The events on Namek were monitored by a certain Kai on his small planet. He could not hide the astonishment on his face after witnessing battles of such intensity.

„It´s finally over!", King Kai yelled surprising Tenshinhan, Chiaotzu, and Yamcha.

„Have they defeated Frieza?", Yamcha asked King Kai with a smile of hope on his face.

„Yes, not only that but Lucian even faced Cooler, Frieza's big brother, and won in the end. Both of them transformed into Super Saiyans and killed their enemies," he stopped for a moment to look for both of their whereabouts," The problem is that in the process Namek was destroyed. Lucian is definitely safe inside a spaceship heading for earth, but I'm not sure about Goku. I can't find him."

Worried expressions filled everyone's faces.

„Didn't Vegeta talk about Super Saiyans? He said they were a legend but that's in the past now, I guess. Let´s hope that he's still alive. We wouldn't be able to revive him again with the help of the Dragon Balls", Tenshinhan said with remorse.

„Yamcha, place your hand on my back then you can communicate with someone on earth and tell them about what happened", King Kai told Yamcha.

Yamcha told Bulma everything he knew and she was definitely happy to hear about their victory but worried at the same time for Goku.

„Yamcha, what about Lucian?", Bulma asked.

„King Kai told me that he is on his way to earth. He should arrive in about a month", Yamcha said.

„That's great!", Bulma yelled.

„Woman, what are you so excited about?", Vegeta asked with his rough voice.

„I was told that Goku and Lucian defeated Frieza and his brother after transforming into Super Saiyans. We dońt know about Goku's whereabouts but Lucian will arrive in a month!", Bulma stared into Vegeta's eyes," Something else you want to know, Prince?"

Vegeta was stunned. Super Saiyan? They transformed into legendary Super Saiyans while he, the prince of all Saiyans was evacuated from Namek like all the other weaklings? In his anger, Vegeta shot a Ki Blast into the forest. Trees exploded.

„I will wait here on this planet and show them my superiority. „I am a prince, not some low-class warrior like Kakarot!", Vegeta declared, flew away and left behind stunned Namekians and earthlings.

„Bulma, is dad fine?", Gohan tugged at Bulma's sleeve.

„I don't know, Gohan. We have to hope for his safety now. Maybe Lucian will know something about him when he comes back", she patted the head of the young Saiyan to ease his mind.

„I hope so", Krillin added with a sight.

A month later a spaceship approached earth alarming the fighters. It landed in the desert. Lucian exited the ship and met Krillin, Gohan, and Piccolo, who had decided to fuse with Nail here on earth to boost his power. After telling them everything he knew about Son Goku they calmed down a lot. Vegeta also came over to him asking about his transformation. He declared that he will surpass both Lucian and Goku in the future no matter what. The most excited to see Lucian was obviously Bulma which could be seen as she jumped him in front of her mother at Capsule Corps and giving him his first present, a passionate kiss on the lips. It took a few minutes for her to separate from him. The blush on her face made her look like a tomato. Bulma's mother was very happy to see her daughter this happy with the tall and handsome Saiyan. Lucian took Bulma on the promised date and then on another one. He practically lived with Bulma after a few months. Vegeta searched in space for Goku but gave up after some time. He, too, settled down in the Capsule Corps building. Bulma had already introduced her sister Tights to Vegeta at Lucian's suggestion although nothing happened between them yet. Tenshinhan, Chiaotzu, and Yamcha were revived half a year after planet Namek's demise. Goku was alive and did not want to return to earth before he finished his training in space.

Earth: Age 764

Frieza and Cooler were defeated over a year ago now. Everyone was very content with the peace they had, except for Vegeta who waned aa challenge. Lucian gave in to Vegeta's challenges and beat him up really bad. After that, the Saiyan Prince kept his distance from the tall Saiyan for some time. Lucian also helped Gohan with his training over the year when he had the time after studying. He and Gohan got closer which led to Gohan calling Lucian `Uncle Lucian', not that he minded to have such a talented nephew. A new family member was always a nice present to him. He appreciated family more than power but keep them safe he had to be strong enough. Bulma sat together with Lucian in the garden of their home and ate lunch. Vegeta was training in a gravity room not far away and for some reason, Yamcha paid them a visit.

„Hey Honey, what do you want to do today?", Bulma asked Lucian in a sweet voice while cutting her steak.

„How about we do some shopping today. I need some new shoes and books", Lucian looked down at his beautiful blue-haired girlfriend.

„Sure, let`s do that. I have a few things I need, too", she looked up at him with a smirk," I want to give you a nice surprise tonight. You don`t mind, do you?"

Lucian groaned in anticipation inwardly. This could only mean a lot of fun. Yamcha went over to them," Sorry for disturbing you two. Would you mind if I tried the gravity room for myself today?"

„No problem but you need to convince the arrogant Prince to give you a chance to use it. He`s training like a maniac in there", she looked at Lucian again," By the way, how long has he been in there?"

Lucian looked at his watch," Around 6 hours without a break. He only left before that for the toilet and food otherwise it would have been 2 days."

Yamcha`s eyes nearly popped out.

`What kind of freak is this small Saiyan?`, he thought.

Lucian picked up two energy signatures in space. He turned to Yamcha and said," Scarface, there are two strong energy signatures coming towards earth. One of them is definitely Frieza, I am sure."

Yamcha was shocked this time," What, Frieza? And there is another one? I thought you and Goku killed him and his brother?"

Lucian watched as Vegeta came out of the gravity room after hearing the deafening shout from Yamcha.

„Lucian is right. Frieza is definitely coming to earth. Ím not sure who the other one is but he is stronger than Frieza", Vegeta walked in the house to change.

„Lucian, Goku is still in space. Can you fight against both of them?", Yamcha yelled in agony.

„Do you want some more sauce, Hon?", Bulma asked Lucian.

„No I`m fine, sweetheart," Lucian gently replied to her and then turned to Yamcha," They are nothing. Even if Goku isn`t here, I can take them down without a problem but I feel that I don`t have to. You will understand later."

Yamcha was astonished at how confident the giant Saiyan was. Vegeta went towards a Copter and shouted," Woman, Scar-guy and big guy, let`s follow them now."

Lucian calmed Bulma`s fury and helped her in the Copter to let her fly them. The giant spaceship landed between mountains in a deserted area. On their way, the group met the rest of the Z-Fighters and decided to continue their way on foot.

„Hi, Uncle Lucian, is it really Frieza?", the small Saiyan asked.

„You are right, Gohan. But you don`t have to worry. They will be handled in no time", he confidently said. He climbed the mountain like the others while helping Bulma and Gohan.

Vegeta was the first to see the enemies," It really is Frieza! The guy next to him is probably his father King Cold."

Everyone was tense except for Lucian and Bulma, for some reason. She was the only who knew about how strong Lucian really was currently as he told her a lot about himself. Even about his light powers.

`Oh, Future Trunks is here. This is going to be funny', he thought with a smile.

Future Trunks confronted Frieza and his father to everyone's surprise but after he transformed into a Super Saiyan, they were shocked. Lucian showed it to them before.

„How can there be another Saiyan? But he doesn`t have black hair?", Vegeta was furious that there was another Super Saiyan that is not him.

„Lucian, do you know that guy?", Krillin asked the man nearly twice his size.

„I don`t. Let`s watch what he can do", he said.

Trunks caught Frieza`s energy ball without breaking a sweat, cut him into mincemeat before pulverizing him with a Ki Blast. King Cold was scared before he was killed by Trunks as well. The shock the Z-Fighters felt increased.

`He casually killed Frieza and his father. Who is he?", they had the same thoughts.

The purple-haired half-Saiyan turned his attention to the group and shouted," I know where Son Goku is going to land. If you want to, you can follow me", he flew towards the landing spot.

„Should we go with him?", Krillin asked nervously.

Lucian flew towards Bulma`s Plane, brought it over and said," Let`s go guys. He doesn`t have any malicious intent."

„Well if you say so", Gohan was still reluctant but he trusted his Uncle.

They stopped after 10 minutes of flight, exited the plane and went towards the purple-haired youth. Trunks pointed towards a refrigerator," There are some drinks you can take. It will take him another hour to land."

Trunks was confused by the very tall black-haired man who took the first drink. His mother never mentioned someone like him in her stories. The handsome man looked down at him," Nice to meet you. My name is Lucian, what is yours?"

„Ehm, it`s nice to meet you but I can`t tell you my name yet. I need to speak to Son Goku first."

Lucian eyed the smaller Saiyan," Well, fine. I can feel Goku already so he that`s fine with me."

Bulma went over to Trunks as well asking him about a lot of stuff. A spaceship suddenly appeared above them crashing into the ground. Goku left the ship and was immediately by everyone. Gohan hugged his father with all he had after not seeing him for a year. He turned to the purple-haired young man," Thanks for helping to kill Frieza. Although I could have been here any time with my new technique it was still nice of you."

Trunks asked Goku to have a private talk which he accepted. Only Piccolo and Lucian were able to listen to their conversation. Goku and Trunks transformed.

