Hello everyone! I'm here again with another poem. This one is slightly different from my other ones (though it is on the same subject!) Enjoy!


This poem is one that could be recited by Sam and Frodo to each other. Whoever is speaking is written at the side, but the names are NOT part of the poem. Just read it, I hope it will make sense.


Why I need you


Frodo: There's nobody as loyal,

There's nobody as brave

Sam: Of all the people in the world,

You'd be the one I'd save.

Frodo: Nothing gives more comfort,

Then holding tight your hand

Sam: I'll follow you forever,

Into the shadowed land

Frodo: When all the Orcs surround us

And no way out can I find

Sam: I'll be the one to save you,

So don't leave me behind

Frodo: And if my path should falter

When I don't know what to do

Sam: I'll be there don't you worry,

Together we'll get through

Frodo: I know I can rely on you

To be my strength, my guide

Sam: I made a promise long ago

To never leave you side.


There you have it. Another poem by Michelle Frodo. Maybe I should come up with a new subject matter one of these days, but for now, I'll stick to what I know people like!

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