A light shines in a random house.

The heroes of class 1A and 1B, the staff of U.A, some pro hero, League of Villains, the Big 3, Hitoshi, Mei, Eri, and Kouta were dropped in by the portal on the ceiling.

The black hood robed man, though his face unseen, smile at the fact they are trying to untangle themselves.

"Nice fall wasn't it?" He asked.

"Who the hell are you fucker!" Katsuki shouted as he tried to intimate him. But to he wide eyes as his Quirk doesn't work. "What the fuck!"

"Don't bother. I remove your Quirk so you better be on your best behavior. If you don't then I will put you a fate much worse than death." He warned while releasing a deadly aura as they got the point.

"So what do you want? Why did you bring them here?" Aizawa asked looking at the League of Villains with the corner of his eyes in caution.

"Two reasons. One is to show you the multiverse." He replied.

"Multiverse? Isn't that just a theory?" Tenya stated.

"Said the person, who has an engine on his leg. There different multiverse that anime, video games, comics, cartoons, books, and other things exist." The group started to whisper. The teen is more excited that their favorite characters exist. "The second reason is that the might be interesting to see what the Villains reaction to this. Now I think you may or may not notice someone missing." He said as they look around as they indeed missing someone.

"Where Deku?!" Ochako asked in shock.

"He back at home. Sleeping in his bed. Don't worry, I stop time in your world so he won't notice." He stated.

"What type of Quirk do you have the ability to do all this?" Kurogiri asked in shock at the power this man had.

"I have to break this to you. I am Quirkless." He said causing them to frown.

"Bullshit!" Katsuki shouted.

'Whether you believe it or not. It's doesn't matter to me. The name Devil, one of the World Observers." The man, known as Devil introduced causing them to be confused.

"World Observers?" Mina asked.

"We are a group of people that watch the multiverse when the world is created. Our job is to watch and observe the world action. If the world does not meet our requirement or expectation. Then the world will be reset and start all over." Devil explained causing them to be scare. The power to reset the world sound scary and frightening. They are kinda glad that there isn't a Quirk like that.

"And the second one?" Aizawa asked.

"To get to know the league more." Devil said as he summon a couch, snack bars, and a large screen in the room. "Now let enjoy the show. This one is one of my personal favorites." Everyone took their seats, grab their snacks, and watch as the screen turn on.

Izuku white suit with gray stripes, an orange shirt with chains on it, black belt, white shoe loafers, and his hair is short with the front of his hair sticking up. He looks like in his twenty and has a rough edge all over him.

Everyone blink at this expects for Devil. This doesn't feel like the Izuku that their know. This one has a dangerous aura just by standing there.

"He looks hot…" Mina said.

"Really?" Tsuyu said with a more deadpan expression than usual.

"We were all thinking about it!" Mina defends herself with a blush.

"...Well, she not wrong." Pixie said with a sheepish smile as the Pussy-cats facepalm.

"She is always this desperate?" Dabi asked.

"You have no idea..." Mandalay muttered.

"Midoriya Izuku." A man said. This person is Shibusawa. He wears a black suit with grey stripes, grey shirt, golden tie, grey belt, and brown loafers. He also has black hair with the side shaves and black eyes. "I should have noticed it sooner. You were just a junk… And yet now… You nearly become a dragon."

"Spare me the poetry. Let the girl go." Izuku said as he looking at the girl in the wheelchair. "If you wanted to kill her, she'd already dead." Shibusawa narrows his eyes as he looks at the female doctor.

"Doctor. Take the girl and leave us. She has done her part." He said.

"Part? What part?" Mina asked.

"But what he means becoming a dragon?" Midnight said.

The female doctor nodded as she takes the girl toward the elevator before stopping and looks at Izuku. He looks back at her as he takes his eyes off her and glare at Shibusawa making them leave.

"She can die later. But you come first. That will be the final nail in Kazama's coffin. As for Sera, I'll have the time in the world. But right, my priority...is you." Shibusawa said.

"Why does he want to do with that girl?" Ochako asked,

"It seems like it a part of his plan," Itsuka said.

"But why put Izuku first?" Toru asked.

"The heir to Kazama's ethos...torn down by my hands. I seek one thing. The triumph of surpassing Kazama Shintaro."

"Kazama Shintaro? Heir to Kazama's ethos? Is Kazama-san some kind of hero?" Denki asked.