„Wow, you really are as strong as my mother said before she built the time machine", Trunks said.

„Well, I trained a lot. I can control it without any problem now but I am probably not as good as Lucian", Goku casually said.

Trunks, on the other hand, was very confused," Excuse me but who is this Lucian you are talking about?"

Now it was time for Goku to be confused," Have you never heard of him in your timeline? He is the first Super Saiyan and also the one who taught me how to transform before he fought Frieza`s brother. He is even here. The tall guy with black hair."

Trunks nearly fell over," No, I have never heard about before. Did you say that he is stronger than you?"

Goku tilted his head," He is a lot stronger than I am. When Vegeta and Nappa attacked earth he instantly killed Nappa and suppressed Vegeta with his Ki alone. On Namek, he guarded Gohan and the others before fighting Frieza and Cooler. He transformed into a Super Saiyan and toyed with Frieza, then he killed his much stronger brother. I don`t think I am half as strong as he is."

This was great news to Trunks. The chance to defeat the Androids had definitely increased. With you, my dad and him there will hopefully be fewer problems when fighting the Androids."

Goku took some time," Your father is Vegeta?"

Trunks nodded.

„Who is your mother then?"

Trunks said," She is also over there."

„It`s Bulma? How did that happen?", Goku nearly lost his reason.

Piccolo stirred but Lucian chuckled receiving a questioning look from Piccolo.

„I guess his mother will change in this timeline. Bulma and I are a couple here. That will be really funny."

Piccolo`s eyes twitched at Lucian`s remark. Then Trunks left and Piccolo told the Z-Fighters about the incoming threat. They would at the designated island in three years time. Lucian left with Yamcha, Vegeta, and Bulma towards West City after saying goodbye to the others.

Age 767, May

A Capsule Corporation plane flew towards the island where the meeting was about to take place. Gohan, Goku, and other Z-Fighters were already there. The plane landed near them and a few people appeared before them. It was Vegeta, Lucian, Yamcha, Bulma, and a beautiful blonde woman. There was something else though. Bulma held a little blue haired girl overflowing with cuteness in her arms. The blonde woman held a little baby boy with blonde hair in her arms. The Z-Fighters stared at them, especially at Bulma.

„Bulma, you and Yamcha have a baby? And who is the beautiful woman next to you?", Tienshinhan asked with surprise.

„It´s not mine, dude", Yamcha said. Krillin and Gohan already suspected who the girl`s father was after witnessing the relationship between her and Lucian first hand.

„Oh, this is my little girl Lucinda and next to me is my big sister Tights with her son Trunks", Bulma told the group.

„Hello, guys. It`s nice to meet you", Tights sweetly said.

Goku was already confused as he expected Bulma to have a little boy with the name Trunks just like the one from the future.

Lucian managed to snap Goku out of his thoughts," Bulma and I have been together for four years now. Lucinda is now one and a half years old. But who would have expected the dwarf to have a child, too, with Bulma`s sister? Bulma and I are going to marry after the Androids are defeated, by the way. Everyone is invited."

The tall Saiyan shocked a lot of people with this revelation.

„Lucian why is this so unbelievable? Vegeta is a nice guy once you get to know him and he will be a great father", Tights pouted at her soon to be brother-in-law.

Now the Z-Fighters were sure that something was wrong with Bulma`s sister. Did she see the same person they saw?

„Tights, Lucian is already the best father a child can have. Vegeta still has to step up his game", Bulma countered. Then she looked lovingly at her handsome fiance before turning her attention back to her baby.

Vegeta just ignored the group and stood to the side.

"Can we focus on the main issue on hand, please?", Piccolo asked.

Everyone looked at Piccolo now. He was right because there were still killer Androids out there they had to destroy.

Lucian spoke up," Piccolo is correct, we will have enough time later to tell a few stories but now there´s a threat to the world. Does anyone have a specific plan?"

Absolute silence reigned in the area. Then Vegeta spoke up for the first time in an eternity," Let´s just beat them up and get on with it."

Quite a few people actually agreed with him, including Goku. Bulma had the urge to facepalm just like Lucian.

'They really can only fight, right?', the couple agreed internally.

As someone who still felt a sense of responsibility for the planet´s populace, Piccolo took over," We should split up and look for the Androids because even Lucian, our best ki Sensor isn´t able to pick up any signs of them. Lucian should be able to find Dr. Gero´s base and destroy anything he classifies as dangerous. Gohan, you will Protect Bulma and Tights while we fight the Androids. Any complaints?"

Noone had anything to say against Piccolo. Goku, Krillin, and Yamcha went West while Piccolo, Piccolo, and Vegeta went East.

Bulma walked up to her lover and gave him a kiss," Make us proud, Daddy", she winked at him seductively. Lucian flew towards every part of the planet where he suspected a scientific base to be stationed. With his Light sense which still had had a rather limited range of one kilometer because he mainly focused on ki training the past years, the Saiyan scanned the ground, he also waited for Ki signals they agreed when meeting an enemy in order to narrow down possible base locations. Just a few minutes later Lucian felt Goku power up to Super Saiyan to his East. He corrected his scan route towards eastern areas because there were no prior destroyed cities as far as he could tell usually signified through large quantities of erased Ki signatures of normal humans. Now every Z-Fighter except for Gohan faced someone in a fight. Yamcha´s Ki dropped a lot during this time, he was probably seriously hurt. Lucian continued for another 20 minutes before he finally found something fitting a base. He landed before the hidden entrance and naturally found no Ki signatures inside and punched a hole into it. Now inside he found servers, computers and much more scientific equipment all over the laboratory. He immediately contacted Bulma with his earpiece," Bulma, I think I found their base."

Bulma´s excited voice rang in his ear," That´s great, honey. Have you found any other Androids yet?"

"No, there is a lot of machinery around here but nothing related to Androids," he answered.

"Can you download the information from the Computers for me? It will be a lot of help to know any of their weaknesses," Bulma said.

"Sure, I can do that", Lucian went to the Computers and just took all of the hard drives he could find in the laboratory and put them into a capsule.

"I just took all of the hard drives I could find. I will give them to you later. Let me explore some more now before I return," he explained.

"See you later, honey!", the bluenette answered.

He made walked through another corridor and eventually found what he searched for, Containers for Androids and a liquid filled tube with a green creature.

"Bulma, I have found the Containers but they are all empty. There are five in total and another green creature in a small tube. How many androids have the others seen?", he asked.

"Five, you say? Currently, there are only two Androids. One of them is already down, according to Vegeta. Goku is apparently down at the moment from his Heart disease so they need your help", Bulma said.

"That´s much earlier than expected. Please warn the others about the other Androids. When I have examined everything and destroyed this little creature I will go help", he said.

After searching with his light-sense there were no other relevant things in the laboratory so he decided to first eliminate Cell and then blow everything up. he walked over to the little creature, placed one hand on either side of it and started to charge his palms with huge amounts of photons. He didn´t want to risk even let a single cell escape and wasn´t sure how Cell would react to the Ki. A sphere of light formed around the tube lighting increasing in power by the second until its temperature rose drastically. Lucian tried to simulate a fusion of atoms inside the sphere similar to the sun but also very different as he forced the atoms together by shooting photons instead of letting extreme gravitational forces do their job. With a coat of Ki on the outside, the temperature inside was well in hundred thousand Celsius range already while the outside was only around 50 degrees Celsius. Lucian was sure that nothing could have survived this heat and slowly lowered his power output which had already fatigued him. But just before he finished to calm the fusion down an alarm rang in the base.

"Self-destruction initiated due to timer expiring. 10. 9. 8. 7."

Lucian panicked for the first time in his life,' This sick bastard! He set a timer for self-destruction in case someone else invaded. Fuck! It´s like the universe doesn´t want me to interfere with Androids. Shitty plot device!'

His hair turned golden and lightning sparks surrounded him, his muscles bulged slightly while his eyes turned teal. With everything he had he suppressed the fusion as to not be killed by its after-effects in his newly acquired Super Saiyan 2 form.

"6. 5. 4. 3."

The countdown continued and Lucian had finally managed to suppress it with his full power released.


Then he coated himself in all the Ki he could muster because he couldn´t escape in the remaining time so he chose to make sure he survived the unknown power of the explosion.


The surroundings lit up. An explosion the size of a hydrogen bomb occurred in the mountain area. Lucian held up against the sheer force of his detonation but suddenly felt his mind shutting down. He fell unconscious.

Unknown Planet:

A distortion in space caused chaos in an uninhabited area of the planet. Mountains, forests, and lakes were destroyed by the shockwaves which lasted for only a few minutes. All animals had already left the area when this phenomenon started and the only living thing still there was a tall man on the ground. He was unconscious, covered in wounds with his clothes ripped to pieces. Over time the distortion became weaker until the natural peace and silence returned. A few figures arrived at the scene when danger subsided. They examined the damage done and found the man, identified him as a Saiyan and took him to a hospital. Doctors and nurses treated his wounds and some others wanted to confirm his identity. A young man with black hair tied in a ponytail and a short chin beard sat next to the bed. He had a thoughtful expression on his face not sure about what to make of this situation. A man, clearly a Saiyan, was found where a natural disaster had taken place before but he wasn´t registered in their database nor did he wear the usual armor of the Saiyans.

