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"Sensei! Look over there!" Yellow Diamond yelled, already running towards the sparkling silhouette that was struggling to get up, but was struck down by a Lunarian's spear. They fell to the ground with a crash as their blue shards fell on the sand like morning dews.

"Gem ahead!" They ran towards the Lunarian that was trying to capture the blue gem and sliced it into wisps of air. With a swift movement of Kongo's hand, the Lunarians vanished into thin air.

Defeating the Lunarian was simple, but finding the complete set of the gem's body was a hard task.

"Sensei, they seem to be missing their legs. Its not here." Yellow Diamond said, forming a crease of worry on their forehead, they have been pacing back and forth around the area, searching for the gem's missing pieces, but they never found another speck of blue on the sand.

"It's not in the water either." Pink Topaz sighed and gripped their sword. "Sorry sensei." Pink Topaz apologized sheepishly, their voice was meek and pleasant to listen, they grip their sword tightly, as if they wanted to slice open a mountain due to frustration.

"...I see." Sensei could only mutter solemnly as their gloved hands worked on fixing the gem's face, the rest were already glued back. Sensei's gentle and nimble fingers quickly pieced the shards back, surprisingly the gem did not struggle and stayed completely still, as if they expected an attack.

"Done." They pulled away, and got up to observe the gem. A brilliant bright blue, as blue as the sky, it blinked its eyes, they were solid, unlike the rest of its body, they were not transparant. Their hair was long and straight, reaching it's back, right above their hip. It was strange, they came in thin strands, unlike the rest whose hair usually stick into clumps.

"You will be named, Turquoise." The gem blinked in confusion, seemingly confused. It looked around, hands roaming all over the sand underneath them, until they grasped Sensei's robes. A gleam of curiosity filled their eyes as their hands went up further, dainty fingers feeling the silky material of the robe. Their eyes looking at it distantly, as if they use their fingers to see.

Yellow diamond and Pink Topaz looked in confusion.

"What are they doing sensei?" [Pink Topaz]

"Is this normal?" [Yellow Diamond]

Kongo did not respond, he watched as Turquoise's hands reaching up to his gloved hands. Their mouth gaped in surprise at its hardness before humming in glee. They blinked in surprised and touched their throat, they made rumbling sounds as they felt the vibration at that particular spot. Kongo hummed in thought as they grasped Turquoise's hand.

"That is your throat. Turquoise, you'll have a lot to learn." He reached forward and lifted them in their arms bridal style. Turquoise yelped in surpriseat the warmth and the unfamiliar situation but did not struggle.

"Come, Yellow Diamond, Pink Topaz." Kongo's robes swished at the breeze as he started to make his way back to the school with a new gem in his arms.

""Yes sensei!"" Pink Topaz and Yellow Diamond followed in suit, running at a semi-fast pace as Kongo was faster with his wide strides. Their minds filled with curiosity at the new addition in their family.

"What do you think, Rutile?" Kongo asked as soon as he saw Rutile halted for a moment and hummed in thought.

"Well I won't be able to do anything about the legs." Rutile looked at the incomplete gem with a twinge of sadness.

Kongo nodded solemnly, he'd expected that, it lessened the blow at his hope slightly. "Their eyes though." Rutile pursed their lips in a thinning line and gently grasped Turquoise's face. Turquoise jerked at the touch and tried to pulled away. Rutile noted this and assured them soothingly.

"Shh, it's okay. I'm not going to hurt you, calm down." Turquoise didn't seem to understand them, but they seem to sense the gentle assurance in Rutile's words. Their tense muscles relaxed slightly and they allowed Rutile's fingers to move closer to their eyes, one of the most sensitive parts on their body as the gentle touch of Rutile's finger tip sent the gem shivering and a ringing sound in the air.

Yellow Diamond and Pink Topaz couldn't help but wince at the ringing sound. Kongo shuts his eyes. "I was going to give them surgery for their eyes, but it seems that, their eyes are the most sensitive part of them. It would be torture to them." Kongo's brows furrowed, frustrated that the only solution they had was instantly stumped.

"It seems that their inclusion are large particles, making their eyes appear solid, something interesting." For the Lunarians, the hidden message rang in clearly in Yellow Diamond's and Pink Topaz's heads.

