Chapter 1

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"Get away!"

3rd person POV

School bell rings*

"huh, *yawn* what type of dream was that?", asks a teenager of 16 in surprise when he suddenly notices everyone in class pointing and gigling at him.

He has black hair, reddish brown eyes and is slightly pale, he appears skinny and has a height of 5'8, he wears dark blue jeans with a black t-shirt that has a white flame on it along with black and red sneakers.

He was quickly interrupted in his musing when the teacher called out to him:"Excuse me for interrupting your sleep Mr.Smith "

He immediately adopted a sheepish look and rubbed the back of his head in apology. His full name was Asher Smith and he had just died and woken up after it happend to him so it was quite obvious that he was confused.

Asher POV

After I finally tried doing something with my life after living one doing nothing to earn my keep, I died to a wolf that tore my jugular out, how ironic was that instead of a vampire princess that turned me into her servant to serve her for eternity I was bitten and killed by a wolf. Leaving my dark humour and my totally absolutely not (maybe) vampire and werewolf loving self behind.

After an excruciating last two minutes of life I bled out and died all the way thinking of 'why?' 'why did it happen to me?' and what would happen next. I then woke up to the sound of a bell ringing and students giggling at me.

I was extremely confused and excited at it either being a dream or me just being alive but it was momentarily stopped when I saw a celebrity in my classroom, what was his name again something about Garfield or something, oh well I know him as the guy who played Spider-man in The amazing spider-man. No I'm not freaking out, of course I am, I mean I'm a massive spider-man fan. Spider-Man is the most awesome hero that exists and I don't care about who says otherwise cause their wrong.

But wait what the hell is he doing here, and why is he looking down when the blond jock bumped into him causing him to fall over, though I'm sure I saw him almost react to it and hit him away, but he quickly stops himself before he could. This is confusing, oh! Mabe I'm inside a new Spider-Man movie's set. Yeah that makes total sense. I thought sarcastically.

Then again, why does my memories tell me that he is just a nerd, I know that he is an actor. And why do I have foreign memories? Am I being hypnotized or something?

It was only till later that I actually figured out that I was reincarnated or something else I'm not really sure, but facts are that I'm now in a version of the marvel universe, probably the amazing spider-man one, but that doesn't explain why the body has memories of a Stark industries and avengers already being formed after Loki's alien invasion thing which they are officially calling 'The Incident'. How unoriginal.

Huh, well shit I'm officially so scared that I could die. Then again rather not cause I'm still feeling phantom pains thanks to dying once and I don't want to go trough that again.

Speaking of dying I think something happened to me when that wolf bit me, all my senses are cranked up from 5 to twenty, and think as normal human as a 5, if it's good. It's majorly confusing, I mean I can smell the guy on the other end of class has strawberry flavoured bubblegum in his pocket, and I can hear the person sitting next to me's heart, wow damn that's weird.

Walking out of the classroom later I could feel something inside of me, something so alien to me that I alnost freaked out. But, it feels oddly soothing, like a friend or something that has been beside me my whole life.

If I'm ever going to be a hero, wich was my dream in my previous life, I'm gonna need help.

Time skip to break

Walking into the cafeteria I saw the Spider-Man or Spider-Man to be of this universe sitting alone in a corner. And there was a Spider-Man in this universe, I already confirmed it with the body's memories and the internet. Walking over while hiding my nervousness and fear, not of him but of what is to come if this is the Cinematic universe.

As he saw me approaching he looked to me with curiosity in his eyes and greet me.

"Hello", he said rather warily.

"Hi", I greeted him perhaps a little bit too excited judging by the way the suspicion in his eyes grew.

"You probably already know this but my name is Asher and is it alright if I sit here.", I said indicating to the seat opposite to his.

"My name is Peter and you're going to sit there anyway so knock yourself out.", he replied.

"Thanks... so what are you doing?", I ask after an awkward silence.

"I'm working on a science project.", he says vaguely.

I know I'm probably going to do something really stupid now but lets pray that my luck is better in this life than the last.

"Trying to perfect the web formula or maybe improve it?", I ask curiously.

"Ye-", he freezes in the middle of the sentence and immediately his full attention snaps to me and he gets ready to attack or bolt at a moment's notice.