'I can only wait for him to wake up and ask him. There is no other way. Hopefully, he´s not an enemy', the young man thought. The door to the ward opened, revealing a little girl with spiky black hair in loose trousers and a red T-shirt. She ran to the young man," Big Brother, mum said that you should come home for dinner today. You worked too much recently. Don´t be late!", she said and quickly left the room without giving him a chance to reply.

He sighed and returned his focus to the man on the bed who was very tall for a Saiyan with a body formed through hard work. His skin had a light tan, his face was softer than other´s and contributed to his nearly unnatural handsomeness, like some kind of model. The body suddenly moved.

"Mhhhm, fuck me", the man on the bed whispered as he opened his eyes. He saw white walls and noticed a beeping sound to his side. Turning his head to the left he saw a black-haired man sitting on a chair.

"How are you? We found you injured in the wilderness," the young man asked.

"I´m ok, I guess", the injured man had to cough," Can you tell me where I am, please?"

"That´s good. You are currently in Planet Sadala`s Capital hospital. I found you with my colleagues and brought you here for treatment", he suddenly remembered something," Before I forget it, my name is Renso, the new captain of the Sadala Defense Forces. We found nothing about your identity so may I ask what your name is?"

The injured man froze.

'Renso? Planet Sadala? it´s the same as Universe 6´s Saiyan Planet', he thought with a bad premonition.

A few seconds later he calmed down," My name is Lucian. The last thing I remember is that I was in an explosion before waking up here but that was definitely not on this planet. I was never here before that´s why you can´t find anything about my identity."

Renso was astonished. A Saiyan who was never on the planet of Saiyans sat in front of him.

"Would you mind giving me a small red bag from my belongings?", Lucian asked.

Renso snapped back to reality," I think I saw that before. Wait a moment."

He stood up and walked to a nearby table, took the small bag and gave it to Lucian. He wasn´t worried about the other´s intentions anymore after talking to him. Lucian accepted it and grabbed a capsule which he opened. A senzu bean appeared, he ate it and all of his injuries vanished in the blink of an eye. Renso´s eyes became as big as saucers at the supernatural event happening in front of him.

"Good, now that I´m healed we can talk some more", the tall Saiyan casually said.

"Well, ok. Then can you tell me where you are from? You are definitely a Saiyan as far as I can tell, right?", Renso asked.

Lucian took a deep breath," It might sound impossible but I am not from this universe. In my universe, only 3 full-blooded Saiyans survived the destruction of the planet, including me.

This time it was Renso who froze. It took some time for him to come back to reality," Wait, there are other Universes out there? Are you telling the truth?"

"I am. I already knew about Saiyans in another Universe but I didn´t expect to actually meet them", Lucian paused for a moment," Would you mind introducing me to your planet?"

"Yes, I can do that but in return, you have to tell me about your´s too," the Captain said and went outside after Lucian was dressed. They talked a lot and both were astonished at the vastly different development that could occurr because they were in different Universes. After some time another Saiyan in armor met them and talked to Renso in private for a moment. Two minutes later he came back with a confused expression.

"Lucian, I want to ask something more personal. Do you have parents in your universe?"

The tall Saiyan was confused," No, I don´t. I actually don´t remember anything before I was four years old."

Renso nodded at that as though he confirmed something," When we wanted to confirm your identity, the doctors took some of your blood for some tests," he paused for a moment to see a slightly confused look on the latter´s face," And as it appears we found a match with another person here on the planet."

Lucian´s heartbeat began to accelerate. Could this be possible?

"Do you mean that I am actually from this planet and somehow landed in another Universe only to come back now?", he asked in a low voice.

"Well, the tests say that you have a little sister. Her parents died two years ago as they attacked by space pirates and from the database I also know that they gave birth to another child 25 years ago which went missing at the age of 4. It doesn´t appear too far-fetched now, or does it?"

It was like he had a revelation,'So the space pot I landed in on earth and the Saiyan armor I wore were from this planet? The scouter, too. Why did I have to destroy them? Universe 6 and 7 are twin Universes so even the planets should be at the same coordinates, right? That explains why I was able to confirm my location and time', he calculated.

Renso just watched the many different expressions Lucian went through. Then he finally spoke," I assume you have an idea as to how you landed in another Universe, am I right?"

Lucian turned his attention back to Renso," Yes, I do. That actually explains a lot of things especially my birth date because Planet Vegeta was destroyed a few years before. It makes so much sense! How couldn´t I have thought of that?"

Renso shook his head with a smile," Who would think of something like that. But that reminds me of something else. You said that you were in an explosion. What happened?"

"My home was attacked by Androids and I had the job of finding their as their energy was undetectable. I took all of the hard drives I could find and destroyed a creature which was able to reform from a single cell. But when I had finished the laboratory self-destructed and I used my power to protect myself. My assumption is that because of the large amount of energy and something in the base, space distorted and I was sucked in", the tall man deduced.

"Sorry to hear that. Your companions must have a lot of trouble now that you are here. How strong were those Androids?", Renso asked.

"I don´t know how to properly explain this to you. how about you release your energy and I tell you how you compare to them?", Lucian offered.

"That´s fine with me. Let´s go to an arena. If I did that on the streets it would ruin the tranquility."

The two Saiyans walked down the streets and then outside the city. A big colosseum emerged in behind a thick forest with of a football stadium. Once inside, the Sadala Defense Force Captain powered up to his maximum strength. Only King Sadala, ruler of the Saiyans was able to compare to Renso´s strength. A shockwave radiated from the smaller Saiyan but Lucian was very calm, just examining his counterparts strength. When Renso had completely powered up Lucian read his battle power. It was around 16.500.000. In Universe 7 not many beings had such strength especially considering that Lucian only had a base strength 9.700.000 when he fought Cooler.

Renso had a proud look on his face and said," What do you think? I trained very hard over the last years to achieve this."

Lucian grinned," Your strength is quite impressive. I only know a handful of people that are as strong or stronger than you. You definitely deserve to be the Captain of the Defense Force but the Androids on my planet are stronger."

A serious expression spread across Renso´s face," When you say that they are stronger than me, how much stronger exactly?"

"Two of them are around 50 times stronger than you and two others around 100 times, I´d say", Lucian answered offhandedly.

This nearly gave the Saiyan with the ponytail a heart attack," Are you serious? That´s unbelievable!"

"Yes, I´m serious. Otherwise, they wouldn´t pose a threat to my planet. Do you want to measure my strength, too?"

Renso immediately agreed. Lucian stood calmly as much stronger shockwave than before radiated out. Renso had a lot of trouble standing still. When he finished he said," This is my full strength in my base form. Now I will show you my transformation."

His hair turned golded and his eyes teal while his strength multiplied due to going Super Saiyan.

The smaller Saiyan flew backward but fortunately found a pole to hold onto.

'What is madness? How can someone be this strong?', he thought in fear.

Lucian let the ki dissipate to Renso´s relief.

"Wow, that was incredible but what did you do just now? I never heard about a Saiyan transforming", he said in awe.

"That´s the Super Saiyan transformation. In theory, every Saiyan can learn it but you need a strong base power as to not destroy your body. You can learn it if you want to."

The Saiyan was very happy to hear that, "I would love to! This would help our planet immensely!"

"Fine, I will teach you tomorrow. I have to think of a plan to return to my Universe soon. And you mentioned I had a sister. Can I meet her?", Lucian said.

"Yes, you can meet her. She was actually adopted by my family because her parents were friends with mine. You can stay at our home for the time being."

Lucian was thankful to hear him say that," Then I will accept your invitation. It´s also good to hear that you took care of my sister and although I don´t know her yet, you have my gratitude."

Soon they entered a house in the midst of the city.

"Mom, I am back. I brought someone with me for dinner if you don´t mind!", Renso shouted. In the blink of an eye, a short and beautiful female Saiyan ran down the stairs," My boy has finally come for dinner, I can´t believe it!", she then noticed the extremely tall and handsome young man behind her son," Oh, and who might our guest be? I didn´t know you had such a handsome friend! My name is Koshou, by the way. it is nice to meet you."

Lucian liked how motherly the woman appeared," My name is Lucian. Renso here actually helped after I was in an accident and invited me to dinner."

Renso then went forward and explained to his mother about Lucian some more. When she heard that the handsome man was the long-lost child of her deceased friends tears ran down her cheeks and she went forward to hug him.

"You, you are actually Parsley´s and Sproute´s son, my Godson! I can´t believe it! I actually held you after you were born", she looked up to him and touched his right cheek," You were so small back then and now I barely reach your chest. And to think you were so strong, too. They would be very proud of you."

Lucian hugged his Godmother for a moment before he asked about his sister," Renso told me that my Sister was adopted by you. Can I meet her?"

