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A/N: My Own Prompt: I have an idea for a story, that should be quite interesting to fans of Worm and Game of Thrones:

Scion arrives on Planetos at the finale of Robert's Rebellion, the moment after Robert strikes down Rhaegar. The battle stops as everyone stares at this golden god. The Father, the Warrior... it doesn't really matter what they think he is, exactly: he is now the avatar of their religion. Scion moves around the world doing much the same as he does in Worm: helping people as needed while secretly allowing shards of himself to bud off into the local populace. Instead of parahumans, they're called something esoteric and arcane. Instead of the Protectorate and PRT, people only answer to their noble families, or themselves.

On the left side is the character, and the right side is the power they're getting. People who are boldfaced have triggered by the start of this chapter.

Eddard Stark: August Prince
Catelyn Stark: Panacea
Brynden Tully: Hookline
Benjen Stark: Shadowstalker
Robb Stark: Uber & Jouster
Bran Stark: Aiden & Gallant
Hodor: Clairvoyant
Rickon Stark: Bitch
Sansa Stark: Tattletale
Arya Stark: Imp & Grue
Jon Snow: Dauntless
Samwell Tarly: Leet
Rodrik Cassel: Adamant
Lyanna Mormont: Vista

Robert Baratheon: Assault & Auroch
Gendry: Ballistic

Tywin Lannister: Coil
Kevan Lannister: Eleventh Hour
Jaime Lannister: Legend
Cersei Lannister: Heartbreaker
Joffrey: Jack Slash
Tonmen: Cherish
Myrcella: Glory Girl
Tyrion Lannister: Frenja + Menja
Ser Bronn: Fletchette
Ilyn Payne: King
Gregor Clegane: Crawler
Sandor Clegane: Animos
Amory Lorch: Victor
Maester Qyburn: Bonesaw & Cask
Roose Bolton: Festering Wounds
Ramsay Snow: Butcher

Petyr Baelish: Accord
Lysa Arryn: Codex
Ros the Whore: Citrine

Stannis Baratheon: Kaiser & Hookwolf
Renly Baratheon: Epoch
Olenna Redwyne: Blasto
Loras Tyrell: Quarrel & Operator Red
Maergary Tyrell: Canary
Brienne of Tarth: Alexandria
Ser Berric Dondarrion: Crusader
Thoros of Myr: Scapegoat
Selyse Florent: Purity
Shireen Baratheon: Dinah Alcott
Patchface: Circus
Ser Davos Seaworth: Stormtiger
Edric Storm: Battery
Melissandre: Glastig Ulaine [Rhaegar Targaryen: Eidolon]

Euron Greyjoy: Marquis (Kimimaro)
Balon Greyjoy Hemmorhagia (Kurona)
Yara Greyjoy: Narwhal
Theon Greyjoy: Spree

Mance Rayder: Teacher
Tormund Giantsbane: Aegis
Ygritte: Burnscar
Howlette: Wolverine
Mag Mar Tun Doh Weg: Weld
Wun Weg Wun Dar Wun: Mog

Craster: Nilbog

Daenarys Targaryen: Null (Valefor FROM Illyrio Mopatis)
Viserys Targaryen: Two
Ser Arthur Dayne: Chevalier & Armsmaster
Elia Martel: Claire Bennet
Khal Drogo: Lung
Daario Naharis: Hatchet Face
Ser Jorah Mormont: Strider
Doreah: Othello
Missandei: Othalla
Grey Worm: Bakugou
Ser Barristan Selmy: Black Kaze


Twenty Years ago, at the final battle of Robert's Rebellion, a golden god showed himself to the world. It was as soon as Robert himself struck down Rhaegar with his warhammer, sending the rubies encrusted in the prince's armor clattering to the ground, that the god made himself known..

The Father. The Mother. The Maiden. The Crone. The Warrior. The Smith. The Stranger.


After the battlefield came to a sudden stop, everyone, regardless of sides, stared up at the figure of the golden god floating hundreds of feet above them… The god drifted downwards, Its eyes focused on Robert Baratheon. Without an expression on its face, everyone still knew exactly how it felt: pleased.

Golden light emanated from the god, bathing the entire battlefield in Its glow.

From that day onwards, certain special people began developing powers beyond that of mortal ken. These people, regardless of race or nationality or ethnicity, came to be known as empowered. The finale to Robert's Rebellion was the beginning of the next age of heroes. Or perhaps, an age of warlords.

And so our story begins...

A/N: I know it isn't much, but this is what's popped into my head over the course of the past few days. If this story seems like it'll be interesting to you, please let me know! Is there a character you think deserves a power? Is there a power you think deserves a character? Let me know in a review. Do you agree with my character-power groupings, and if so/not why?