"In other words, their eyes are made of opaque crystals." [Rutile]

"What? Speak Japanese Rutile!" Pink Topaz cried in confusion as they grabbed Yellow Diamond, as if pleading for them to help them.

"Calm down, Pink Topaz! I'm sure Rutile will elaborate in a minute." They send Rulite a pleading look before Rutile sighed in resignation.

"An Opaque crystal is a crystal that doesn't allow light to pass through." [Rutile]

Pink Topaz's eyes lit up and dipped their head in understanding as they released Yellow Diamond's arm and gazed at Turquoise with an unreadable expression. "Does that mean they will never see?"[Y.D]

Gems live off sunlight alone, for them to be unable to absorb sunlight, would mean being unable function. Rutile could only sigh, with a grim expression, they pulled away from Turquoise and turned to Kongo with resentful eyes. "I'm sorry, but nothing can be done. Maybe Spinel may have a better solution to this."

Kongo reached out a hand and placed it onto Rutile's head gently. "You've done all you can with your best efforts. I'm proud of you."

Rulite's resentfulness seemed to lighten up, but their eyes were still dark at how useless they were in this situation. Yellow Diamond looked remorseful at this information, the beautiful gem sat on the medical bed looked around with curious innocent eyes, they are disabled and born with abnormalities, but still managed to look to spirited, full of life.

"Careful there!" Pink Topaz chided when Turquoise seemed to lose their balance on the medical bed, they gripped onto their shoulders and steadied them. "Wah, your hair is so luscious! Like Padparadscha's." That statement hit them harder than they realized.

Like Padparadscha, Turquoise was born with abnormalities, but they will be conscious most of the time. Unlike Rutile and Yellow Diamond who have interacted with Padparadshca many times, the rest would be lost on how to deal with this new addition.

"Red Beryl would be happy to style your hair." Pink Topaz smiles and combed Turquoise's hair with their hands. "Silky and flexible as well! We might have to hide you from them if they get too obssessed with you." They said jokingly with a chuckle at the end.

"That's it!" Rutile exclaimed and ran over to where Pink Topaz was and stroked Turquoise's hair with a wide (maniacal) grin on their face. "I can use their hair to make their legs!" Pink Topaz was on their side warning them to not pull Turquoise's hair with too much force.

Yellow Diamond pondered with this inforxmation, certainly they agree with it, but "It wouldn't really be enough." They blurted out.

Rutile's grin faltered as her lips curled into a small smile instead. "I suppose so. With this much, I would only be able to make a small portion of her thighs. But that's better than nothing." Kongo pondered about it, and nodded.

"I will allow it." Kongo then walked over to Rutile and placed their gloved hand on Rutile's head, a the smile widened on Rutile's face. "Behave." Kongo stroked Turquoise's head, which in return, Turquoise reached for his hand with their two hands.

Losing their support of balance, Turquoise began to fall backwards. "Aah?" Turquoise yelped in shock as they felt something supporting them from behind.

"Gah! Turquoise!" Rutile was back from gathering the tools they needed for the neccesary operation when they saw a flash of blue tumble down.

Kongo was quicker than them, their other hand supported Turquoise's back and propped them back upwards.

"Rutile, monitor them well." Kongo went over to Yellow Diamond and Pink Topaz next, putting their hands on their heads. "You did well today."

The contagious smile seemed to affect the stuffy atmosphere around them as Turquoise beamed with joy.

"Alright, that's all I can do for now." Rutile pulled away and examined their work.

Turquoise's hair was snipped and it was now chin length. Red Beryl came over earlier and demanded for the scissors, swiftly Turquoise's hair was snipped from a messy shoulder length hair into chin length hair with a descending pattern on both sides starting from their hairstyle gave Turquoise a more sophisticated aura, but they look beautiful nonetheless.

"Now I'm going to piece these shards back. Hold still." Rutile took the shards and started on their left thigh (well it was barely considered a thigh).

With a deep breath, Rutile held the tweezers holding a blue shard dripping with yellow sap and placed it in a suitable spot.

Turquoise jerked at the sudden twinge pain as a surprised strangle escaped their lips, they gripped the edge of the medical chair tightly, not wanting to fall off again.