Koshou was very excited as well, "Of course you can! She and my daughter went out with my husband but they should be back soon."

Koshou went back to the kitchen to prepare dinner and Renso sat down with Lucian for conversation. The door swung open shortly thereafter," Mom, we're back. When is dinner ready?", the little girl shouted and ran straight to the kitchen. An average sized middle aged man with black spiky hair and a small scar on his cheek, dressed in casual clothes and another small girl with less spiky hair in a summer dress entered later. Koshou and her daughter walked out of the kitchen to her husband to introduce Lucian," Daikon, you wouldn´t believe who our son brought over," Koshou pushed her family into the living room," This is Lucian, the son of Parsley and Sproute. Renso found him after he crashed here on the planet."

Daikon froze and looked him over, then started nodding," I can definitely see the similarities. You look a lot like your mother in the face but you are much taller than both of them," he pushed the first little girl in front of him," This is my daughter Caulifla. She´s very active and wants to be the strongest fighter on the planet later on."

Caulifla had a huge grin on her face," So you are Aunty´s and uncle´s son! You are sooooo huge! Are you stronger than my Big brother?", she asked with a lot of enthusiasm.

Lucian petted her head with a smile," If you want to I will show you how strong I am tomorrow, ok?"

Caulifla beamed and then nodded.

Koshou then introduced the other little girl who hid behind her," Lucian, this is your little sister, Kale. She is 5 years old now, a year younger than Caulifla."

Lucian kneeled down on one knee to get a better look at her and appear less intimidating.

'So my sister is Kale, the Legendary Super Saiyan of Universe 6. I like that a lot. I always wanted a bigger family and to be actually related to someone by blood other than my daughter is wonderful', he thought happily.

Kale glanced at him from time to time," Uhm, you are my Big Brother?", she whispered shyly.

"I sure am, Kale. I am very happy to meet you!", he smiled at her gently.

She walked over to him, even while kneeling down he was much taller than her. Then he petted her head gently and she started to hug him with a big smile. They then went to the dinner table and ate some food. They talked about how he lived in another Universe and about what he experienced over the years. Koshou was mostly interested in one particular topic.

"Lucian, have you already met a nice girl over there? Otherwise, I can introduce you to some nice Saiyan girls!"

The corner of his lips curled upward," I have. Her name is Bulma and she is a scientist. We´ve been dating for 4 years and already have a daughter who is one and a half years old now. We will be marrying in around a month."

"That´s wonderful! I´d love to meet them sometime!", Koshou cried out happily.

"No problem, but I have to find a way back first. I already have a few ideas on how to achieve that though. The problem is to actually do it", he sighed.

"You will definitely find a way. I believe your friends will handle the Androids just fine for now so don´t push yourself too hard", Daikon said.

"I hope so, according to Lucian´s estimation of their power they are extremely powerful, way stronger than I am. I never imagined such insanely strong people as Lucian to exist in the first place but to have a few of them attacking you at the same time, oh man", Renso sighed.

"Big Brother, is Big Bro Lucian really that much stronger than you? I thought only the King and Dad could fight you!", Caulifla asked with some doubt. Kale was interested, too, when she heard that the Big Brother she just got to know was stronger than anyone on this planet.

Renso had an awe-inspired expression," Cauli, did you feel the energy earlier? That was me and Lucian. I was like a newbie in front of him when he transformed into a Super Saiyan. I have never seen anything like it."

"Super Saiyan?", they asked.

Lucian explained," It turns your hair golden and multiplies your power. In theory, every Saiyan with a high enough power level should be able to unlock it. it is based on strong feelings like anger and then you have to force all of your power into your upper back, forcing your body to transform. It actually has multiple stages. I have mastered the first stage and can somewhat control the second one."

The family was excited by this news. Caulifla in particular," Please show it to me, Big Bro. Please! Please! Please!"

The little 6-year-old girl ran up to Lucian pulling his arm towards the door.

"Cauli, don´t force yourself on Lucian", Koshou scolded her daughter.

Kale actually agreed with her adopted sister silently," I would like to see it, too."

"Well, since my cute little sisters want to see it now I will show it to you, let´s go!", Lucian lifted Caulifla and Kale.

"Fine, we will follow you, I actually want to see it as well", Daikon said.

"Let´s go then. I will clear the table later", Koshou agreed.

The family flew to the same Arena, Lucian gave the little girls to the adults for their protection, stepped on the platform preparing himself while giving them a smile.

"I will start now", he said.

He powered up normally which already astonished the spectators, then transformed.

"This is the Super Saiyan transformation, it multiplies my power by 50 times."

They already had trouble standing in place. Caulifla stared at his new form with a serious look. This was her opportunity to surpass everyone else in the future. Kale was visibly excited to have such a strong brother, lifting her confidence somewhat.

"Now I will transform once more. Be careful."

The ground started shaking this time nearly resulting in an earthquake. Sparks flew in the air indicating Super Saiyan 2. Renso, Daikon, and Koshou used all of their power to not get blown away. Lucian only kept this form on shortly as he did not want to destroy anything. Back in his base form, he gave another explanation," In order to achieve higher transformations and keep them up you have to train your base form as much as possible. This will give much better results than training as Super Saiyan unless you go all out for a spar with someone else to control the higher amount of energy you generate."

"When can I learn it?", Caulifla asked in anticipation.

Lucian thought for a moment," You should be ready when you are just below Renso´s current strength. Basically, you can try it earlier but I wouldn´t recommend it."

Her excitement dimmed," That will take so long!"

Lucian went over, stroked her´s and Kale´s hair then said in a gentle tone," Take your time, girls, if you rush to power your foundation will be unstable ending in your dream of becoming the strongest crumbling. Learn to control your ki as well as possible, with that you will have an easier time the further you go, trust me."

Caulifla´s respect for her new Big brother rose even more from before as did Kale´s, both enjoyed him stroking their heads even if Caulifla tried to deny it.

Back in the house, Koshou showed him his room for the time, he lay down on the bed and made plans on how to go back.

`I will definitely don't want to back the same way I came here. One possibility is to somehow get the Supreme Kai's attention and ask him to transport me back. The only other method I can think of is to have Vados help me out but she is with her God of Destruction for sure. This sucks!', he thought before he went to sleep.

Kept his promise and taught Renso how to transform over the next days with small accomplishments. He was not as talented as Caulifla, Kale and Cabba were shown but it was quite impressive nonetheless. On the fourth day, he finally did it, transforming into Super Saiyan as the first Saiyan in Universe 6. Lucian had a spare gravity room in one of his capsules and gave it to Renso for his training. Caulifla was the most excited to have another method for becoming stronger which resulted in her hugging the life out of Lucian. Kale was also satisfied to spend some time with her brother, they became closer over the days by spending time with each other and Lucian helping her to have some more confidence in herself. It was on the seventh day that an alarm rung out in the city.

„Please stay inside your houses! A group of space pirates attacked the planet, the Defense Force is already on their way to reprehend them but utmost caution is still required!", a voice spoke through speakers all over the city.

Lucian sat with Caulifla, Kale, and Koshou on the couch when they heard the alarm. Koshou was clearly worried," I hope everything goes well. The last time this happened many people lost their lives in the city they attacked."

Lucian calmed her down," Don't worry too much, Godmother, Renso will be able to handle them quickly now that he is a Super Saiyan. Even though he can't control too well yet, it is definitely enough for any foe out there. If you want to I will go there and help out. What do you think?"

Koshou smiled at her Godson," Yes, please help them out! The fewer casualties we have the better."

He instantly vanished through Instant Transmission he learned from King Kai after hearing that the Kai knew it all along and never told anyone. He previously locked onto Renso's Ki signature and appeared next to him now. Renso and his squadron engaged a group of armored aliens in battle, Renso fought with the strongest of the bunch in his base form, Lucian, on the other hand, found another pirate hiding nearby with his light sense. The guy had managed to mask his Ki completely and no one had an idea he was there. Then he attacked. Just when Renso got pushed back and prepared to go Super Saiyan, the alien sneak attacked Renso with a Ki blade. Renso could only watch in shock as the enemy swung his Ki covered hand towards his neck. Then it stopped. Another hand grabbed the wrist holding it in place for everyone to see. A very tall Saiyan dressed in sweatpants and T-Shirt holding a cup of coffee in his left hand held the wrist of the assassin casually in a vice grip. Everyone was astonished. He took a sip of life elixir and said," Renso, you should be more aware of your surroundings when you fight. Don't hold back next time and just decimate the enemies faster", he then faced the other fighters with a slight smile," Saiyans step behind me, I will handle the rest now!"

The Saiyans didn't hesitate and followed his orders because their Captain agreed with him. Once everyone was in position Lucian tossed the enemy in his grip gently into the air, transformed, held his hand out and fired the strongest Ki Blast any of them had ever seen at him. A blue and yellow blast with the diameter of ten meters annihilated the assassin thoroughly. The spectators fell to their knees except for Renso. Lucian just took another sip of coffee as he eyed the space pirates," It was quite a bad idea to attack Planet Sadala when I'm there. You should just give up and let the others arrest you but I can also send you to the Other World if you want to meet your comrade."

