Kurt A mob boss was making plans to assassinate the president

Of the American with his thugs. When suddenly Terry known as

The street fighter came crashing threw the window and grabbed

Kurt by the throat then the bosses men drew there guns on Terry.

"Drop your guns! Or I'll rip his fucking head off!" Yelled Terry,

Then men dropped there guns. Then Terry threw Kurt over

The desk and kicked a thug in the face giving him a bloody

Nose. Then jumped behind a thug, a thug shot him instead

Of Terry then Terry shot him in the face. Then Terry jumped

And kicked the last thug in the neck breaking it then he crashed

Into the bar table. Then Terry walk up to Kurt and ripped his

Balls off then threw him against the wall as Kurt screamed

In pain. Then he poured gasoline on him and set him on fire

Then left then big house.

2 days later...

Terry was in his house went someone knocked on his

Door, it was a friend that he worked with.

"Hello Terry my friend, I need your help" his friend asked,

"What kind of help?" Asked Terry.

"I need your help in protecting Rachel Marron, he has these thugs

Stalking her and trying to get her to sell out her music career"

He spoke. "Is she wanting protection?" Asked Terry,

"She doesn't know I'm here yet" his friend answered.

"Go and tell her that I'll be there" said Terry,

Then his friend left to go back to the city.