"Sound like it. But I feel like there is more to this man than we heard." Momo said.


"People have needs. Once they've attained money and power, the last thing they seek is the glory. Call it…a legacy."

"You went to war against Kazama-san for something that trivial?"

"For such a 'trivial' thing… Some men would give their lives for it." Izuku as silence (As well as people watching it) as he kept looking at him. "My father was an aide to politicians in the House of Representatives. Everyone around him expected him to rise up the ranks as a politician, too. But credit for all his accomplishments went to his boss. Worse, he was later made to take the fall for his boss's corruption. It drove him to suicide." Shibusawa said as he remembers himself as a child when he found his father hung himself.

"Dude… That harsh..." Kirishima said as they saw the image of the young Shibusawa found his father dead body.

"That's the limit of a man trying to make it on talent alone. That's the way of the world. Anyone who takes the high world in a world that answer diligence is a fool."

They remember who their world work. Those that are Quirkless treated harshly and outcast due to them not having a Quirk. Some even drove into suicide on how society treated them.

"So I found a new world. One where power is everything. A place I could author my own fate. I spend my life earning money. Whatever the boss wants, I got it for him. But… The yakuza turned out to be just like politics."

"YAKUZA!" Now everyone is surprised that a person like Izuku to be a yakuza. Eri started to shiver in shock and fear that her savior has become a Yazuka.

"Why the hell Deku is a yakuza!" Katsuki shouted in surprising anger.

"Honestly… It surprises me." Spinner said with wide eyes.

"This is just unbelievable…" Kirishima muttered.

"In the end, one thing bring yakuza to heel. A title that commands yakuza's respect."

"It true. Just like with the hero and villain, the title can give them respect or fear depending on their action." Nezu said.

"Kazuma-san more than that. He's more than the legend. He slaved under a shit boss. Grew the Dojima Family to be the biggest in the Tojo Clan. He's nothing like the politician who killed your old man."

"Damn, I didn't know that Izuku have so much respect for him must least swear," Kirishima said as they were surprised the amount respect that Izuku showing to Kazama.

"I know that! Kazama's in a league of his own. I don't have the means to stand apart, myself. But if I can't reach the top of the heap without his title...I'll mint it myself." Izuku narrows his eyes at him.

"You think you've got the whole thing worked out? Any title a man draws up for himself isn't worth wearing. Titles and glory follow on their own."

Kirishima, Sero, and Tetsutetsu clench their fist as tears start coming out of their eyes. "So manly..." They said.

"Say what you will. Diligence is my version of effort."

"Shooting a girl is your diligence? Killing Tachibana and Oda? If you're so desperate to draft yourself a title, write it in your own blood, not others!" Silence fell as both men stare at each other.

They are shocked to say at least. Despite Izuku being a yakuza. He willing do it in his own hand rather than having others do the dirty work for him. Some say that they respect it for that while others are just confusing.

"And you? Didn't you become yakuza out of envy for Kazama's title? Well, that same Kazama used to be a Tojo hitman. He kills plenty. It takes a serious body count to become a legend. He, not the paragon you seem to think he is."

Now they got them curious. Just how many did he kill to become a legend? Just how would Izuku think of respecting a man like him.

"Take the business of the Empty Lot. It was an internal family matter to start. Who's the one who dragged civilians to die? At the end of the day… It was Kazama, working against his boss, Dojima."

"What your point?"

"This is Captain Kazama we're talking about. You think he didn't know the girl and Tachibana would be in grave danger? Whose blood tipped the brush for his script? He used Tachibana and Makimura as sacrificial pawns."

They could believe their ears. Kazama uses Tachibana and Makimura as sacrifice pawns. The same man he looks up to that made him be a yakuza.

"We wrote in other people's blood. That's the yakuza's way. And I aim to pen my title in yours." Shibusawa turns around and grabs his shirt. He threw it off to reveal a green tattoo of a dragon on his back. He looks at him with narrow eyes. "You're not the only one with a dragon on his back, boy." He turns around as he ready to fight him. "I'll kill you, surpass Kazama...and become the dragon of the Dojima."

"You can keep the cute nickname. But… There can be only one dragon."

"Yeah… I couldn't agree more."

"I'll give you your fight. And I'll end your war!" Izuku took off his shirt revealing an outline of a dragon as well a muscular body.