They immediately surrendered. Renso walked up to Lucian who drank his coffee," Thanks for that. I thought I was about to die!"

„No problem. Just follow my advice next time. I will go back now, see you later!", then he vanished.

A soldier who had not lost his sanity asked his Captain absentmindedly," Excuse me, Captain, but who exactly was that? I have never heard of such a strong person."

Renso sighed in exhaustion," His name is Lucian and you could consider him my adopted brother. He disappeared 20 years ago and just found his way back. He also instructed me over the last days. Have you felt the huge power spike a week ago and the earthquake near the Capital?", everyone nodded," They were caused by him when he showed us his power. You saw his blonde hair, right? That´s the Super Saiyan transformation he showed us. In a few days, I will hold a conference with the King to publish this information."

The soldiers were silent.

Lucian had already returned to the house where a little girl immediately clung to his arm, "Big Bro, did you shoot this incredibly big Ki Blast?", Caulifla yelled.

„You're right. I intimidated the enemies and they surrendered.", he said and sat back down on the couch.

„Thank you for helping them! I will bring you some cake.", Koshou said leaving for the kitchen.

Lucian played some more with his little sisters and taught them some more Ki training exercises. When he entered his room in the night he used Instant Transmission to leave the room because someone spied on him. He was very excited to meet this person especially since she was the last person he had expected to visit him. In forest clearing stood a very tall blue-skinned woman. She stood at around 208 centimeters, ten cm smaller than Lucian, had long white hair bound in a ponytail. She wore a green and black long sleeved dress and had a staff with a floating ball on top, in her hand. The most obvious feature of her was the blue ring around her neck, the trademark of an angel, the advisors for the Gods of Destruction. When Lucian finally found her he heard her angelic voice," So you actually managed to detect me. I am very impressed."

Lucian bowed to her slightly with a smile," It is a pleasure to meet you, Miss Vados. I'm very honored to receive your praise. I was only able to detect you due to my superpower because I cannot sense God Ki yet. Even then I wouldn't be able to detect you, I assume."

Vados was surprised that this mortal knew about her and God Ki," Interesting. Do you also know about the other angels? It's the first time that I meet a mortal who knows me, who wasn't a candidate to be the next God of Destruction."

„I have only heard a few stories about you and your brother Whis before. Universe 7's North Kai actually knew about Beerus when I asked him the last time I met him. His reputation isn't the best among the Kais because of his short-tempered personality. You should know that much as you are the teacher of his twin brother, right", Lucian said.

Vados smiled," Yes, Lord Champa and his brother are both troublemakers. Lord Champa doesn't even care about his health which is bad for a god. Since you met the North Kai of Universe 7 you are from there, am I right? I felt your arrival a week ago."

„I am originally from Universe 6 but when my parents evacuated me from their ship in the middle of a fight I somehow ended up in Universe 7. A week ago the same happened again and now I am back. I just have to go back as soon as possible to protect my planet and family," he said with a serious expression when he took out a capsule. A table with a few dishes popped up with chairs," Please take a seat, Miss Vados. I brought some food from my homeworld with me so feel free to taste some while we talk."

Both of them sat down and ate the dishes.

„Oh? This is very good! It is rare to eat such good food", Vados said intrigued by the delicacies.

„Thank you for the praise. This was actually cooked by me. My wife is a scientist and never bothered to learn how to cook so I did", he said.

„You are very talented. One of the strongest mortals I have ever seen, a master chef and Superpower wielder. What is your Superpower if you mind me asking?", she asked.

„I have absolute control over light. The stronger I get the more I can control it", he casually said.

Vados`expression turned to one of astonishment," You have an elemental superpower which is the rarest of the rarest. Our Universe has someone who has a time ability and very few weak ones with minor elemental affinities that are not worth mentioning but I have never heard of anyone possessing a power such as yours. You could detect me because I stood in the light that you were able to sense, right?"

„That is correct. I can also combine my powers with my Ki to boost its power or achieve different effects", he said.

„And you are originally from this Universe. I am very proud that the Universe I am in charge of has given birth to someone like you. Your Transformation also interests me. It boosted your power a lot," Vados said.

Lucian smirked," It is called Super Saiyan and I was the first in recent history to achieve it. The first form boosts my power by 50 times and the second form by 100 times. I am also certain that there are other forms but I am reluctant to achieve them."

„Oh? Why is that? Do you have other plans?", she asked.

„I do. It is nice to have this transformation but my goal is to focus on my base form. I can access my power faster this way and it should be more stable. After I have defeated my enemies on earth I want to try to absorb my Super Saiyan powers into my base form and transform my Ki into God Ki at the same time," Lucian said.

„That is very ambitious of you but I have to agree with your reasoning. Transformations are never as stable as your base form. I believe that you can gain a lot of benefits by absorbing your transformations. As for God Ki. It is not something you can just learn or comprehend, instead you have to experience it.," she watched him closely and gave him a smile," If you want to I will help you with that and even bring you back to your Universe but I have a few conditions."

Lucian's missed a few beats and said without hesitiation," That is more than I could have asked for, thank you very much. Please tell me your conditions!"

A sly smile surfaced on her beautiful face," First, I want to eat more of this food. It is very delicious and even healthy as far as I could tell. It would be great for Lord Champa to eat a healthy meal from time to time. Secondly, you will owe me three favors in the future. For instance, if our Universe's mortals needed help I want you to help them. I can only think of one person who is stronger than you currently, though but you never know what happens."

Lucian thought about it for a moment," I accept your conditions. Would it be fine for you if you brought me with you to Planet Sadala when you come to eat? Then I can visit my family here in one go."

„That's fine with me. We will leave tomorrow for your homeworld but before that, I will show you God Ki. If you have any questions you can ask me on my future visits", Vados said and held out her hand in front of Lucian. A blue Ki he couldn't detect was visible on her hand but the pressure it gave off was many times stronger than normal Ki's.

`Incredible, this is God Ki! If I can use this as Goku and Vegeta will in their Super Saiyan blue forms my Light powers will be enhanced to another level, too.', he thought.

„This is God Ki. It is much stronger than normal Ki and can normally only be used by godly beings. It is also possible to achieve similar strength to a god with normal Ki but that is much harder. There is actually a rumor in the Universes that some being achieved exactly that, I can`t confirm this though."

Lucian watched her ki a little longer before he closed his eyes to comprehend something, Vados, on the other hand, ate some more dessert with a hand on her cheek.

They said goodbye after a while and Lucian went to sleep again.

„I wanted to tell everyone that I found a way to return. I will leave at lunchtime but don't worry, I will visit in the near future with my wife and daughter", the family was a bit sad to hear that he was going to leave. Kale was especially reluctant but understood his responsibilities and thus gave him a big hug before he left.

Vados waited for him in the clearing again tapped her staff on the ground and vanished with the tall Saiyan.

Universe 7: Earth: Day of the Cell games

The Z-Fighters were shocked when Lucian disappeared after releasing his power. King Kai searched for him in the Other World and in the Universe but found nothing. Everyone was glad that Lucian wasn't dead at least and patiently waited for his return. Dr. Gero and Android 19 were defeated by them and Future Trunks also helped out in the fight against the much stronger Androids 17 and 18. By using the Room of Space and Time they became stronger than the Androids. The biggest problem they had was the being called Cell in the end. He absorbed 17 and 18 in order to achieve his Perfect form. It boosted his power above the Saiyan's and no one was able to stop him from killing thousands of people and hosting the Cell games. With their last effort, Goku and Gohan entered the Room of Space and Time for a chance to protect the earth.

The arena for the Cell games was surrounded by reporters who cheered for Mr. Satan to save the world from Cell. His students started against the villain. A pretty blonde guy with a rose went on stage and got beaten badly without being touched at all. The next one, a big burly man, tried to overwhelm Cell with his strength but also ended up miserably failing. Then it was showtime for the world champion, the 'strongest' man in the world, Mr. Satan. To showcase his skills, Mr. Satan took out a sports bag with stone plates, piled them up over one another, readied himself and broke all of them with his hand except for one. The viewers at home cheered. He continued by punching Cell over and over again with no effect and eventually lost by being slapped against a mountain. His excuse was that he lost his balance. The next person to fight was Son Goku. Mr. Satan mocked him on the sides for being not strong enough to beat Cell. His opinion changed over time because Cell and Goku fought at an impossible pace. The blasts and the flying were tricks, according to Mr. Satan but even he had to accept the truth at some point. Goku managed to exhaust Cell after many Kamehamehas and close combats fights but still lost in the end. Cell was already convinced to have no opponent left, Goku, on the other hand, assured him that Gohan was stronger than himself to everyone's shock. The viewers were shocked that a child was going to fight Cell, the angriest of all was Chi-chi who wrecked the house.

