Before Terry left he had to go the China club

To settle a score with the mob. Two mob leaders

Where waiting for Kurt while a naked female

Dancer on their table when Terry came in

And the mob's bodyguard came hit him.

"Fuck you asshole!" Yelled the bodyguard,

Terry ripped off his face yelling back

"Drop dead you cocksucking asshole!'' Then the mobs bodyguard

Drop to the floor. The naked danced ran at Terry and tried to stab

Him, but Terry grabbed her neck and ripped her throat out.

Terry approach the mob leaders and said "you do drugs in my

City again! I'll cut off your fucking dicks, and shove them up your

Fucking asses!". Then one of the them pulled and shotgun

On Terry ,then Terry ripped his arm off. Then he punched

Deep into his chest ripping out his heart, then took the shotgun

And blew off the other mob leaders dick off then threw the shotgun down.

As he laid threw dying Terry shouted

"I hope you live long enough to tell this mother

Fuckers that they will never fuck another bitch again!"

He left the club stepping on the faceless bodyguards hand

As he went out.