"Shh..." Pink Topaz offered to stay behind. They wrapped their gloved arms around Turquoise, murmuring soft soothing words into their ears. "You're doing great."The pain wasn't much, but they were still unfamiliar with it, so it came as a huge shock for them.

Rutile kept going, sticking more shards to their thighs, Turquoise gritted their teeth in pain, their mind still clouded with the pain but they knew they couldn't scream. For some reason, they knew they shouldn't scream. After a tormenting hour, the shards were finally used up, their inclusions worked well with attaching the shards as a part of their thighs.

Their thighs barely showed any progression. It seems like they'd have to find other material to attach to become their legs.

Turquoise had collapsed in Pink Topaz's arms, their head rested against their chest. "They did well." Pink Topaz smiled and carried Turquoise in a position so they would be able to sleep on the medical bed.

"Sigh, I've never been that exhausted from a simple operation before." Rutile sat on the ledge in the wall, a designed hole that connects the school to the outside.

With another exhausted sigh, Rutile laid on the ledge. "Wake me up if anything happens."

Pink Topaz didn't bother respond, they only stare absentmindedly at Turquoise before sitting on the ground near where Rutile was asleep. Their eyelids started to droop, it wouldn't hurt to get some shut eye... would it?

Turquoise awoke, their eyelids fluttering open as a yawn escapes their mouth. Their fingers danced around the soft surface, they felt an edge close by on both sides. Hmm, they seem to still be on the soft thing that the strong but gentle hold placed them on.

Where are the rest? The one with a deep voice, the one whose touch is comforting; the one with the melodious voice, the one who supported them throughout the agony; the one with a serious deeper voice, the one who touched their face; the one with a low feminine voice, the first one to approach them; the one with a chirpy voice, the one who snipped their hair.

Did they leave them here? Troubled, they tried to prop themselves back up, their limbs at their side shook at their own weight. Somehow they managed to hoist themselves to stay upright with their lower half on the soft surface beneath, with the support of their two limbs holding on the edge of the bed of course.

They perked their ears up, listening, searching for any signs of familiarity. There was a gentle woosh of cool wind brushed pass their hair, accompanied with the faint rustling behind them. They turned around, there's life there, not this stifling silence. The voices should be there. Dragging themselves slowly, they moved, but their limbs very soon felt the mocking edge.

They gulped nervously. How far would the drop be? Should they just stay put and await the voice's return? Should they risk themselves... feel pain, the same pain when they break?

Before the voice's arrival, there was eerie music in the air. They weren't given a chance to recover when there was a quick swoosh and their lower limbs broke. They screamed, it was pain, miserable, helpless, unfair. Then they heard yells, and there was another woosh, the music dispersed, as if it was never there in the first place.

Then they met the voices, ones so kind, comforting, sympathizing and warm. They felt all kinds of things, nervousness, warmth, happiness, pain, comfort, satisfaction... it could go on and on. There was another gentle brush of their hair, it ruffled their clothes as well. Right, they would have to find them. They want to feel those things again. So weird and foreign but not unwelcomed.

Alright. They have decided.

They started slow, lowering themselves with shaky arms, laying down on their stomach, using their limbs, they pushed themselves, slowly reaching the edge. They felt the lower part of their body dangling in the air, losing the support of the soft surface. Pursing their lips while steeling their will, they continued this motion.

Their plan was going smoothly up until half of their body dangled in the air. Their limbs strained to keep a hold on the soft surface.

Just a little more. There was the wind again, the soft things wrapped around their body (A:N Clothes.) swished along them. They're getting closer, they can feel the cool touch more now. Gritting their teeth, they pushed and kept holding onto the soft object. Soon, their whole body was off the surface, dangling in the air.

Their limbs struggled to keep hold of the thick object, with a swift adjustment, they grabbed hold of the much thinner object.

To their demise, the thinner object started slipping, plummeting them down. A scream rang in the air, snapping Pink Topaz awake.


"...Mmh?" Pink Topaz stirred awake, their bleary eyes blinking repeatedly, trying to shrug away the sleep that was heavy on their lids.

When their blurry vision was finally able to focus, there was a lump of blue eerily on the floor. Their eyes were snapped wide open as they quickly stumbled towards Turquoise.

