Final Fantasy 10


By Selina

Warnings: Rated R.

Pairing: Tidus/Lulu, I've thought of others and you've guessed them by now. ^_^

Disclaimers: Characters and places from the game mentioned in my story are from FFX belonging to Squaresoft not me.  So don't sue!

Setting:  Auron is back in his room the same night and is wondering about Lulu.

Authors Quick Note: This chapter is a Lemon so if you don't like that kind of thing then just skip to the '&&&' section.  Remember you have to be over 16/17 okay.  You've been warned.  By the way the Lemon starts from the very beginning.  Enjoy!!

Chapter 10- Giving in

When Auron reached his room, back at the Inn he kicked off his boots and threw his coat on the back of a chair by the dresser.  Placing the sword by the bed he sighed.  That woman was driving him so crazy and he wanted to taste more of her but he didn't want her to feel as though she had to.  That's why he offered her the choice.  He wanted her to come to him of her own free will so they could get the pleasure they'd been waiting for. 

Auron pulled off his heavy black shirt and threw it to one side then lay down on the soft mattress with his hands behind his head.

His door flew open and Lulu stood there breathless.  Auron sat up as she slammed the door.  She rushed towards him and he stood just in time to catch her as she leapt into his arms.  He covered her face with fiery kisses and began undoing her dress from behind.  Lulu kissed his chest rubbing her hands over his solid muscles.  Understanding that he was having a little difficulty removing the dress, she turned around and pulled her hair over her shoulder. 

Auron managed to undo the straps and slipped the material from her revealing that she was wearing a black strapless practically see-through bra, black lace panties and her grey stockings and black shoes.  He took a step back to admire her for a moment.  Lulu had a perfect figure and all her curves were in the right places.  Her firm breasts stood proudly and her rosy nipples jutted out from the fabric of her bra; her skin was still wet.

Lulu walked towards him, her eyes burning with longing and kissed him with all the energy she had.  Auron hands reached round to cup her soft buttocks and he clutched them roughly.  She moaned and pressed her groin closer to his, feeling his hard trapped member against her thigh.

"Are you sure?"  Auron asked one last time.

Lulu licked his lips.  "I am…" She sucked feverishly on his bottom lip.

Auron grabbed a hold of Lulu's tiny waist and threw her onto the bed, her legs dangling over the edge.  He knelt down and slowly pulled off each stocking his eye on Lulu's.  She watched as he dashed her stockings to one side and began kissing her up calve.  He continued to work his way up leaving a trail of saliva along her well-shaped leg.  As he got to her thighs he glanced up at her, giving her a teasing look.

Lulu was on fire as she writhed against the bed.  Auron hooked his thumbs under the band of her underwear and slowly began to pull it down.  She held her breath in anticipation waiting for him to expose her most delicate area. He gradually pulled her panties past her knee and off her purple painted toes.  He then parted legs to see more of her pleasure dome.

Smiling, Auron proceeded to climb up onto the bed not taking his eyes off her beautiful womanhood.  He glanced up at her then leaned in closer smelling the lovely aroma that came from deep inside her.  He lightly blew onto it and planted little butterfly kisses along her lower lips.

Lulu could feel each part of her tingling with excitement she could hardly control what she was feeling.  She bit down hard on her bottom lip waiting for his tongue to enter her. 

Auron leaned in closer and thrust his tongue deep inside her.  Lulu cried out and arched her back…the sensation was amazing.  The skilful lover pushed his tongue in deeper and deeper feeling every part of her insides clenched around him.  The taste of her was superb as he sucked up the juices that came to meet his lips and he knew that she was enjoying each moment of his unbearable teasing.

Lulu was wild.  It had been so long since she'd had something like this done to her and she'd forgotten how good it felt.  Her spine was tingling and her head felt like it was full of fireworks that would explode any minute.  She let out a long moan her hand clutching the bed sheets tightly as beads of sweat appeared above her brow.