The guys are the edge of their seat as the fight about, to begin with, awesome music playing in the background while the girls, expect for Eri, face started to heat up due to Izuku and Shibusawa being shirtless and showing off their muscular body and awesome tattoo. Though Mineta notices this.

'Damn them… They have to show off their body…' Mineta thought with jealousy in the air.

Shibusawa and Izuku stare at each other as they charge at each other. "Midoriya!" Izuku let out a battle cry as they ram each other with their arms and headbutted before they back away from each other as Izuku went into his 'Brawler style.'

Izuku rushes in as he landed a couple of good punch. But Shibusawa is fast as he gotten a quick combo on him as Izuku having trouble. 'If Brawler style won't work. Then Rush style will do.' Izuku thought as his aura change to pink and went to his kickboxing pose.

Everyone raise a brow at the sudden at the pink aura and change of stance.

Izuku moves fast delivering quick combo knocking Shibusawa's ass down. He got back up as Shibusawa about to do an uppercut when Izuku block it with his elbow causing his fingers to crack as Izuku deliver an upper. Shibusawa got back up with his fingers recover as nothing happen.

"Did he just use his elbow to block his attack?" Dabi asked in shock.

"Yeah. That should have his fingers broke." Aoyama said shock seeing Shibusawa's fingers recover.

"Come Deku-kun! You can do it!" Ochako cheered.

Izuku and Shibusawa are dodging each other attack. But Izuku gives him a quick fist combo and upper cup him knocking him unconscious. Izuku rushes at him and throws a straight punch as Shibusawa send flying away.

"Damn... That one means punch." Mt. Lady said.

"It's come to show you that he had been training his body for quite some time," Tiger stated.

Izuku manages to dodge when Shibusawa about to kick him to the face. He sends a fury of punches at him as Shibusawa dodge one of his attacks and gives Izuku a fist to the face and a kick sending him to the ground. He got back up and dodge his punch as Shibusawa clutch his hand as Izuku bash his head to the wall and kick him in the leg causing him to fall to the floor. Shibusawa got back up and kick him in the guts followed by the double punch to the chest. But Izuku not done yet. He throws a few punches to the head causing blood to come out of Shibusawa mouth as he kicks him against the railing. Izuku punch him across his face as Shibusawa grab hold of him making him grab his leg and push him over the railing only to have Shibusawa to drag him down with him to the lower deck.

The two landed away from each other as they got on their hand and knee while glaring at one another panting at the fight they are having. "Not bad at all..." Shibusawa ran straight at him while grabbing the chair off the ground and was to hit him. "Die, Midoriya!" Izuku dodges for the last second as he got up to his feet while Shibusawa holding a chair upside down as he his surround in a yellow aura.

"That dirty! Using a weapon against an unarmed opponent!" Kirishima shouted.

"Call it what you will. But no matter what world you live in. People will sometime play dirty." Devil said.

Izuku rush at him as he throws punches not making him flinch as Shibusawa throw a chair at him making Izuku dodge. 'A heavy hitter huh? Too can play it that game.' Izuku went to his beast stance as his aura change to yellow.

"Why does their aura change color when they go into a different stance?" Sato asked with a confused look on his face.

"I have no idea. I guess it helps them focus or something in that nature." Shoji said with a shrug.

"I can see that. But would it give it away in a fight if they change color?" Koda asked in a worried tone.

"Not quite. Even if one can know the style he uses, doesn't mean that they can handle all of it. People usually stick to one and have to use that. They have a few and can adapt to it by changing it at a moment notice in a fight." Momo explained studying their fighting tactics.

"She right. People that are willing to learn a different style of unarmed fighting such as me and as well as many others can become unpredictable opponents. Now can anyone explain the meaning of Izuku color changes?" Devil quiz.

"My guess is that the Midoriya's blue aura regular attack, pink for his speed kickboxing style, and yellow for his heavy attack," Itsuka answered.

"That is an interesting way to change the style," Mina said.

The heroes and villains are impressed by Izuku ability to change style like that. They would admit having someone on their side will make great progress.

Izuku, while slow in his movement able to match his blow as he was unflinching by Shibusawa's attack. Izuku grabs the chair and able to do serious damage on him as he throws the chair at him. Izuku grabs his arms and dislocates his shoulders, smack him across the face and toss him over him as he landed on the ground. But Shibusawa got up with his arms relocated as he got back to his fighting stance.