Lucian watched this without anyone knowing from far away. Vados brought him to Earth at the same time Mr. Satan started his fight with Cell. He could have already ended this misery but there was something he wanted to happen. Gohan turning Super Saiyan 2. It was a brilliant chance for his cute nephew to access this level of power. Gohan went on stage next, powered up to a level beyond Goku's in his Super Saiyan form. Both fighters traded blows, Cell still had the upper hand and it did not help that Goku threw him a senzu bean before the fight. After a few minutes, Gohan had been punched around a few times already, Cell had taken damage, too, then Android 16 wanted to blow himself up with Cell and failed in the end. He was killed by Cell who then spawned Cell Jrs. Each one of them was stronger than the Z-Fighters, Yamcha had his arm broken a short while later, Krillin was already down, Tienshinhan and piccolo were in a similar position just like Super Saiyan Trunks. Vegeta got beaten up as well. Gohan was not able to take it anymore when even his father failed to stop the small clones. All the anger from seeing his friends and family being beaten to death in front of his eyes finally allowed him to step his game up. He transformed into Super Saiyan 2 and snatched the stolen senzu beans from Cell, killed a Cell Jr. with a punch and handed them to Future Trunks. Cell then realized how strong his opponent really was. It was time for Lucian to act. With an Instant Transmission, he popped up next to Gohan.

"Oh, I´m a bit late", Lucian said.

Gohan recognized this voice immediately," Uncle Lucian!"

The other Z-Fighters were alarmed when they heard the name but also excited.

"You´re finally back", Goku managed to squeeze out.

"What took you so long, giant bastard?", Vegeta angrily shouted, nearly falling over from the damage he received internally.

'This is the guy who is together with my mom in this timeline. I hope he can win against that monster together with Gohan!', Trunks thought.

They finally had some hope to hold on to again.

Cell was confused that he did not have any information on this guy. It was impossible to know about him because this Cell came from a future in which Lucian never existed. The one in this timeline got destroyed by Lucian.

"Who are you? I am fighting this boy now! Don´t ruin my fun you bastard!", Cell yelled at him.

Lucian took out a handkerchief to wipe some blood off of Gohan´s face," I´m Lucian, the boy´s uncle. It took me some time to come back but I guess everything still went fine", he gave Gohan a pat on the head with a genuine smile," I believed you to be able to transform into Super Saiyan 2 with your talent, congrats. I am very proud of you. From now on we will fight him together and save this damn planet."

He put away the handkerchief.

"Haha, what are you talking about, idiot? You think you are strong enough to fight me? What a joke! I will play with you and then kill you like the bug you are!", Cell laughed.

Lucian ignored the madman thoroughly and instead instructed Gohan," You should get rid of the little clones first, leave the big insect to me!"

Gohan nodded and started to kill the remaining Cell Jrs with ease.

The tall Saiyan stretched some more as a warm-up," I assume no one told you about me? The first Super Saiyan in thousands of years? The guy who beat Frieza´s brother and the killer of your other self in this timeline. I am quite disappointed to be honest!"

Cell grew confused. Dr. Gero had no information about someone like him where he came from.

"It doesn´t matter who you are. Your death will be at my hands!"

Lucian looked at the insect. He was around his own height and looked disgusting. Gohan only had 2 Cell Jrs left to kill. The time had come.

"Let me show you what I am capable of, insect", Lucian said.

He took a deep breath and a golden aura radiated from him. His hair turned golden and his eyes teal. Everyone could tell that he was stronger than them. After his power-up, Lucian gave Cell a glare," I´m a Super Saiyan now, as you can tell. In this form, I might not be a 100 percent certain to kill you but what about Super Saiyan 2?"

The spectators heard him as well. Astonishment swept across them.

'Did he achieve the same state as Gohan? Is he serious?', their thoughts were kind of similar.

Cell heard alarm bells ring in his head. Nevertheless, he laughed due to his arrogance," I can tell that you are strong, so what? I will still destroy you!"

He formed a destructo disk in his hand and threw it at Lucian. The Saiyan did not bat an eye and just transformed once more into Super Saiyan 2. His power doubled, a shockwave even stronger than when Gohan transformed blasted rocks and dirt through the air, it also destroyed the energy disk. The ground shook like never before. Lightning flew around Lucian´s slightly more ripped form and Cell realized his situation. This was no longer a game for him. A serious threat, that´s what he saw.

Gohan beat the last Cell Jr and looked over.

'Uncle Lucian is incredible. I thought that I had surpassed after my training but that´s not true at all!', the boy thought.

"Gohan!", Lucian shouted freeing Gohan from his thoughts," Come over here, we will eliminate him together."

Lucian trusted his Uncle´s judgment and he flew over while powering up. Cell felt like prey in front of two predators now. Deciding to not play around further he raised power to his maximum.

"I won´t give up! Even if you are strong, I am still the strongest being in existence!", he shouted.

His power level went up again but didn´t even achieve Gohan´s level. Gohan started with a punch to the gut sending Cell flying who countered by throwing destructo disks to buy time. Gohan just overpowered it and Lucian did the same. Lucian used Instant Transmission to teleport next to the villain, he kicked his face sending him toward the ground causing another earthquake. Gohan flew over and punched the downed Cell in his destroyed face. Gohan had to dodged short range blasts from his fingers which gave Cell the opportunity to stand up again. The lost part of his head regenerated," I am a perfect being and will demonstrate it to you now!"

He flew into the air and charged a giant Kamehameha.

Lucian flew next to Gohan," Just counter it with another Kamehameha. You are strong enough for that."

"Yes, Uncle!", Gohan said with determination and charged his own Kamehameha to destroy Cell´s.

"This is madness! Do they want to destroy the planet?", a scared Yamcha shouted.

"What do you think, Goku?", Krillin hurriedly asked his long-time friend.

Goku just watched his son preparing for the incoming attack, Lucian looked very relaxed to him. This gave him a lot of confidence.

"Don´t worry, they have it under control. Lucian would never risk the planet´s destruction, he is too protective of his family to even think about it," he smiled to Krillin," The fight will be over in no time!"

Gohan shot his Kamehameha at Cell´s and pushed it back until it swallowed Cell whole. Unfortunately, he still lived even with half his body gone. As his body regenerated his power increased again due to his Saiyan genes. Lucian made his move at this moment. He teleported in front of him again, punched him in the stomach which resulted in Cell spitting out 18. The Z-Fighters were elated. Cell was imperfect once again.

Lucian took a look at 18´s beautiful form, looked at Krillin and threw her at him. This surprised Krillin. He readied himself to catch her.

Lucian kicked Cell further into the air again.

"Gohan, fly on the other side and fire an attack at him together with me!", Lucian charged a full power laser with both hands, infused some Ki into and waited for Gohan to be ready. The blue and yellow ball of energy emitted incredible heat waiting to be released at the bug. Gohan´s shout echoed.


Both Saiyans released their attacks at the green lifeform. Cell was scared out of his mind," Noooo, this can´t be the end!", With everything he had left he tried to form a counter-attack but failed as the two attacks hit him. An explosion with a radius of a kilometer took place. The ground cracked below, Mr. Satan, his students, and the remaining film crew flew away and crashed in the ground somewhere far away. Goku and friends were pressed on the ground by the shockwave. It took some time for everything to calm down but they were already cheering at Cell´s defeat. Lucian wanted to confirm Cell´s demise first as he knew that he can even survive after blowing himself up. He searched for Cell´s ki and searched with his light sense, then he found a small part of Cell from which was able to regenerate. He stretched out his right hand in their direction and shouted," He´s still alive, guys. A small piece of him survived!"

'Stupid plot armor! I´d like to have the same', he thought.

The cheers faded. Gohan seriously looked at Lucian," Where is he?"

"2 kilometers in front and a few hundred meters below us. Let´s go."

They set off and found the newly regenerated Cell. He was bloated and Lucian already knew what was coming," I will take all of you and your planet down with me. If you put too much pressure on me now I will explode! Haha, you fools!", Cell screamed in laughter.

The others followed Lucian and Gohan and heard the news, too.

"No, it can´t be! This is the end!", Yamcha cried like a child.

Vegeta also seemed to feel despair," What can we do? This is bullshit! I won´t die like this, not until I surpass Kakarot and the big bastard!"

Gohan´s was also swept away from one moment to the other. In the midst of despair, Goku teleported to Cell and touched him lightly, "I will use Instant Transmission to teleport him away from earth. I can´t think of any other solution.

The atmosphere turned even more depressed.

"It´s a good idea but you will stay here!", Lucian teleported to Goku and pushed him away from Cell, then he touched the bloated green living ball.

"You are too weak Goku. I will use Instant Transmission and handle him elsewhere. See you in a minute!", then he disappeared with Cell.

They reappeared on King Kai´s planet, Lucian took Cell´s leg and threw him away and fired a strong Blast after him.

"What are you doing?", King Kai shouted in fear.

The explosion was intense but Lucian managed to suppress it, only cracks nearly ripped the small planet in half due to the force. He searched for more remaining parts and destroyed them all with lasers. A minute later, he was back on the small planet.