The tongue began to move faster and faster and she could feel herself edging closer to her release.  She was thrashing about uncontrollably on the bed and Auron rested his hands on her legs to stop her from kicking him accidentally.  He put more pressure onto his tongue and began to feel her contract around him. 

Lulu cried out grabbing the top of her bra and yanking it down so her beautiful bouncy breasts fell free.  She arched back, her eyes rolling up into her head as she grabbed hold of her right bosom and squeezed it desperately.  Her other hand was still clutching the bed sheet.

The black mage almost screamed as she came.  Her heart was banging furiously against her chest and she was gasping for breath.  The pleasure was almost blinding, her whole body was tingling from the excitement.

Auron licked up the rest of her juices then pushed himself up and looked down at her.  Her eyes were tightly shut and she was biting her bottom lip hard while tugging on her breast so hard that little red marks began to form there.  He grinned at her and watched as she was still trembling for the first orgasm she's had in years.  Auron leaned down and reached round her to unhooked her bra.  He then pulled it from under her, dropped it to the floor and kissed her tenderly.

Lulu opened her eyes, her vision a little hazy and kissed him back weakly.  Her hands gently touched her face.

"Auron…" She moaned breathlessly.

Auron moved down the bed again and pulled her nipple with his teeth.  She pushed her hands roughly into his hair while groaning softly, her pulse rising again.  Auron brushed her necklaces aside and licked over the red marks on her chest then sucked it greedily.  Auron knew his member was straining for attention and was rock hard but he ignored it.  He wanted Lulu's happiness to come first but soon he'd have to take her because he had no idea how long he could hold on.

She let out a deep moan as he clutched her other breast lightly.  A deep, crimson flush lit her cheeks as she writhed beneath the older man's ministration.  She tried to shift her position but Auron had her pinned down.  Opening her eyes she gasped while watching Auron suck on her.

He moved his hand from her chest and slowly moved it down her skin and buried his fingers inside her hot, wet hole probing her delicate womanhood.  Lulu grinned slightly as he groped her body sending shivers through her.

"Unhh…" She moaned as Auron pulled away from her breast and withdrew his soaking fingers, licking them off.  Lulu looked up to see why Auron had stopped and saw that he was trying to remove his trousers.  She bolted up and crawled naked towards him, eagerly wanting to help him remove his trousers.

Auron stopped undoing his belt and allowed Lulu do it.  Impatiently she fumbled with the heavy belt and threw it on the floor then she pulled down his trousers and underwear in one swoop.  She pushed them down to his feet and he stepped out of them while watching her as she stared in awe at his throbbing, stiff manhood.      

Lulu blinked in surprise at how large and powerful it looked.  It had been such along time…she'd forgotten how large they could be.  She reached out and gently ran her fingers along the length of it.  Lulu grinned slightly as she felt him shudder in contentment as she continued to brush his warm member with the tips of her fingers.  Auron smirked down at her then pulled her up into his arms and crushed his lips against her showing her his need through his actions.  Lulu shivered with delight as his hardness pressed against her thigh and she couldn't wait for him to put it inside of her.

Auron gathered her up into his arms and walked with her to the side of the bed.  Carefully he placed Lulu on the soft mattress and climbed on top of her pulling the sheet onto his back.  Auron positioned himself for entry and looked up at Lulu for assurance one last time holding himself up with his well-built arms.  Lulu nodded mutely and readied herself for penetration.

As he slowly rubbed the tip of his manhood against her she gasped with anticipation.  Auron took a deep breath and without warning plunged into her.  Lulu cried out in ecstasy and wrapped her legs around his waist to push him in deeper.  He stayed that way letting her have time to adjust to his size then proceeded to pull out just until he was barely in her then plunge back in.  Auron kept on doing this; slow at first then building up speed.

Lulu was in heaven.  He felt so good inside her…so powerful.  She opened her eyes to watch him.  His hair hung down, his eye was closed as though he was in intense concentration and his lips were tightly pursed together.  The bed sheet that was draped over him had moved down from his shoulders to the base of his spine.  He looked so wonderful and captivating.

