else), he didn't noticed the shooting star that shot across the dark, night sky.


Mutuo Residence, Next day

Sunlight poured in through the window, bouncing off certain objects.

Yugi yawned and stretched as he sat up in his bed. He rubbed the sleep out of his eyes.

"Aw, spring break!" he whispered happily as he stood up and walked over the window. He threw it open and stuck his head out, taking in the fresh spring air. He laughed. "No homework for a whole week!"

He looked at his clock. "Hmm, it's 9:05. Yami and I have to meet the others in an hour or so."

Yugi was about to go to the bathroom and shower when he heard a high-pitched scream come from down the hall.

"What the heck?" Yugi wondered aloud as he ran to Yami's room. The tri-color haired boy looked inside. "Yami, you here?" He looked at the bed, where there was a big lump, but no Yami. The short teen blinked as he stepped into the room. "Yami? Hello? Anyone in here?"

"I here." a squeaky voice said from the lump on the bed.

"Huh?" Yugi blinked again. "Was that you, Yami?"

Two little hands appeared and pulled away the sheets to reveal a small head, with tri-color hair, and small, angry ruby eyes.

"Yes, it me." Yami's now squeaky voice said as he slipped out of bed.

Yugi stared blankly at the now little boy, whose pajamas were far too big for him. He broke out laughing.

"Yugi!" Yami yelled, putting his hands on his hips and stomping a foot. "'Dis is serious!"

Yugi grabbed his side as they began to hurt from him laughing so hard. "You *laugh* even *laugh* talk like a *laugh* little kid!!"

Yami growled. "YUGI!!!"

Yugi wiped away the tears that had formed in his eyes. "S-Sorry, Yami! It's just funny, seeing you like this."

"Hmph! Well, don' get use to it, 'cause whoever did 'dis is gonna change me back!" Yami stated, crossing his arms.

Yugi knelt down in front of the chibi pharaoh. "You know who did this?"

"Not for sure, but I got pretty good guess." Yami nodded his head, holding up a finger matter-of-factly, and closing his eyes.

A bubble appeared above his head, showing a cartoony (A/N: Does that make any sense?) version of Bakura crackling evilly as he rubbed his hands together.

The bubble disappeared as Yugi scratched his head and laughed nervously. The two look-a-likes sighed.

"You're probably right!" Yugi said. He looked at Yami's alarm clock. 9:15. "Well, we've got to meet the gang at 10:30, so we better get ready." He stood up and stretched. "I'm gonna go get a shower. You can shower after me while I make breakfast, 'Kay?"

"Yugi..." Yami muttered angrily as Yugi turned and looked back at him.

"Yeah?" he asked. He sweat dropped as he noticed the big vein sticking out of the chibi's forehead.

Yami held out his arms, the sleeves hanging down and touching the floor. "And you expect me to wear WHAT?!"


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