It's a detoxification, as such, let out her feelings before it consumed her. That's what her letters are to her. It was never meant to be seen by anyone other than her.

And suddenly here it was, her worst nightmare come to light - no, she was not naked walking down the school halls (not literally anyway) - except her soul was bared before five unexpecting boys.

The worst of them being Duncan Kane, her sister's ex-boyfriend. She never had any intention of dating him. She'd never do that to Meg but she'd had feelings that arose in her early adolescence that had come to light a little too late and she's dealt with that - until a week ago when Meg broke up with him.

She swallows as she watches him stalk toward her with the letter in his hand. She didn't know how to deal with this.

Especially not with Logan Echolls standing in front of her with his own version of a letter that she'd wrote him a million years ago.

He'd moved here when he was twelve and every girl had a crush on him except her. That is until he'd kissed her at Dick Casablancas' birthday party. They'd been the last ones there, she'd been waiting for her dad to arrive and he was going to stay the night. They were sitting on the couch, the TV was on and they were bantering like they usually did and all of a sudden, his face was in front of hers and then his lips was kissing hers.

She never meant for him to find out what she thought about the kiss nor the aftermath that was her crush on him. And that's why she'd wrote the letter, to get over him and she'd been successful in that.

And here he is defending one of the many things she's accused him off in her letter and apologizing for stealing her first kiss during Dick Casablancas' birthday party. She's hastily brushing it off, accepting the apology and she is ready to run as far away from Neptune High as she possibly can.

Because Duncan is close and Logan is still talking about various details contained in the letter he was never supposed to receive and she's knee deep in panic mood.

That's the only explanation she can articulate as to why she's kissing Logan Echolls in the middle of the soccer field.

Her coach calls out to her and she breaks away from Logan. Duncan is stilled in his movement on the far left underneath the big Oak tree and she's pretty sure Logan's more confusion then when he'd found her when she appropriates a quick thank you and flees the scene with as much speed as possible.

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