Auron grunted loving the feel of her around him.  She was so nice and tight and the pressure of her inner walls made him almost lose it too soon.  Lulu cried out and reached to pull Auron down for a kiss.  Auron sucked on her lips enthusiastically while still pumping hard into her.  He reached for one of her hands and clutched onto it tightly, their finger entwined.

Lulu moved with Auron trying to push him in deeper.  Her back was arched and sweat trickled between her heaving breasts.  She clutched the bed sheet again with her free hand and with the other squeezed Auron's hand firmly. 

Their moans echoed through the room and it was so loud they didn't notice that the bedroom door had opened slightly and one of Yuna's guardians were watching them in dismay.

Lulu could feel herself edging to her next orgasm.  Her blood was boiling, her eyes were tightly shut and her mouth formed an 'O'.  When she came for the second time it felt like a roller coaster.  She was so hot and she felt like she was being sucked into oblivion.  Shock waves pulsated though every nerve ending and when she opened her eyes all she could see was a brilliant white.  She let out a loud cry.

When Auron felt her contract around him it moved him to the first orgasm he'd had in over a decade.  With a loud moan, his seed spilled deep inside of her and he hung on to her hand tighter than before.

Auron's arms began to feel weak and he collapsed on top of her breathlessly.  Lulu sighed and wrapped one arm around his shoulders; they were both shiny with sweat.  She kissed the side of his face lightly, glad that he hadn't pulled out of her yet.   

The guardian by the door shook their head and walked down the hall back to their room silently.

They lay in silence for a long while not moving an inch.  Fingers still loosely entwined.  Lulu stared up at the ceiling and could feel Auron breathing against her shoulder.

"Auron…" She muttered quietly.

Auron shifted off the black mage, pulling himself out of her much to Lulu's disappointment.   He turned over and looked at her.  She swallowed nervously but didn't look at him. 

"What is it?"  He asked huskily.

Lulu sighed not knowing what to say.  Her inside were tingling with anxiety.  Auron prompt himself up and continued to watch her.  Her cheeks were still flushed and her dark hair fanned out on the pillow.  Her eyes were half closed but they seemed to sparkle.  Auron knew that she was still dazed by what just happened.

He leaned down and planted a soft yet passionate kiss on her parted lips.  She kissed him back resting her hand on his face.  When he pulled back Lulu was smiling up at him.  "Auron…that was wonderful.  …I'd almost forgot how good it could be.  Thank you."

Auron grinned and rested back on the bed pulling her with him so she rested on top of him.  "There's no need to thank me."

Lulu rested her head against his chest rubbing her thumb over his nipple lazily.  The warrior sighed putting one hand behind his head.  "We should get some rest.  Tomorrow is going to be a big day."  He told her quietly.

"Umm…" Lulu kissed his lips again grinding her womanhood against him.  She was beginning to feel turned on again as she kissed him harder.

And within a few moments they were back in the heat of love making all over again.




The next morning Lulu woke up upon hearing the sound of the shower running.  She opened her eyes and stretched, a grin on her sleepy face.  She was alone in the bed and realised that Auron was in the bathroom that was joined to his room.  Lulu sighed happily, last night was so nice and she enjoyed it thoroughly.

Her lips felt tender and her arms, legs and breasts felt bruised and hammered but she still felt good.  Lulu climbed off the bed and as she stood up she felt a sharp pain in her groin and her behind.  Auron had really worked into her the night before and everything was feeling sore.

She stretched again arching her back then ran her fingers through her hair.  She picked up her clothes from the floor and placed them neatly on the chair.  She then began to spread the bed making it look presentable.  Yawning she walked into the bathroom and could see Auron's figure through the shower door.  She grinned then headed for the mirror and stared at her reflection. 

There were bruises all over her body and there were probably bruises where the eye couldn't see as well.  She sighed then pulled open the shower door exposing Auron's naked, soapy body.  He turned to look at her then frowned when he noticed the marks on her.

"Are you in pain?"  He asked.

Lulu shook her head and stepped into the shower.  "I'm fine.  It looks worse than it actually is."

