Fallen Angel

AN: Hello again my dear readers, I know it's been a little while since I have posted anything new, or updated any of my stories but don't worry I am working on new chapters to almost all of them. And another new story for LWD. I started writing this because I wanted to clear my head. Please tell me what you think...

WARNING: This story is AU and it will deal with a lot of triggering things, such as cutting and bulemia/anorexia/Depression. Please do not continue reading if you have any Problems regarding that stuff. I myself am suffering from a post-natal Depression and Tonight is one of the bad nights. Please be cautious. If any of this applies to you or you start thinking about harming yourself in any way please seek help and talk to someone...A friend, a counsellor, a teacher...Anyone you think of as thrustworthy. -Keisha


The first time she cut herself had been after the first few fights of her parents. Lizzy had been a toddler back then, but back then her parents had seemed to get their shit together and no one had ever noticed what was happening with her. She kept silent and hept all of her troubles for herself.

When the time of the divorce came, her parents had fought over custody for long. It had been a though battle which her mother had lost in her case. That's when things started going downhill for her. Her father slowly stopped getting cases which he blamed on having to raise Casey and her „bitch-of-a-mother" who had „taken-away" the wrong daughter. He started blaming Casey.

When they moved to New York her father took away her only companion, her cat and simply bought it to a animal-shelter. Not even bothering to tell her. He only told her when Casey wouldn't stop asking after she'd cried her eyes out for almost a week every night. Her father didn't have time for „her-childish-outbrust" and had sent her away to her room.

This was the first time 12 year old Casey McDonald had taken one of her fathers razors out of the medicine cabinet and cut through the skin on her wrist. She didn't dare to cut verry deep. She didn't accidently want to end up killing herself accidently. She just needed an outled for her grief, for all of her anger and the hurt. But when the blood started spilling out she had gotten scared of her own actions and let go of the blade. Immidiatly she had started to treat her wound putting on antiseptic and a band aid which she hid beneath a sweatband so her father wouldn't notice. She didn't want to anger him further.

The next morning they had left for New York and soon after Casey started going to a stuck-up private school. She didn't really fit in with the stuck-up girls who wore posh designer clothes and made fun of her style and the way she wore her clothes. Within 3 years the open, shy and otherwise bubbly girl changed into a silent emo.

In the meantime her mother had tried to get custody for her daughter back year after year, but she always lost to her husband who'd deceided to fight this case himself. He made the judge believe it was Nora's fault that Casey had turned into a emo and had next to no friends and Casey wasn't allowed to speak for herself. So she silently listened to her father tell court what a great father he was for Casey. She simply sat there with her eyes downcast, prettily made up for every court-hearing. This continued for year after year, untill Casey turned 16.

Again Nora tried to win against her Ex-Husband in court and this time she was actually listened to and she won the Case. Casey was told she was to move into the McDonald/Venturi-Household.

AN: I know that this story is going to deal with a lot of difficult things. I am going to explain more as the story progresses... I hope you guys have liked this Prolouge I am going to start writing the first Chapter now and maybe I'll even have it out till tomorrow...We'll see...