"Sorry about that. I had no other place to go but you surely don´t mind me destroying a serious threat to the Universe, do you?", he said.

King Kai just sighed," I understand but my planet was nearly ruined. At least I can repair it. It was a wise decision to teach you Instant Transmission though."

"It sure was. I´ll be back for some fun another time, Bye", he disappeared.

Back on earth, the fighters discussed what happened. Krillin asked the group what everybody thought about.

"Will Lucian really be alright? The energy Cell piled up inside him for the self-destruction was immense!"

Vegeta was not interested to join the conversation and ignored the small monk. Yamcha, Tienshinhan, Piccolo and Future Trunks were baffled like Krillin because they were unable to properly judge what the tall Saiyan was capable of. Goku was unsure if he was right with his assumption and turned to ask his son first.

"Say, Gohan, you are the closest to Lucian in strength, what would you say are his chances of survival?"

Gohan thought for a moment and then shook his head," I can only tell you that he is a lot stronger than I am. He was even able to transform into the next Super Saiyan form without a problem. That means he has already used this form before and trained it to suppress the increase in anger and arrogance one feels when using it. That´s at least what I felt. He will be back soon."

Vegeta snorted when he heard Gohan´s statement. Every time he went to Capsule Corps pressured by Tights, Lucian just played with his daughter or read a book but he never saw him training.

'How can he be this strong? I trained all the time in a gravity chamber over the years and didn´t manage to come close to that! Even Kakarot´s son surpassed me! what a disgrace! A prince can´t be weaker than his subjects!', he thought in anger.

Not even ten seconds later Lucian appeared near the group with a sweat bead running down the side of his face," Man, that was intense! I nearly destroyed King Kai´s planet when I defended against the insect´s explosion," he sighed.

Everyone stared at the tall man.

'That´s what he is complaining about?', they thought in confusion.

"Wow, that was incredible, Lucian! I didn´t know you learned Instant Transmission, too. If you hadn´t stopped me before I´d be dead for sure, thanks for that", Goku had a bright smile on his face and scratched the back of his head.

"Dad is right, Uncle! You really helped us out!", Gohan said.

"King Kai actually taught me Instant Transmission when I visited him. Without it, we would have a problem now", Lucian said.

"If you had only lived in my dimension, everything would have been better", Trunks sighed.

Lucian looked at him with a smirk," True. Your name is Trunks, right? Just like Vegeta´s son with Tights but your mother is Bulma instead from what I heard in your conversation with Goku. I hope my presence hasn´t affected your present self too much. You should tell your mother that her alternate self made a better decision than her though," Lucian laughed.

Vegeta´s and Trunk´s eyes twitched visibly, only the Prince was very angry by the way.

"What are you planning now?", Lucian asked them.

Krillin answered with 18 in his arms," I will take care of 18 and it would be appropriate to revive Cell´s victims now."

The Z-Fighters agreed with him.

"Well, you can go then. I have to find Bulma before she worries even more. I disappeared after an explosion after all. See you later", Lucian said and dashed toward his child´s mother.

He performed a quick search for her Ki and found her at the Kame House with Lucinda and Roshi. He arrived a few minutes later and shouted," Bulma!"

The door opened shortly after revealing Bulma with Lucinda in her arms running toward him.

"You are finally back! I was so worried, idiot!", she shouted angrily but tears ran down her eyes.

Lucian caught his favorite girls and took their daughter from Bulma before he hugged them with one arm each. Bulma punched his shoulder for some time, Lucinda just laughed at her father and mother with an innocent smile which calmed Bulma´s emotions somewhat.

"I´m so sorry, darling. I didn't expect the laboratory to explode and took too much time in there. But you wouldn´t believe what happened then when I actually found myself waking up in another Universe with other Saiyans. Ok. let´s talk about that later."

Bulma was shocked by that," There is another Universe? And you actually traveled through a space phenomenon? Tell me more about that! Now!"

"Calm down, darling, there is actually a lot more to that", Lucian said.

Bulma pouted cutely but Lucian managed to defend against this mighty attack, it honestly threatened him more than Cell. Bulma gave up after seeing Lucian´s struggle to hold back and smiled. Then she grabbed her daughter and said," It seems I have to go to sleep early today after this tension. What a waste."

Lucian´s face paled. He waited an entire week for some alone time and a pleasurable activity with his lover," Ok, ok. Let´s immediately go back. I will tell you during the flight about everything."

Bulma smirked at her victory.

'Life is great!". she mused happily.

The rest had already revived Cell´s victims and Krillin, under the influence of his crush on Android 18, wished for the Android´s bombs to be removed. 18 showed no gratitude but Krillin was pumped up to pursue her. Goku and Gohan returned home to find an angry Chi-Chi with a pan in hand to scold her family for giving her a heart attack. Mr. Satan proclaimed himself as the hero of the world and convinced the population of his heroic deed. Lucian had a lot of fun in front of the TV with his family after he told Bulma about his little sister, the meeting with Vados and what he did when he was transported there. The two married two weeks later, their friends attended the wedding where Chi-Chi announced her pregnancy.

Earth: Age 772

"Dad, can we train again? The last time we trained was last week!", the 6-year-old blue haired girl said to her father.

"It is Monday, Lucy. We trained yesterday and I thought you had to rest for a few days", Lucian said. He still looked like before without a change since Cell.

"I am already fine. I just don´t want to lose out to Trunks, he always trains with Uncle Vegeta and he even achieved Super Saiyan when I was around!", Lucinda complained.

Lucian snorted with a smirk at her and grabbed her head gently," Oh? That is quite impressive but you turned Super Saiyan at 3, are you still not satisfied?"

The small girl threw her hands up," But it is so funny to embarrass Trunks! Before I could just transform and dominate the fight, now, on the other hand, he can keep up with me!"

"You are my daughter, Lucy, and I want you to have your fun but remember that you have to focus on keeping a calm mind and controlling your Ki to perfection. If you do that you will kick his ass as much as you want even though you think it´s too boring. I don´t have to stay by your side when you train that."

Lucinda pouted like her mother," But."

Lucian interrupted," No buts! If you do your training properly I will teach some more nice moves tomorrow, ok?"

Her cute face lit up and she hugged him," Thank you, dad! Can you show how to make a sword with my Ki?"

"I can although you need very good control for that, it is still too early for you. I will think of something else", he gave her a hint.

She ran away and yelled," I will show you how good my control is tomorrow!"

Bulma was nearly knocked to the side with coffee mugs in her hands. She walked over and set on the couch next to her husband.

"Dear, where does she have the energy from? None of us are quite like her. It has to be Goku´s influence on her when we let her sleepover at their house last year. Since then she became more and more of a battle maniac like him!", she gave him one of the mugs," She will start school now but I don´t see her paying attention to any of it. How troublesome!"

Lucian lay his arm around her shoulders and tried to gently lift her spirits," She will calm down once she grows older. Caulifla was even worse when I met her for the first time and now she already calmed down slightly."

Bulma sighed in frustration and leaned into him, resting her head against his strong shoulder," Yeah, you are correct, maybe it is only due to her age and disappears over time. By the way, Vados called and asked if she can come over today for dinner, what do you think?"

Bulma and Vados became very good friends over the years. It was no surprise because Vados had a lot of free time due to her God sleeping like his twin, even if it was more like months instead of decades for him, and thus spent at least one day a week at their home. The ladies talked about casual topics instead of something related to fighting or destruction which made Vados happy. Talks between Gods were mostly about things of universal importance, or in her case, complaints from an overweight purple cat dressed in Egyptian clothing. Bulma enjoyed Vados´ patience and intelligence when she talked about her daily experiences. Lucian had his fun as well. First of all, he appreciated the company of two beautiful women and secondly, it was always fun for him to be around her. After coming over for a few years, Vados acted more casually, she had a great sense of humor, similar to Lucian`s and Bulma`s, even Lucinda liked her, mainly because Lucian told her that she was very strong. No one else knew about her visits though.

"I´m naturally fine with that. There is something I wanted to ask her anyway", he said taking a sip of coffee.

"Good, maybe she has some advice on how to tame Lucy", Bulma said.

Lucian prepared their dinner later and waited for the Angel to arrive. Just when he finished, the Angel appeared the next to him.

"Hello, Lucian", Vados said.

"Hey, Vados. How are you today?". Lucian asked.

"I´m fine. Lord Champa woke up yesterday and declined my offer to do some training again. He risks his health by eating all that junk food! He doesn´t even accept the food you made because he doesn´t trust my judgment when it comes to cooking", Vados complained to her mortal friend.

"It´s not your fault that he lives like that. You are already providing him with everything he needs but there is nothing you can do when he declines your kindness. He will notice his mistakes one day," he set the last food bowl on the table and pulled a chair back for her," Take a seat. We can start dinner now. Just relax a bit. Bulma will be here shortly."