He nodded then pulled her into his arms.  Lulu kissed him quickly then picked up the sponge and covered it with soap and handed back to him.  She turned her back to him and moved her hair out of the way so he could wash her back.  Auron grinned and compiled with the black mages wish.

He proceeded to gently rub the sponge over her skin, watching as the suds slid down her pale skin to the curve on her backside.  He leaned closer inhaling the smell from her and noticed a small bruise on her neck.  Auron kissed it lightly and she sighted.

"I didn't mean to hurt you Lulu."  He said sincerely.

She shook her head and turned to look at him.  "I'm fine…really.  Don't worry."  Lulu stepped closer to his and rested against his chest.

Auron looked down at her.  "Lulu…you know that once we leave here we can't…"

Lulu nodded against him.  "You don't have to say it Auron…I know…."

"I just thought you should know…. but I didn't want it to seem that I was ridding myself of you now that we've…." He trailed off.  "We both have duties as guardians.  Last night was extremely pleasurable but it should remain here."  Auron explained softly.

Lulu closed her eyes and grinned.  "I understand and I wouldn't have it any other way."


"Maester Seymour went to Macarena Temple."  Tidus told the group later that morning outside Seymour's mansion.

"Macalania Temple."  Wakka corrected.

"Oh…" Tidus rubbed his head, a little embarrassed

Wakka folded his arms. "What I don't get is why would the Lord Maester take off without a peek to anyone."

Rikku leaned forward.  "Maybe he wasn't expecting Yuna's answer so soon."

Wakka thought for a second then nodded.  "Ahh that's probably it."

Yuna sighed and glanced to the floor.  He face seemed troubled.

"Yuna what is it?"  Auron asked stepping closer to the young summoner.

Yuna stepped back, her eyes to the floor.  "Oh…nothing."

"You're a poor liar."  The warrior stated.

Yuna shook her head.  "It's true it's nothing.  Come on let's go."  She quickly turned and headed in the direction of the path leading to the Thunder Plain.

Tidus had noticed that since last night Yuna had been acting weird.  She seemed kind of depressed and very defensive.  When they had left the Farplane yesterday, they'd seen Lord Jyscles sprite trying to escape the Farplane but Yuna managed to send it before it escaped.  Since then she'd been acting strange and the others were curious to know why.

Auron grunted then headed after her.  "We leave."  He ordered to the others.

Wakka nodded.  "He's right.  Come on guys."

"Wait what about Lulu?"  Rikku asked. 

"Yeah."  Tidus agreed.  "Where's Lulu?"

"I'm right here."  Lulu stepped forwards from the direction of the Inn.

Everyone turned to look at her…everyone except Auron.  He turned away from her and headed after Kimarhi who'd followed Yuna straight after she'd walked off.  Both Auron and Lulu made a promise to each other that what happened the night before would stay in the past and they would not repeat it.  Even though they enjoyed it they would not allow it to come in the way of Yuna's pilgrimage.  They would leave their passion behind in Guadosalam.

Lulu understood their arrangement fully.  She felt no remorse or shame.  Every moment of last night was one to savour and remember with a smile.  Now was the time to be concentration on the things that were important.  And that was the pilgrimage.

"Come on before we get let behind."  Lulu said heading down the tunnel.

Tidus and the others followed.  They caught up with Yuna by the entrance to the Thunder Plain and stared ahead as the lightening crashed down on to the lightening rods. 

The mysterious guardian glanced at Auron then Lulu and sighed.  They couldn't believe what they had witnessed the night before.  It seemed so unreal and they had no idea that Auron and Lulu were sleeping with each other.  How long had it been going on?  Had they been having a secret relationship behind everyone's back?

They were tempted to confront one of them about it this morning but decided against it.  They'd just pretend that they didn't see anything and just go on with the pilgrimage.

The guardian exhaled noisily.  Yet again couldn't help but be shocked and even saddened when seeing them and they didn't know if they'd be able to keep it to themselves much longer.

To Be Continued….

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