Kimiko Zoldyck drifted amongst debris, asteroids, and stars as she slowly lost blood, warmth, and consciousness. Her small fighter ship had been completely destroyed, courtesy of those damned opposing bounty hunters who had been chasing her. Luckily, she managed to eject herself from the ship before it completely exploded. But it left her weak and injured, her Nen had already depleted and barely protected her from death so she didn't want to use it unless absolutely necessary. Not that it would've been much help in the vast emptiness of space anyway.

Now, blowing up with the ship seemed like a better option. With her Nen just barely keeping her alive and a gushing wound in her side, she didn't expect to live for long.

The haphazard stitching from her last second Nen healing came undone and she felt blood start pooling under the hand clasped over the wound in her side. The size of the wound was bigger than her hand and the squishiness of her flesh and muscles could be felt under the gloves of her space suit. Tiny crimson droplets floated past her vision in little spheres, almost like little planets trailing off into some unknown universe.

She took shallow breaths, her oxygen nearly out. Soon she'd be breathing carbon dioxide and that would only bring disaster. Her breath fogged up her space mask as she watched the emptiness of space float past among the scattered asteroids through heavy half-lidded eyes. She was cold, freezing even but her body had no energy left to keep itself warm and running.

The thick blackness of unconsciousness slowly started to overtake her vision and she closed her eyes completely, she was going to die here. She knew she wouldn't survive, even if she was a Hunter and a member of the Zoldycks. She would die and no one would notice until her body was long gone in the depths of space. Maybe she could drift away peacefully in her unconsciousness, there was no use panicking about the hopeless situation now anyway.

Just as the blackness overtook her vision she felt something warm surround her body and a light shone through her eyelids. "Is this what death feels like?" She thought. The warm feeling was accompanied by a pulling sensation but it soon disappeared and she felt something cold against her back, was it a floor? She didn't know, nor care at this point. She just wanted to sleep….. she could wake up later right?

"Get them to the medical bay! They're losing too much blood!" She heard a vague, muffled voice say the order. It sounded male and more human than she had heard in a long long time. It sounded strange to her ears. She heard another voice that was male, confirming the order before she was carefully picked up by several sets of hands and placed onto something that was flat and moved beneath her. She nearly opened her eyes before she was consumed completely by the darkness.


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