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What if Lance was Chosen as the Dragon Booster?

Summary-Lance Pendragon is chosen as the Golden Dragon Booster of Legend. He is now responsible for stopping the next dragons vs humans war...and he's only 10 years old.

Suggestions-I was thinking of having the Booster Gantlet age Lance when he used it. Similar to the Blue Power Ranger Billy. Maybe have Artha be come more responsible because he now has to teach his brother how to stay on the straight and narrow while providing for both of them. Artha could ride a different Fighting Class(Blue) Dragon and become the Energy Booster. I still see Artha making friends with Kit while Sprout might join the gang after discovering that Lance is that Dragon Booster. If Sprout does join it would make sense for him to become the Wind Booster.

Request-If you use my idea generators please try to keep it T rated or less and send me a link, because I am interest to see what others can turn out.