Chapter 9

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Asher POV

After Natasha and I agreed that she would start training me when we arrived back home, I once more started wandering around, and eventually came upon a technology lab. There were all sorts of bits and pieces of teck scattered around on the tables.

I recognized a few of the things I saw, but the rest was alien to me, I saw a few manuals on the tables detailing and explaining what everything was, and how it was used.

Curiosity took over and instead of leaving, I started skimming through it my curiosity growing with every page.

Timeskip to next morning.

After reading and memorizing everything I could, wich took about an hour, two tops. I started working on my suit, wich I found in the closet in my room.

I flipped the mask inside ouout and after removing a layer(there were four) so that I could work on it and after finishing, not directly expose my skin to the wires and bits and pieces of technology.

I installed a simplified version of a hologram projector into the eyepieces so that I could see a sort of hud, minimap, faults in the suit, and after later installing something to monitor my health (heartbeat, internal organs, bones, etc.), my very own healthbar.

I noticed that I could not fit everything in the suit without making it bulky, so I searched around and found a plain black vest in wich I put the power source and scanner for the new suit. Seeing that it wasn't entirely me, I sketched the outline of a wolf's face on the back with it's eyes glowing red.

By the time I had finished it was already morning. I added some other things to the suit as well, I added some circuitry to the ends of my hands where I could, after installing some mini-tazers, send small shocks that's effects could range from temporarily stunning someone to knocking them out cold.

Satisfied with my work, and my curiosity satiated, I decided to test my brand new toys out. Quickly equipping my new outfit I took a moment to admire myself in the mirror, before I pulled my mask into place.

My eyes took a moment to adjust to the lights now inside the mask before I could see again. Now that I wasn't blind anymore I saw the small rectangular map at the bottom right part of my vision as well as the rectangular blue bar at the top left of my vision.

I made the minimap by adjusting the scanners the avengers used in their gear to not only pick up infrared, but electronics, soundwaves and magnetic changes in the vicinity by using a sort of radar like pulse to map it and then saving that details in a hard drive that's located in the suit.

Yes, I have a hybrid of eagle vision and detective vision from the assassin creed and batman arkham series games respectively.

I also made a minor improvement to my chains. I made it so that, through a complicated process, when I send a certian amount of DE through the chains, the end of it will open up in a hook, wich I could use to grapple enemies, or as a grappling hook. I also added sound dampeners so that the clinking of chain won't give me away.

I'm really going to enjoy beating someone up with this. I thought unaware of the sadistic grin spreading over my mask, showing off pearly white fangs.

Timeskip to after arriving in New York.

We have finally arrived! After doing boring tours with Tony, and me being praised by him for my improvements to my suit, we didn't do anything fun!

I wanted to go parachuting, or bungee jumping or zipline, not stay on the ground and walk around the whole time. Well not the whole time, there was this huy who thought it was smart to try and rob me, he'll be okay, in a month or two. I think?

Anyway, I'm getting off topic. After arriving home and asking Tony to have my baggage delivered

I immediately made my way to the rooftops with my new and improved suit. After switching and dropping my normal clothes in my backpack I made my way through the city, doing as many stunts as I could.

Oh how I've missed this. I know it's only been a few days, but still. I think I've become addicted to doing this. Though, I couldn't care less about that.

After moving around a bit I came upon police standing outside a bank with their weapons drawn and criminals shooting at them from inside. I quickly hacked into the police's comms using the new technology I installed in my suit.

'Bank robbery, requesting backup on my position.', I heard them announce.

Hehe, finally get a chance to test my new tech. I smirked at this thought.

Quickly dashing into the nearest vent and moving along the ventilation shafts in the bank I made my way through it. Seeing that there was a robber near the vent standing guard, I swiftly dashed to him, eliminating him by sending a shock to his neck with my tazer-claws and dashing to the roof and sticking him there with a constant swirl of my smoke that remained independent of my reserves and would hold him there for about an hour.

I made my way back into the shadows and deactivating red glowing lines on my suit by forcing my DE to not surface and stay inside me.

Making my way through the bank and taking out every robber I could see. When I finally came upon the supposed boss of the operation I decided to play with him a bit and decided to reactivate the red lines on my suit.

