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Yugi rubbed his temples as Bakura and Chibi Yami, yet again, began to argue.

"Nu-uh! I got 'de chocowate 'cause you are 'de one who knockeded her down!" Yami yelled at Bakura.

"No, you got the candy because- did you just say 'knockeded'?"

Yami blinked and replied, "What you mean? I told you 'dat 'de reason I tawk wike 'dis is 'cause of 'de body."

"I know, but you weren't talking like that earlier, saying knockeded, I mean,"

"He's right, Yami. You are starting to sound more like a little kid, now that I think about it," Yugi stated, looking down at him.

Yami looked up. "Reawwy? I didn't notice,"

"Finally!" Joey said as they approached the arcade. "I thought we would never make it!"

"We almost didn't," Ryou started, looking at Yami and Bakura. "After Yami almost broke Bakura's toe and, then, Bakura pushed Yami into traffic, I'm pretty sure we all thought we would be going to the hospital instead,"

"You're right!" Yugi said as the all went in. "We sure are lucky Yami looks like a child, or else the person who almost hit him would've yelled at us, instead of apologizing."

"Speak for yourself..." Bakura growled, crossing his arms.

Yami snickered. "Aw, is 'Kura still sore from being yewwed at by Mrs. Owd Wady again?"

"Argh! Don't laugh at me, chibi!" Bakura yelled, glaring down at Yami. "I don't know where that damn lady keeps coming from! She appears out of no where!"

"Eider 'dat, or she has a whowe wot of sisters..." Yami laughed.

Bakura growled but decided against smacking Yami over the head, from fear that Mrs. Old Lady would appear.

The whole group blinked as they suddenly heard loud cheering and yelling.

"Wow, look at him go!"

"He's awesome!"

"Nobody can beat him!"

"What's that all about?" Tristan wondered.

"I dunno. Let's go check it out," Tea said before running toward the crowd, followed by the others.

"Excuse us. Pardon me," Yugi and Ryou said as the group pushed their way to the front.

"Whoa," Joey muttered.

"It's one of those games where you go around and shoot people," Ryou said. "The more people you kill the more points you get. Kinda gross, if you ask me,"

Bakura smirked evilly. "Really? Now, that's my kind of game!"

The others sweat dropped as the laughed insanely. Yami glared at him.

"You baka,"

Bakura glared back, but didn't have time to reply.

"Who's next to challenge Shot Bobby (A/N: Stupid, I know....)?" the man in front of the game asked. "Who's next to challenge the king of Gruesome 5 (A/N: Again, stupid...)?"

'King, hmm? Well, not for much longer!' Yami thought.

"I chawwenge you!" Yami called back, stepping forward.

"Yami, are you kidding?!" Yugi yelled. Yami ignored him.

"Heh, you're joking, right?" Shot Bobby asked. "You want me to face a child?!"

"Nobody forcing you. If you scared, you don' have accept my chawwenge," Yami smirked. "So, are you brave?"

"Hmph. Fine, shrimp. I'll face you. But I'm not going easy on you, you got that, little, spiky-haired brat?"

Yami's face turned red with anger. He clenched his fist and growled.

"Yami?" Yugi asked.

"Yugi, get my chair. The King of Games may be a chibi, but he's still the King of Games!"


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Yami: *glares at Erin* I'm gonna kill you if I lose to that loser.

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