Vados sat down on the seat. Bulma and Lucinda joined them and ate. There was a pleasant atmosphere at the table. The adults laughed at Lucinda´s antics and enthusiasm at one point and then Lucian mentioned his matter," Vados, I plan on absorbing my transformations now. I think I found a way to achieve God Ki, too, without another transformation but I am not sure. What do you think?"

Vados looked up from her plate," You are definitely at the limit of your Super Saiyan 2 mastery and you trained your base form properly so there is nothing to stop you. What have you planned for achieving God Ki though?", she was rather curious how he wanted to use God Ki without receiving a God title for instance.

"God Ki is denser and more potent than regular Ki, that´s why I have to compress my Ki to the extreme and add something to it, that´s where my superpower comes into use. I can control Photons any way I want as long as they are in the area. My plan is to shoot photons at my Ki inside my body in order to compress it and to add my light powers to my Ki. By mixing them up I should be able to achieve it. That´s my theory", Lucian stated.

Vados thought about it for a moment and then said," That might work. There are just a few things to consider. A light source big enough for you to draw power from and if your body can handle it."

"I already know where to go for that and I will take senzu beans with me if anything happens. I should be able to stop the process in case it fails," he said.

"Where do you plan to go for that?", Bulma asked her husband.

"I will go to Mercury and absorb the sun´s photons from close proximity. I wouldn´t go any nearer than that and I definitely don´t want to float through space during such an important process," Lucian casually said awaiting an angry yell from his wife.

"What? Are you crazy? The surface of the planet can heat up to hundreds of degrees!", Bulma stood up from her seat and shouted at him.

"I´ll be fine, dear. A few hundred degrees is nothing. You would just have to build me a suit or something to enable me to breathe", he said.

Bulma thought about it," Fine, but you can´t take too long. Give me a day and I will have a solution ready for you for breathing. But if anything happens to you don´t expect me not to rip your head off once you´re back!"

Lucian put his hand on hers and squeezed it reassuringly," I will be very careful, Bulma! I´m not someone insane when it comes to becoming stronger like the other Saiyans. You know that!"

"I trust you", Bulma smiled, "I will get to work after dinner."

Lucian prepared himself for his upcoming trip, trained his daughter the next day in using the Kamehameha he was taught by Gohan and discussed a few details with Vados. She returned to Universe 6 when Lucian made his way to Mercury. It took him 10 minutes at half the speed of light to the planet with one of Bulma´s 'normal' spaceships, once he landed he stored the ship in a capsule and found the most well-lit place over the day. Lucian wore a helmet with tubes attached to a specially engineered container for oxygen on back. He powered up to Super Saiyan 2 and started his plan by absorbing the berserk energy into his normal Ki pool. His body grew tense with the huge amount of energy added to its natural Ki source in this short amount of time. The gravity training had done a great job in strengthening his body, it enabled him to perform the absorption with permanent damage and his extreme Ki Control and calm state of mind helped in the process massively. Within one week all the energy was absorbed by him. He was no longer able to transform into Super Saiyan. His hair color did not change but it sparkled and the amount of energy he possessed was greater than his previous Super Saiyan 2 transformation. When he was in the midst of this process he had also collected photons next to him for the next step in his plan.

Lucian´s energy stabilized completely when another week had gone by, a big ball of light had already formed next to him ready to be used in his plan. When he was sure that his Ki was in his control like before and there were no injuries left on his body he initiated the next step. Forming God Ki. With a wave of his hand, the dense ball of light flew toward the Saiyan and formed a shell around his exposed body parts. More photons charged the shell from the outside for another day under Lucian´s full control until he was ready. he absorbed the light into his body, at first a small fraction and formed a sphere around his focused Ki source. The Ki was trapped inside a wall of photons which grew denser over time. Then he started to shoot them at his Ki evenly, a few to start with in order to observe the changes occurring inside of him. He felt his Ki compressing slightly and increased the number of photons compressing his Ki continuously while absorbing more from the outside. His mind focused on the state of his Ki and the flow of photons through his body. He got used to it after a few days of doing it and decided to take it up a notch. His Ki was compressed to half its size but that was not enough. Double the amount of photons shot at it and managed to compress it to a quarter of its original size, Lucian´s body experienced a lot of pressure and it would have destroyed him had he not absorbed his Super Saiyan transformation before to strengthen himself. Veins popped up on his skin showing the strain on him. It took another week to stabilize his condition with a senzu bean every day to keep the Ki inside him in check and with all his power he shot the photons he collected and absorbed over the week at once at his highly compressed Ki. His body began to glow like a miniature sun in the process, his body trembled as if he were in the coldest place the Universe had but a smile formed on his face.

'It is working!', he shouted inside.

He consumed another senzu bean to heal his rupturing muscles and bones from the pressure influencing his body from the inside. The process took much less time than the ones before as Lucian did not hold anything back anymore. His body began to tremble again, this time it was different though. His muscles stayed the same from an outsider perspective but changed drastically internally, his hair glowed brighter than ever before as did his eyes. With another senzu bean to fuel his body, he once again compressed his Ki to the maximum. Its color changed from a bright yellow to red, blue, green, orange, back to red and stopped when all colors imaginable mixed into a rainbow of color waves. His hair turned snow white in the process, still in the same short hairstyle as before and his eyes turned the same mix of colors as his Ki. Around the black pupil danced fibers of all colors in a clear rhythm identical to his Ki constricting and expanding slightly. He started to slow down the amount of light he used and slowly lowered the pressure on his Ki which was in another realm of intensity after being compressed and bombarded by his superpower. A short while later he started to have problems with his breathing caused by the destroyed helmet and oxygen container he forgot. Fortunately, he had another set in a capsule and wore them immediately.

'I feel stronger than before even with technically less Ki than before. I assume that the energy consumption for my techniques will be lowered too with the compressed Ki. My battle power rose by only 30 percent though. I am still weaker than a Super Saiyan God but stronger than a regular Super Saiyan 3 by what I know. Vados might have some solutions for how to train more efficiently now', he thought but realized something else,' Is it even God Ki that I´m using? I guess there is only one way to find out.'

Lucian took off from the planet and entered his spaceship mid-flight. 10 minutes later he was back on earth landing on the Capsule Corps landing spot. Bulma ran from their house with their daughter in tow. The two waited patiently in front of the door of the spaceship in anticipation of seeing their loved one again. Bulma took Lucinda by the hand when the door opened revealing the tall figure of a young man. The girls` eyes nearly fell out at the sight of Lucian. He still stood at around 2.15 meters as before but his hair was snow white, his demeanor changed to something gently but also mysterious without releasing his Ki. Lucinda was awed by her father´s aura, something she had never felt before, but Bulma was focused on his eyes. A rainbow of fibers moved around his pupil which was not possible biologically. Her knees nearly gave in at the gaze Lucian gave her with is new eyes. Her breathing quickened, Lucinda was the first to ask the obvious," What happened to you, dad? You look even cooler than before! What is this mysterious feeling I get when looking at you?", she asked question after question.

"Is that really you, honey?", Bulma asked in a daze blinded by her husband´s changes.

Lucian was slightly confused," What do you mean, dear? I tried to transform my energy but you shouldn´t be able to tell a difference, right?"

"What I mean is," she paused and scanned his body closely," Your hair color and eye color changed! If that isn´t obvious I might as well give up being a scientist!"

He stopped for a moment and looked at his reflection in a nearby window.

'Wow, I didn't expect my appearance to change that much!', he thought.

Bulma walked up to him, touched his white hair with her hand and purred when she looked into his eyes," You grew even more handsome! I am a really lucky woman to have such a handsome husband", she pressed her abundant chest against his stomach, "I think that there is a need to examine your changes more 'thoroughly', don´t you agree?"

Lucian gulped when his beautiful wife tempted him. He grabbed her in a princess carry and sped off with her," We will talk later, Lucy. I have something to discuss with your mother."

They were satisfied with their examination after two hours of constant moaning. The cute Saiyan-Hybrid girl watched TV in the living room with a stuffed dinosaur in hand. Lucian saw this and sat next to her," Hey, how are you doing, sweetheart?"

"I watched a show with this Clown Mr. Satan. It was quite funny when you think about how weak he is and still considers himself the strongest man on the planet. Have you discussed everything with mom?"

Lucian cleared his throat," We have. How about you tell me about your experiences over the month I was away and I do the same?"

She agreed happily and started to narrated everything she did. Lucian was very happy to spend time with her. She was excited when she heard about his surge in power he experienced. Bulma was still asleep in their bedroom as Vados appeared in the living room with an impressed smile on her face," You really did it, Lucian. I have never seen anything like it," Lucian turned to her and smiled," Are you implying that I really cultivated God Ki? It´s not just my imagination?"

Vados chuckled," Yes, you have God Ki. It is still a rather low amount and didn´t boost your power exponentially but your future path will be easier this way. You should train your control again because it will be even more effective to use God Ki when you contain it in your body without releasing the slightest amount", she sat down next to Lucian and petted Lucinda's head.

"That´s great news, Vados. I will cook us something to celebrate today. Be prepared!", he leaned back with a bright smile.