Many have their jaw drop to the ground on not just how brutal Izuku did with his move, but how Shibusawa got back up with his shoulders relocated as nothing happens at all. "D-did Midoriya just dislocate that guy shoulder!?" Denki shouted with a shock (pun not intended) look on his face.

"And the fact his shoulder have been relocated." Spinner said with an equal shock look.

"There are people that can handle pain beyond their limit. Willing to keep fighting to the very end." Devil stated as he and the other saw many warriors from different worlds able to take pain beyond what their body cable of. "It looks like he got Shibusawa on the edge." They look at the screen and true to his words. Izuku did get to him on edge.

Izuku punches him across his face and kicks him to the wall. He about to kick him to the head but Shibusawa dodge it as Izuku about to hit him with his elbow only to block it and grab his arm, pulling his head to the handrail. But Izuku recovers and toss him over on the stair. They got back up and Izuku about to knee him to the face. "Take this, you scumbag!" But Shibusawa blocks it and grab his head.

"I'm not gonna lose!" He bashes Izuku head against the handrail.

"You piece of shit!" Izuku grabs hold of him and charges toward the top stair against the railing as throw a punch against his face.

"Midoriya!" Shibusawa grabs hold of his leg and tosses them over the rope as they fell onto the floor.

"Holy shit that brutal..." Katsuki said in surprise at how hard they fighting.

"It's like watching two animals trying to kill each other," Pixie said with a gulp at how hard they were going it.

"One of them going to drop soon if they keep fighting like this. I hope Izuku win." Tomoko said as she held back a shiver at how deadly these to are. She didn't want to fight them, even if she has her Quirk back. They are just as dangerous.

"And all this because of a title..." Dabi muttered seeing how hard they going at it, fighting the title of the dragon.

"But why should be only one dragon?" Nejire asked.

"Because in the Yakuza world, the one who has the tattoo of a dragon are a legend among the Yakuza." Devil stated.

"But what so special about a tattoo?" Mt. Lady asked making Devil look at her.

"To an ordinary people, a tattoo is nothing more than ink on the body making you look cool or making you look like a criminal or a punk. But to other tattoo have a meaning to us, it a part of our souls... Our way of life. The dragon that they have on their back mean dragons were nobles creatures with distinct honor and powers. A symbol of strength and wisdom. But more importantly, dragons despite the freedom of your souls...or your life. They symbolize protection, power, and wisdom. It's fearsome and warlike qualities make it a wonderful ally or a fierce enemy." Devil explain causing every to be shocked. They didn't think that tattoo have any meaning at all.

"I AM the Dragon of Dojima!" Shibusawa exclaimed as Izuku and he got up, releasing a red blazing aura. While Izuku takes some hit, but fall on his back when he kicks him. He got back up and dodge when a kick almost hit him.

'So decide to reveal your own style. I have my own style as well.' Izuku thought as he released white aura.

"Wait... Why Shibusawa's aura red while Midoriya's white?" Tenya asked.

"Like Izuku said. They reveal their own style which they created for their final battle." Devil replied as the fight about to reach the finale.

Izuku dodges and grabs his arm, twirling his body and kick his leg falling onto his stomach. Shibusawa got back up and throw a punch at Izuku. But he throws a fast punch at him in the chest and followed by two more and pull his arms out, punching both sides of his head, holding him before jumping, bringing his head to his knee as Shibusawa fell to the ground. He got back up as Izuku rush at him, palming his chin up in the air a little before giving a few slaps across the cheeks as at the end sending him down to the ground. But he didn't stop there. Izuku grabs Shibusawa's head and kicks him.

"The brat is pretty brutal..." Dabi muttered about how he destroying Shibusawa.

"He is, he isn't." Twice said.

Shibusawa got up getting tired from all the fighting, all the beating he took from Izuku. He throws a punch at him, sending against the railing as Izuku holding him down as he punches him against his face and kicking him in the guts when Shibusawa caught his fist. He about to throw his punch at Izuku but he stops it with his arm and brings it against the railing before punching him. Izuku continues to punch him when he redirects his fist and grabbing hold of it. But Izuku quickly smashes him across his face and pulling his fist down onto his face. He resumes his punches before his head rock a bit. Izuku grabs his shoulder and clutches it as he lifts him up and turns around giving him one final punch. "SHIBUSAWA!"

