I have never seen a somber Kings Cross. Usually the station is brimming with excitement of going to Hogwarts, but today the air is heavy with worry as parents hug their children close to their bodies, weeping first years clenching their parents' robes. Older students glancing with caution at the death eaters putting children on the train.

"Laurel you must remember to do everything the Carrows say. We do not want to hear reports of disobedience from them. It would be an embarrassment of the family." Words of protest enter my mind, but I turn back to my father with a look of pure innocence on my face.

"Of course, father I wouldn't dare cause any trouble. Now I really should get on the train." I say looking towards my mother for any show of affection. My mothers' ice-cold stare stabs me in the heart.

"Well then go, don't just stand around here all day" My mother says with a little push of her hand. With a final glace and a little wave, I start towards the red train looking out for anyone I know.

"Laurel! Over here!" A grin jumps on my face as I gleefully run turn toward my friends who are waving from a faraway compartment on the train.

"Eric! Christa! It's so good to see you, how have you been?" their broad smiles fade. Eric looks down and puts an arm around Christa. He sends worried glances toward the death eaters.

"We'll tell you in the compartment, come on." Eric says. Grabbing our trolleys, we walk briskly to the first compartment we see, swinging the door open we hear three voices stop. Inside the compartment are the legendary Ginny Weasley, Neville Longbottom, and Luna Lovegood.

"Er we're very sorry, we weren't paying attention we'll just find another compartment." Christa says as we turn away in embarrassment.

"Wait! You don't have to leave, seat with us, we won't bite." Luna Lovegood says in a light dreamy tone. Neville and Ginny exchange a glance and nod.

"Yes, come sit with us, sorry but I don't know your names?" Neville says hesitantly. Eric, Christa and I all take our seats across from them and introduce ourselves. For several minutes an awkward silence takes over the room,

"Ginny, I've seen your skills on the quidditch field. You're quite good." Eric said with a small smile. Ginny blushed and looked down for a moment.

"Thank you, do you play?"

"Yes, I'm a beater. Did you seeā€¦". As Eric and Ginny's conversation gets more intense about quidditch I zone out. I glance around the room and joke with a loud whisper.

"Do you guys know what they are talking about?" Neville laughs, shaking his head, Luna gives me a broad grin, and Christa laughs with Neville.

'What do you think this year will be like, you know, with the Carrows and Snape as Headmaster?" I see Ginny and Eric quiet as we all ponder the question Neville asked.

"I think that this year will be the most difficult year we have ever seen, we will need to be strong for the younger kids. You guys should restart Dumbledore's Army." The three-look shocked after what Christa has said.

"How do you three know about that? You weren't in it." Ginny says sounding extremely suspicious. We all look around the room nervously, shifting around the compartment awkwardly for a moment.

"Well it was all over school when it happened," Eric starts.

"And then our parents told us about it," Christa interrupts him.

"But we aren't against you we swear! We really wanted to join, but no one told us about it when it was happening. That's why we think you should bring in back, because we will all need hope and practice." I finish almost pleading with them to believe us. Ginny and Neville look skeptical, but Luna is grinning at us.

"Of course, you are absolutely right. Well don't just look at them, it's time to change. We're going to be there soon." Luna tells us all of this with brilliant smile and proceeds to push the boys out, so we can get dressed. Christa and I go to our trunks and pull out our uniforms. The four of us each taking a corner for a little privacy. Turning around I see Ginny pointing a wand right at me.

"Why in bloody hell are you in Slytherin robes?"