"Turquoise! Turquoise!" They said frantically as they repeatedly shook the still gem's shoulder. Turquoise's scrunched expression was smoothen out as they smile happily.

"You idiot!" Pink Topaz sighed in relief and hugged the gem that was too comfortable in their hold. "Why did you come down like that? Thank goodness you weren't broken."

Pink Topaz carried Turquoise and placed them on the medical bed. "Alright, stay still. I will see if Sensei has implemented your room yet." They flashed Turquoise a smile and left room.

Turquoise waited, for Pink Topaz to talk again, but was met with silence. Their brows furrowed with worry. Where's the voice? Did it leave again? Their shoulders slumped as they sighed, all the effort for nothing.

"Oh? Are you the new gem?" Came another voice, this voice was very lively, they could detect interest and amusement.

Turquoise turned around, mood instantly rising at happier swings at the arrival of the new voice. "Well look at you, all pumped up after your surgery." They chuckled, voice tinkling melodiously in Turquoise's ears. "I should get some gloves first." Hearing the voice turning away, Turquoise reached out to grab the other's limbs, but when they made contact, there was a tingling sensation that made them immediately retract their limbs.

"Ah, sorry, I don't have my gloves with me. I guess it must have hurt." They narrowed their eyes, a bit more wary about the voice.

There was a yawn in the back, soft clinking to be heard until they speak. "Hey Opal."


"Ah, Rutile." Opal greeted the sleepy doctor, they watched Rutile stretch their tired limbs in exhaustion with a blank expression. "Who's this? Has sensei given them a name?" Opal stayed a comfortable distance away from the blue gem so they wouldn't collide and cause discomfort for them.

"Yep, this is Turquoise." Rutile placed a gloved hand onto Turquoise's shoulder, ignoring their jerk at the sudden touch. "I guess you're not the youngest anymore." Rutile flashed Opal a knowing look. The 50 year old gem nodded, happy at the change that Turquoise unknowingly brought. That meant the others won't be going easy on them any longer, the sooner they would be able to head out for patrol!

Rutile spotted the gleam in Opal's eyes with a chuckle. "You would have to be at least 150 years old to head out to patrol, you know that right?" Opal answered with a roll of their eyes. "I know, I know." They mumbled. Rutile turned over to grab the clothes that Red Beryl placed on the counter when they were asleep, they were well measured and stitched to fit Turquoise's body.

Unlike their's, Turquoise's attire was a new version of the their hibernation attire that Red Beryl had been working on, it was simple for them to put on as all they needed to do was slip it on from the top. Sensei said it was a "Dress" Red Beryl left a small note for Rutile. Opal looked at the garment curiously, as they never seen an attire like this.

"What's that?" Rutile shrugged as they untied the loose ribbon around Turquoise. "A dress, Red Beryl had gone to create a new prototype for Taru ever since they stopped by to snip their hair. For an hour of work, this dress is not bad."

A/N: Turquoise is said as Tarukuoise in Japanese, Turquoise will be referred as Taru in conversations.

The dress was full of frills as expected, but it was in black and white colour to match the uniform scheme. Opal raised a brow at the nickname for the blue gem, but hummed in acknowledgement. "Now that you're not the youngest, you should act more maturely as Taru's role model. Shake off that sense of irresponsibility will you?" Opal pouted at their chiding but sighed in response. "I will try-" Opal blinked dazedly, as if they just saw a flower turn into a jellyfish.

"Wait, does that mean I have to mentor them?" Rutile dipped their head in response as they smoothen out the wrinkled dress, oblivious to the dread that filled Opal's chest. "B-but I've never mentored someone before!" Rutile pulled back to examined their work. "There's a first time for anything, you never know until you try."

They quoted Sensei's words of encouragement during their first serious operation, and to top it off, they had to fix Yellow Diamond on their first try. They had been so scared, hands shaking, lips quivering at the thought of them messing up. If they messed up, if the after effects were not fixable, We might lose a member of the Diamonds.

That thought alone was enough to send them to their knees. Sensei immediately supported them up as soon as they started swooning. "It's okay, you've done this before." Rutile gulped anxiously, they wanted to rebut something back, but they weren't able to find their voice. Yes they've done it before, simple operations, not gluing a head back to someone. "There's a first time for anything, you never know until you try."

