Heather is completely taken with Logan; she's practically bouncing in the backseat, her eyes are sparkling and she's talking to him like she's known him for a lifetime instead of just five minutes. Logan, of course, is happy as a puppy being shown such enthusiastic affection.

It'd be cute if Veronica hadn't felt so unsettled about the prospect of now lying to her family. Lying to everyone at school was one thing - lying to Duncan was one thing but lying to her family? It's not something she's thrilled about doing.

She pushes the thought to the back of her mind as Heather asks her if Logan can come with them to the zoo this weekend - a trip that originally started as a Mars' daughter-daddy bonding trip that turned into a Mars-Fennel outing last night when Heather had enthusiastically suggested that they come along too.

"Can I?" His eyes are bright and eager. It's amusing that it's very clear that he wants to go to the zoo because honestly she's never thought of Logan as a guy who would want to spend his Sunday looking at animals instead of one of the many luxurious activities he could he participating in.

Even though he wants to go, he's looking at her for permission and it feels surreal being a decision maker to Logan's weekend schedule. She looks at her sister through the front mirror and sees the same expression on her face that is on Logan's so she bobs her head and says, "Sure, if you really want to."

As soon as she's given her consent, Logan's agreed and the two are practically gushing about all the animals they will get to see.

She's holding hands with Logan the moment they're out of his X-Terra, all the way to the quad as though it's as natural as the sun rising in the morning - well Logan makes it seem that way. His hand is warm, soft against hers and she's unprepared for how nice his fingers feel laced up with hers.

It brings back memories from when they were younger and he'd randomly play with her hand, tracing patterns and sizing up their fingers against each other.

It's odd when she thinks about it but Logan's always had this special ability to reinvent what the word normal meant for the time that he's with her.

He's headed for his regular table where the rest of the his friends and Lilly are seated. They're chatting among themselves but Lilly's eyes are on them and Veronica is unsettled.

There's years of proof that she's been able to take on Lilly in verbal combat but Lilly's been known to play dirty with her seduction and manipulation and money.

Veronica hasn't personally been on a level where she was warranted that kind of wrath from Lilly before but here, with her hands tightly clasped with Logan's, she thinks maybe she's hit that mark. Even though Lilly's got a boyfriend, she'd always made it clear that Logan was hers.

Veronica wasn't particularly afraid of Lilly, it's just that Lilly Kane was an unpredictable force of nature and that was an inconvenience.

She tugs at his hand, halting him before they pass her usual table because she really doesn't want to deal with the inconveniences that Lilly Kane brings to her life right now. "Let's sit here."

His brows furrow at the request and she's already got her bag on the table. "Make her wonder what's happening for a bit longer."

Logan nods, following her thought process, he waves to his friends - because Dick Casablancas is already on his third 'Logan' shout (Veronica wouldn't be surprised if Dick's top three words were dude, boobs and Logan).

Just as they're settled in, Duncan walks by, he looks stricken when he sees them at the table and Veronica eyes meet his as she wonders if the look is because she's with Logan or if it's because she's with Logan at this table - their table.

Logan sees the silent exchange between them and he brushes Veronica's hair with his fingers, tucks it behind her ears and holds onto her face and he gazes her with that look that shouldn't be allowed to be used by a teenage boy and she wants to move away from him but his warm hand is stilling her.

He leans forward, his lips barely graze her left cheek but to his table it would look like a kiss on the cheek. She doesn't expect his deep voice to whisper in her ear but he does and she all but shudders when he says, "Look at me, Veronica. Not him."