"MIDORIYA!" In that final moment. Izuku's first contact to his face sending him flying as he fell to the ground. "Dragon of the Dojima..."

"He did it! He won!" Ochako exclaimed as the students at U.A. let out a cheer.

"It's not over yet." Devil said as they look at the screen.

"There's is one thing... I learn from Kuze." Shibusawa getting back up despite the pain he feeling.

"What is with this man!? He has been beaten worse than Izuku so far, his body is complete batter and he still wants to fight!" Denki shouted in fear.

"He must able to feel pain to this extent," Tokoyami said with sweat coming down from his brow.

"One's ambition and goal is something that can never underestimate." Devil said.

"A yakuza who can hold on...hasn't lost yet." He got on to his knee and look at Izuku. "You... Kazama...and that girl... I'll kill you all." He let out a small laugh and grin at him. "...Like I kill Tachibana." Izuku walk toward as he let out a cry, throwing a punch at him.

"Deku!?" Ochako shouted in shock seeing him hitting a man.

"What are you doing?! He lost!" Tenya stated waving his arms around.

He kicks him in the face and held down as an image of Oda's dead body appear in his head.

"He lost! Stop it Izuku!" Toru shouted.

"Don't stoop to his level!" Kirishima exclaimed.

He throws a punch as Tachibana's dead body appear in his head.

"You already won the fight!" Denki shouted.

"Stop it you fucking dumbass!" Katsuki shouted.

He throws another punch as the girl in a wheelchair appears in his head.

"Enough Izuku!" Mina shouted.

"You going to kill him!" Momo shouted.

And another as his fist is cover by Shibusawa's blood. "Is that all?" He looks at Izuku with his face batter. "You've got no choice now. Do it... Kill me, Midoriya. Follow in... Kazama Shintaro's footsteps...and become a true...yakuza!" Shibusawa shouted as Izuku's body filled with rage. He raises his bloodied fist in the air as he let out a roar as he about to deliver the finishing blow.

"Young Midoriya!" All Might shouted.

"Stop it Deku!" Ochako cried.

But before Izuku could deliver the finishing blow. A man drags him off of Shibusawa. "You can't, Midoriya!" A man with black neck-length hair, a red suit with a yellow shirt and black design on them, black loafers and a dog tag around his neck.


"You can't cross that line... You cross it once and you never go back! What does killing this guy get to you? A lot of nothing!" Izuku let out a gasp.

"Listen to him, Midoriya!" Tenya plead.

"He's right, Midoriya!" Mineta shouted.


"Don't go getting ahead of me... Brother!"

"Wait... BROTHER!?" They are surprised by this. This man name Nishiki just call Izuku, brother.

"They are blood brothers. Brothers by the oath they made to each other." Devil stated.

"Hold out. Someday...if the time ever comes where you have to cross that line...then I'll cross it with you! And then..."


They were in awe on how Nishiki stopping Izuku but also willing to walk with him when they about to cross that line.

Shibusawa was staring at them before looking up in the sky as he accepted his lost as the screen turn black.

"That was the most intense fight I have ever saw..." Denki said letting out a sigh of relief.

"I'm guessing we are done with that world." Mt. Lady said.

"Nope, not quite yet." Devil said as a new scene appears on the TV.

A man walking down the street with messy blue hair with a black eye patch covers his left eye, wear a yellow open suit coat with black design on them showing a tattoo on his chest, black leather gloves, black pants that held by a black belt, and black loafers.

The villains' spit takes on their drink as they know who this man is. "Shigaraki!" They shouted as he was stunned by this.

He then stops as he saw a man approaching him. The scene change to Izuku, now wearing a white open suit coat, a green shirt underneath with it almost button, white pants that was held by a black belt and white loafers.

"Whoa what is with Izuku new suit?" Kirishima asked.

"I don't know. But for some reason it rather suits him." Momo said.

Izuku stop as the two men stare at each other as the people walk past them. "Yo. Izuku-chan!" Shigaraki let out a crazy and not disturbing smile with Izuku return with a smirk on his face before the screen turns black.

"So how was it?" Devil asked.

"Surprising good to be honest," Nezu said.

"It hard to believe that Shigaraki let out a smile. And not the disturbing one." Kurogiri said.

"Well...more will be coming. Just be prepared when you about to face something horrible." Devil warned as he narrows his eyes.