Third person POV.

A man was standing in the spotlight, surrounded by darkness and shadows.

"So you're the bad guy robbing the bank ?", said a cheerful voice suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere.

The man jumped an started looking around, trying but failing to locate the source of the sound.

"Men, converge on my position!", he ordered through the comms.

"That's not going to work. ", the cheerfulness was gone now, having been replaced by an amused growl. "I disabled them all."

"W-what do you mean disabled?", he stuttered out, having lost all confidence.

"I mean I disabled them, I dealt with them, I took care of them, however you want to say it.", the voice growled.

"Show yourself! Stop hiding like a coward! Where are you!?", the robber shouted out, panicked.

"Behind you.", whispered the voice, now coming from behind the robber's ear.

He whirled around at incredible speeds and only saw a fang filled mouth before his vision went dark.

Asher POV

"That was fun so much fun, why doesn't people rob banks more often!", I exclaimed excitedly to myself.

That felt like a bonus mission in a game, the kind you like. I'm not really used to doing stealth stuff, and I may be a tad too cocky, but I think I did okay.

Anyway, I wanted to investigate wether or not there excisted a fantastic four in this universe, and although I couldn't see anything about them, I found the baxter building, wich probably means that they have yet to get their powers and form the team.

I made my way to the baxter building and soon it came into my field of vision. It was a massive skyscraper with the top floors looking as if it was expanded and you could almost see the technology in it.

I scanned the building with my suit and saw something being constructed in the centre of a very large area. It was probably the dimension teleporter thing wich they got their powers from in the newer version of fantastic 4.

I'll come back in a month or so, as soon as Doom attacks and I could help them.

Well at least I found out what I wanted, the fantastic 4 does not exist yet, but they will eventually.

I gave an exhausted sigh and started making my way back to my house. On my way there I coincidentally saw a figure making it's way across a rooftop. Chasing after the figure out of curiosity, I noticed that the figure was Black Cat and she had probably just stolen something.

I tried keeping to the shadows so that I could see where she was taking the things she stole, not out of a moral obligation, but more of a type of playful curiosity.

I failed, she noticed me a few minutes after I started trailing her. Dammit, I can't waiwait to start my stealth and espionage training with Natasha, I need to be better at this. Sure I can do good against average thugs and untrained people, but against enhanced and experts, I'm basically a noob.

"Oh, is the dog chasing after the cat.", she joked at me.

"Oh yes, as soon as I saw you I just lost my mind and went chasing after you, trying to catch the bad kitty who stole my food.", I joked back while rolling my eyes.

"Was it so bad that it actually left you speechless?", I asked curiously, seeing that she remained silent.

"No, it's just that I didn't know you could actually joke."

"Yeah well, I'm in a good mood.", was all I told her.

"So why are you following me, can't a girl have a little privacy these days.", she said with a mock glare.

"Eh, I'm just curious about what you stole and who you stole it from."

"I stole it from Fisk, and I'm not telling you what it was.", she said, getting ready to bolt incase I tried to take it back.

"Fisk, Wilson Fisk?", I asked a bit worried.

"Yes?", she asked carefully.

"Be careful.", I warned her, "Incase you don't know, Fisk is dangerous."

"Awww, you woried about little old me?", she sauntered closer to me.

"Well, maybe? I mean you're not really all that bad compared to all the other villians, criminals and thieves, are you?"

She was left stunned for a moment at my words.

"Plus, if you disappeared, which cat will I chase from then on?", I teased her before continuing making my way home, leaving a quiet Cat behind.

After arriving home and switching to my normal clothes I made my way into the house.

"Hello, mom where are you?", I asked seeing all the lights were of.

I walked into her room, seeing she was there asleep I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding.

"Goodnight mom, see you tomorrow.", I whispered gently.

End of chapter! Hello guys, sorry this chapter was a bit later than usual, I had to study for Accountings yesterday and didn't have time to write. About the pairings, I'm actually not sure anymore, don't get me wrong I love Black Widow, but I think I liks Black Cat more. Uh, I'll see how the story goes and yeah.

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