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Oh and by the way POG stand for pass o guava. It's a juice my friends would only drink.

That morning Tomoyo and Sakura decided to play a little ping pong on the ship's sports deck. A stack of plastic cups once full of POG juice were sitting in the corner.

"Drama really sucks you know Sakura?" Tomoyo said randomly as she hit the little white ball back to her partner.

"Yeah I know. I just saw three girls sitting by the elevator doors comforting one of their crying friends. It was pretty crazy. She was talking about suicide and stuff."



They hit the ball back and forth a few more times before Tomoyo missed the ball and it hit the wall behind her. Sakura took another sip of POG as she watched Tomoyo chase the little ball around the deck.

"I just wish that this vacation could end and I can get some time away from these people. I mean I'm entrapped with them on this ship!" Tomoyo exclaimed as she finally clasped the ball within her hand.

Sakura just shrugged as she hit the ball back to Tomoyo skillfully. Her friend was not impressed by her silent response.

Slightly irritated she said, "Don't you have anything to say about this? I mean come on Sakura! I'm suffering here and all you can do is give me a shrug?"

The Cardcaptor completely missed the ball after Tomoyo finished talking. She stared wide mouthed at Tomoyo. "Sorry to say but, are you PMS-ing or something? You've never acted like this before you know."

Sakura was starting to annoy her more and more as the seconds passed. Tomoyo was actually surprising herself as she said these things. She'd never been a quarreled with a friend like this before. Maybe this trip really was getting to her.

"Well I've also never had a complete loser stalker freak follow me around everywhere! Then have another one of my best friends fall completely in love with me! I think that this might be a perfectly acceptable time for me to act different. Because every freaking thing around me is different! I want this damn cruise to end right now! Sakura you're pissing me off!" Tomoyo screamed gathering the attentions of children playing basketball a little further away. She slammed the paddle on the table and stomped back into the ship.

Sakura continued to stare at the place Tomoyo once stood before she went into that fit. Tomoyo had never acted like this before. To put it simply, Sakura was caught off guard. She would've liked to put it off as that whole time of the month thing but she knew that wasn't true. This whole drama thing had totally changed Tomoyo's personality in a way. In the past few hours she had been much more snappy and short tempered.

Sakura was definitely one to hope she wouldn't' stay like this.

The guys were sitting around in the pool.

"Did you know that this is actually sea water?" Yamazaki informed his two friends splashing the water around him to show them what he was talking about.

"Well that would explain why it's so cold!" Syaoran told them rubbing at the goose bumps appearing on his arms. He didn't know whether or not Yamazaki was telling the truth or not but this was one story he was willing to believe.

Eriol rubbed at his eyes. Syaoran was right. This pool was extremely cold. Without saying anything he jumped out and walked over to the hot tubs a few steps away.

"Hey Eriol! Where you going?" he heard Syaoran yell. Then he heard of splash of water signifying that Syaoran too had gotten out of that ice cube.

Eriol slid into the hot tub and noticed a tall blonde guy standing in the corner with a pretty girl. He was holding her around the waist and she had looped her hands over his neck. They were kissing. He also saw another girl sitting in one of the lawn chairs giggling as she looked over the edge of the chair to look at them. Then she turned to her friend and they both started laughing. It aggravated him to see other's happy together and to see the two girls laughing. Could they not mind their own business? Or maybe it was their business. No matter, he wanted to have what that guy and girl had. He wanted that with Tomoyo but she was too hung up on avoiding all the men on the ship. His life was too cruel.

He connected the two laughing girls as Chiharu and Sakura, and was wishing that the two lovers could be him and Tomoyo. He continued to watch the two laughing girls. After some facial reading he noticed that the brunette did not seem all too happy, although she did cover it up with convincing laughs. It was obvious she liked the guy but fixed him up anyway.

Reminded him of Tomoyo.

He wanted so bad for her to be happy. For her to be happy with him. Eriol didn't want Tomoyo to be the one to help other people fall in love. He wanted her to be the one in love. Preferably with him but anyone would do. Besides Hiroke, Eriol would probably rather die then let Tomoyo be with Hiroke again.

"Eriol!" Yamazaki's voice finally got through to his thoughts and Eriol snapped his train of thought towards them.


"Dude what's up it's like you've been daydreaming."

Eriol glanced back in time to see the couple walk towards the two girls. They all exchanged hugs. When the brunette got the hug from the guy, Eriol saw the sad smile she wore as she clung to his torso before regretfully falling back.

"No, Yamazaki. More like a nightmare," Eriol said absentmindedly as he watched the brunette's lower lip quiver and turn into a small smile.

Was this really Tomoyo? Sacrificing her feelings? For another?

Little did the guys know Tomoyo was standing on the deck above them. Watching the same thing Eriol was. She smiled as she watched the brunette hug the guy. So sweet of her. Tomoyo understood how the girl felt. She knew all the things that were probably going through her head.

My friend loves him more than me. She deserves him. They deserve each other. I'll find mine soon enough.

But then under the denial, Tomoyo also knew the hidden feelings that seared through her heart.

I found him before her! I know him better! I deserve him! It should be me and him holding hands!

Yes, Tomoyo knew all of this. She had experienced it.

Sacrifice was such a pain in the ass.

Hiroke watched Tomoyo a little ways over. He watched her raven black hair glisten and shine along with the sea. He watched as the strands danced the with the wind. A small smile and her delicate face fade into a frown.

She had to be his.

He had to have her.

"She's never acted like this before!" Sakura shrieked for the twentieth time as she paced inside of Chiharu's room.

"Sakura please calm down," Chiharu said softly, and she proceeded to crinkle up the wrapper from the chocolate that was on her pillow.

"Chiharu, you understand as well as I do that Tomoyo does not deserve this type of treatment. She needs a guy that will understand and care for her. I do not want her to be the one in the shadows watching everyone's lives go by!"

"Sakura, I know."

"She's my best friend! She's always been there for me! And what have I done for her? Nothing!"

"Sakura. . ."

"And the one time she needed me. The one time she needed advice. I just shrugged and asked if she was PMS-ing!!! Chiharu I am the worst friend I the world!"

"Sakura, please, please calm down."

Sakura stopped her pacing and look at her pig tailed friend. Then she crumpled to the floor and leaned against the bathroom door.

"Chiharu everything is so screwed up," her hands raked through her hair and she buried her head inbetween her legs, "Everything."

Chiharu felt her cheeks as a coldness swept them. She was crying.

"Yes Sakura, I know."

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