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Kimiko was watched nearly 24/7 as she fiddled and fixed what she could of her outer space suit. The Guardians treated her as a welcome-but-not-so-welcome guest as they flew to one of the nearest planets to drop her off at.

The space suit she had worn and was now trying to salvage, was made of a deep gray metal that was forged into flexible but durable armor. Most of the armor was itself was unsalvageable, but so far she had saved the gloves and the wrist guards. If she was lucky, she'd be able to hide the barely salvageable shin guards. All other parts could be melted down or fashioned into something else.

The green skinned woman; Gamora as Kimiko found out, sat across from her as she fiddled with the gloves of the armor.

"Are you really an assassin?" Came Gamora's voice, Kimiko snorted and nodded,

"Damn straight I am. One of the best there is." She said and swore under her breath as two pieces of the armor clicked together and snagged the skin of her pointer finger. She pulled it out and sucked on the injured digit to relieve the annoying pain. Gamora raised an eyebrow, she obviously wasn't impressed.

"How were you bleeding out in space then?" An innocent question with an underlying jab. Kimiko ignored the tone and shrugged,

"Pissed off a couple'a space pirates and they blew my ship up when I bailed. Obviously I took some damage, I'm not invincible." She said in a nonchalant almost bored tone. Gamora was not entertained by her sarcastic comment. Kimiko tinkered with a screw and the broken leg parts of the suit decompressed with a satisfying hiss.

"Were you hired by someone to kill us?" Gamora asked after a moment of silence and Kimiko sat back and thought about it. Should she tell the truth that she was really picked up by them by pure coincidence? Or tease them for the fun of it?

"For the fun of it." She decided and sat forward again.

"Sure we'll say that. There's lotsa people who would pay a hefty amount of money for your corpse." Her tone of voice dripped with sarcasm though there was a grain of truth in what she said. Once she established a reputation in the intergalactic black market, people were clambering to hire her. Not that she needed the money. She was a Double Star Hunter that had a hefty paycheck, and a Zoldyck family assassin, she had access to more money than she could ever need.

Gamora picked up on this tone and stiffened in her seat. Kimiko snickered to herself and shook her head,

"You really think I'd get myself blown up in the hopes that you'd pick me up just for a job? Geez you guys are stupider than I thought."


The Guardians hastily dropped her off at Knowhere, eager to get away from her condescending attitude and overwhelming sarcastic comments. Normally they would attempt to give their own little quips back but over the course of 3 days, she quickly learned how to push all their buttons. Which was not a good thing for them. She found it hilarious, but after nearly getting skewered by Gamora and Drax and shot by Rocket, she was almost glad when they dropped her off.

After they left her at Knowhere, she quickly grew comfortable among the thriving criminal population. Knowhere was rich with criminals and black markets and plenty of people who were like her. However with being around people like her, she was bound to run into some trouble.

That's what got her where she was at the moment, not even a week into being on Knowhere after being dropped off. Her stomach rumbled hungrily as she was shoved up against the wall with a glowing gun shoved against her forehead. She tilted her head back against the wall, looking at the person in front of her.

It was an alien, a vaguely humanoid woman with leopard spotted skin and slitted green pupils. She wore a worn leather jacket and black tube top with a pair of camouflage trousers that didn't match her skin at all and some nice looking combat boots.

"All your money and possessions. Now." Came her growling voice and Kimiko raised an eyebrow. This alien chick was trying to rob her? Couldn't she see she had literally nothing to steal? Well except for her Hunter's License tucked into her boot that held her identification and authorization for all her money… But this lady didn't need to know that.

"Sorry lady, my answer is gonna have-ta be no. I'm hungry so I'm gonna go find some food." She hummed in an uninterested tone and pushed the gun from her forehead; leaving the woman in shock as Kimiko waltzed down the alleyway and back out into the streets.

Her Nen flared up in warning and she simply leaned her head to the side, allowing the blast from the leopard woman's gun to bury itself into a nearby wall. Turning back, she gave them a look that said 'really?' as the woman's gun smoked from the shot. The woman stared in awe, her hand starting to tremble as Kimiko allowed her Nen to take on a slightly darker tone, more blood thirsty, more dangerous. Just for kicks and giggles of course, she didn't actually feel like killing anyone… yet. But she could use a change of clothes and this woman was basically serving herself up so she might as well take the chance.

"Now now, there's no need to destroy public property. I don't have any money on me to pay off guards. You however, might. Luckily for you, I am normally a generous person, but unluckily for you, you did piss me off. And I am in a dire need of a change of clothes." Kimiko mused and stepped closer, closing the distance between them until she stood nose to nose with the woman. The woman dropped the gun shakily onto the ground and stumbled backwards out of the reach of Kimiko who simply kept following.

"You know what? I like your style, I think I'm gonna borrow these." She said as a sly grin crossed her face.

Kimiko stepped out of the alleyway, leaving the woman clad in her undergarments, unconscious, and tied up. She was now sporting the black tube top and green camo pants, zipping up the tan leather jacket and lacing up the boots as she went.

Her salvaged shin guards were hidden under the pants tucked into the boots and her wrist guards were hidden nicely under the sleeves of the jacket. The only indication of armor was the armored gloves. She had sliced the fingers off – turning them what looked almost like fingerless gloves or brass knuckles – and slipped them on. Her smirk curled up into a grin, eyes blazing.

"Show time."


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