"I don't know what you're talking about.", he replies with a neutral expression.

"You know I might have believed you had I not already knew the truth."

He immediately gets up and drag me out of the cafeteria and into an empty classroom.

"How did you know?", he all but demanded.

Sorry your really my favourite hero and all but I can't really tell you that I grew up watching movies of you.

"I saw you undress and put on your suit in an alleyway.", I answered hoping he would be fooled.

His face fall's after that and I think I just gave him a lesson to not expose your identity in an alleyway, copy superman and find a mail box, it works better.

I then start laughing at the look on his face and he glares at me.

"What do you want?", he ground out.

"To maybe be friends?", I half asked awkwardly.

"What?", he asks confused."Why?", he asks slightly sharper.

I gave a sheepish chuckle,"I may be developing powers as well. I think?", I said after a moments hesitation.

"Show me.", he says intrigued.

"Okay, but be sure to block cause I'm gonna punch you full force.", I said cockily, cause I know I can ounch hard and after coming here I accidentally bent a staircase handle with grip alone when i almost fell, after I give him a moment to prepare I then dashed to him and punched him full force on the hastily created gaurd he made with his arms.

Peter's POV

After he warned me to block and gave me a second he rushed to me at incredible speeds with a smokey black trail appearing behind him when he ran and my spider-sense screamed to block, witch I did and immediately came to regret when I was hit by a clawed hand full of black fur with enough force to fly into the wall behind me, wich was 20 feet away.

When I recovered almost instantly he didn't seem surprised and I joked trying to hide the pain that the hit caused me, "Dude you really need to shave.", when he didn't seem to understand I indicated to his now beast like arm. To wich he jumped away with a cry when he saw it.

Asher POV

When I saw my fur covered claw I cried out in surprise and tried to create distance between it and I, I noticed it was my arm and ceased my struggling to escape from it. After calming down I could see that Peter was stil gaurded with me and not completely trusting but friendlier now than earlier.

"Sorry I didn't know I could do that.", I said to him.

After studying me for a while he relaxed when he saw I was telling the truth, "Yeah could have warned me that felt like a car hitting me, or would that be a bear with all that fur.", he joked with a wince.

"Yeah you would know wouldn't you." I laughed at his joke, "I know this is going to sound stupid but could I please have an autograph, I am really like your biggest fan."

"Really now?", he asks with a raised eyebrow. "Huh and I thought that would be Flash."

"Yeah I mean the avengers are cool and all but they're not really putting in an effort to stop crime, they just take care of the major stuff, while you are looking out for the little guy.", I said with admiration.

"Thanks.", he said unsurely.

"Can you please help me with my powers from now on, please I'm begging you, my parents will kill me if they find out."

"Sure", he says hesitantly.

"Thanks and in return I'll help you where I can and once I can actually fight without killing someone I'll help you with your heroics as well.", I said excitedly.

"No!", he said immediately after hearing my want to be a hero.

"Why not?"

"It's dangerous!"

"But you're doing it!"

"It's becuase I have the power to do it!"

"I do as well!" I think.

"It's not just about power it's also about responsibility, if someone got hurt in a fight between you and a villian it's your fault!"

With no other choice I play my trump card that would no doubt let him allow me to do it.

"But with power must also come responsibility! If I have powers then it's my responsibility to use them to help people."

He deflates when I tell him that.

"Fine do whatever you want."

"Plus think about it we could be excuses to the opposites family when we go home late or get hurt. Like for example we could tell our family that we're hanging out when we do patrols and they'll be so excited to get their antisocial children out of they're shells that they wouldn't even care if we get hurt, I think."

"That may actually a good point.", he conceded after hearing that.

"Oh, this is going to be the start of a beautiful friendship, my friend.", I said holding my fist out for a fistbump.

He raised his fist as well and met mine, "Yes, I think it will.", he said grinning.

End of chapter 1So if there is actually somebody reading this I'll probably be very thankfull. This is my first fanfiction and I hope there aren't too many grammar mistakes and I hope you enjoy this fic. I'll hope to update this regularly but with my exams coming up maybe not.Anyway thanks for reading, bye!