Rutile hung tightly on Sensei's words, during the whole operation, they held those words closely to their hearts, they repeated them like a mantra in their mind, as if once they stop, they will fail and mess up. The operation had been successful, with yellow diamond waking up the minute after they glued them back together.

The grateful smile on Yellow Diamond's face reminded them, they chose to be a doctor, and a doctor they will be.

"Still! What if I mess things up! I may not like it, but I still can't change how scatterbrained and clumsy I am!" Opal whined despite knowing their fate was set in stone. Rutile gave them a side glance before proceeding to ignore them. They tried to lift Turquoise, pleasantly happy that the gem was not that heavy.

The only problem was the transportation. Rutile frowned, the crease only deepened when Turquoise starting wriggling in their grasp, they felt uncomfortable at the hold. As much as they would like to dump Turquoise onto Opal, they still couldn't help but pity the second youngest gem for they would have to mentor a gem with abnormalities.

"I would need to find some material soon..." The faster they could find new material for Turquoise, the easier Turquoise's life would be.

"Rutile, Rutile! Chrys and Alex are outside doing patrol, they've encountered some Lunarians, Sensei wants us to get going!" Fluorite yelled, giving Turquoise and Opal a side glance as they waited for Rutile to get their tools.

"Opal, you stay with them." Fluorite pointed at Turquoise before rushing off to meet up with the rest of the Gems. Rutile placed Turquoise into Opal's arms despite their desperate gaze. "Be careful now, don't break them. And remember, Taru is... an abnormal. They can't see, do not let them be out of your sight Opal."

Opal could only keep their complains to themselves as the two quickly vanished from their sight. Opal quickly lowered Turquoise on the ground as soon as they felt their arms giving away, the last thing they wanted was to break them. Opal sighed, they didn't want to stay here in this boring room watching the gem all day either.

With an inward sigh, they turned over to face Turquoise that had their eyes shut, hair being blown by the gentle breeze. Opal couldn't help but soften at the sight, all the displeasure from having their plans ruined dispersing into nothing but feeble distraction.

"Well? What do you want to do?" Opal smiled, moving away to grab a pair of gloves.

Turquoise didn't say a word, their lips tightly sealed. That was when there was a faint flutter near their shoulder. They turned over, the fluttering got closer as they felt the soft air fluctuation in contrast to the breeze that was blowing their hair all over their face.

"Ah, a butterfuly." Opal smiled gently at the intrigued gem whom reached a hand near the butterfly, only to have the butterfly flee outside in fear. Turquoise looked dejected as their shoulders slumped, Opal chuckled a little before picking Turquoise into their arms as they walked outside.

"Don't worry, there's plenty more outside." It should be alright to head out, the Lunarians are taken cared by Sensei and the others anyway. Opal placed them on the ledge as they did a passement over the ledge, landing swiftly on their feet before carrying Turquoise in their arms again.

A/N: A passement is also known as speed vault, which is essentially a vault used in Parkour. A Traceur or Traceuses will use this vault to quickly overpass an obstacle, such as a low wall, railing or barrier, while preserving forward momentum for additional movements such as a roll or underbar.

With quick unsteady strides Opal managed to find a spot to watch the sunset amidst a patch of wildflowers. Butterflies roamed freely, quickly returning back to flutter among the flowers before landing on Turquoise and Opal. A wide smile broke on Turquoise face as they felt the air fluctuations around them, so lively as they come and go.

Opal picked some flowers and mended a flower crown, using a flower they've never used before as their centre as they mended the rest of the flowers around it. With a smile, they plopped it on Turquoise's head, surprising the gem as they raised a hand to touch it, gentle with their strength as they fiddled with the soft petals.

The flower they picked as the centre was a bright yellow daffodil, it seemed to suit Turquoise a lot, Opal thought absentmindedly as they watched the gem play around with the butterflies, looking hilariously giddy when they got a butterfly to land on their finger.

Daffodils symbolize rebirth and new beginnings. :D

Opal is my OC, their design is quite generic because they were designed by yours truly ;) This was supposed to be in a different chapter but I thought this chapter would be too short if I did that.

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