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Full Summary: Tomoyo, Eriol, Sakura, Syaoran, Yamazaki, and Chiharu go on a cruise around Japan for the summer. But as they head to their rooms Tomoyo spots her old boyfriend, she then tells him she already has a new boyfriend. He then asked 'who?'. Looking over her choices she picked Eriol.

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"Wow Tomoyo thank you so much!" Chiharu said as they showed their tickets to the man.

"It was my mom who bought them for us," Tomoyo said

"Don't be so modest Tomoyo! We all know you paid half," Sakura said.

"And it's first class!" Syaoran said.

Tomoyo blushed, "It's not that big of a deal you guys," she said.

Eriol looked up at the ship they were boarding on. It was truly magnificent. (It looks something like the Titanic, except in this story it's not going to hit an ice berg and they all die.)

"Hey Eriol! Are you coming or not?" Syaoran yelled back at him.

"Coming!" he yelled running up to the ticket master.

"Thank and I hope you enjoy your trip," he said handing Eriol his ticket back.

They all walked onto the ship just as the anchors were lifted. None of them knew there was a certain someone watching them.

"Okay lets see room A4. . . A5. . .oh here we are A6!" Chiharu said sliding in the card.

"Hey Tomoyo it's okay if we leave you with Eriol-kun right?" Sakura asked.

"Hey it's no problem!" Tomoyo smiling.

'Just because we hardly ever talked doesn't mean we're not friends,' she thought.

"Are you sure because I can share a room with you," Sakura said.

"Don't worry! Besides I wouldn't want to get in the way with your romance," Tomoyo said acting like her sly self.

Sakura and Syaoran blushed, "Tomoyo!" they shouted.

Everyone broke out in laughter.

"Why, I wasn't expecting to see you here Tomoyo."

She spun around, and her eyes widened in surprise. "H-Hiroke?" she said.

Hiroke was Tomoyo's ex-boyfriend. She broke up with him since he was just slightly perverted.

"Wha-what are you doing here?" she asked.

"Why I'm on the same cruise as you," he replied coolly.

"So you got a new boyfriend yet?" he asked, his eyes hungry for the sight in front of him.

"Uhh, y-yeah," Tomoyo stuttered.

"Well where is he?"

Tomoyo turned to her wide-eyed friend. She looked at Yamazaki, to Syaoran to Eriol.

'No Chiharu would kill me, I wouldn't hurt Sakura, there's no other choice.'

She grabbed Eriol's arm, "Hiroke, please meet Hiiragizawa Eriol my new boyfriend."

Everybody's jaws dropped in horror.

Eriol and Tomoyo, an item? Since when did pigs start flying?

"You guys aren't together," Yamazaki said.

Tomoyo glared at him, "What I mean is they weren't together a few weeks ago," he said.

"Well then I hope you do ba- I mean well on your relationship," Hiroke said walking into the room next to hers.

Tomoyo sighed and let go of Eriol's arm. "What was that?" Sakura asked.

"Long story," Tomoyo said walking away, "I'm going to take a walk, see you guys later."

'What have I done? None of this is going to work out. Me and Eriol are hardly even friends,' Tomoyo thought as she looked out into the waves.

She breathed in the fresh salty air of the sea, and stared at the setting sun.

"Oh Seiya! Come look at the sunset! It's so beautiful!"

"I'm coming!" Tomoyo looked over at the couple just a few yards away from her and smiled at them. 'She is really lucky.'

"Hey Tomoyo-san."

She turned around to see Eriol standing there. "Yeah."

"About you 'boyfriend problem. Do I actually have to-"

"Only when Hiroke is around," Tomoyo said staring at the blue waves.

"But. . ."

"Listen, you don't have to do it if you don't want to. But it would be a really great help to me if you did," Tomoyo said, her violet sundress fluttering around her.

Eriol sighed, "I guess I'll do it if you don't want him around. On one condition though," he said.

With out looking back Tomoyo asked, "What?"

"You tell me why we're doing this in the first place," he said resting his arms on the rail, next to her.

She smiled, "Okay. Well every time me and Hiroke went on a date he would always try to make a move on me, and it was really disgusting. So one day I broke up with him. A few weeks later he called me and said if I didn't get a new boyfriend in a month then he would come after me. I never really paid much attention to that , but now that he's here, I guess I should be a little more cautious. I'm glad we're friends Eriol"

Eriol nodded, "Me too."

Tomoyo just smiled at the pink skies in front of her, Eriol looked at her. 'This trip is going to get interesting.'

"Don't they look like a real couple Chiharu?" Sakura asked as they stared down at their friends from above.

"Yeah," Chiharu sighed.

"You know we're here too," Yamazaki said with his arms crossed.

Chiharu waved him off, "Can't you see this is a romantic mood?" she said.

"Girls," Syaoran said rolling his eyes.

"Come on lets go get something to eat, they'll be here a while," he continued.

Hiroke was staring at Tomoyo and Eriol too. "Why do I get the feeling those two are faking it," he said to himself.

"Hey Tomoyo-san?"


"Are we going to have to. . . you know-" Eriol asked.

"Of course not, I doubt that we'll have to get that intimate," Tomoyo replied. She linked her arm with his causing him to blush.

"Come on Eriol it's getting cold," she said happily. Eriol nodded still blushing.

"I've never noticed it before but those two really do make the perfect couple," Sakura said cupping her chin in her hands.

Chihru sweatdropped, "Don't tell me you're that dense Sakura-chan," she said.


"Don't you ever hear people talking at school how cute they look together?"

"No, why?"

"Oh man!"

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