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Chapter 4 Arrival

Casey was feeling like she was sitting on hot coals as the train finally neared the Union Station located in Downtown Toronto. It wouldn't even take another half an hour until she would finally meet her Mother again, who was coming with George to receive her from the Union Station.

Casey was a bit shaky when she finally got off the train carrying all of her luggage. She started looking around still berating herself on whether if running away might be a better idea then actually coming here and staying with her mother...who she hadn't really seen for years except at court hearings.

What would be a better decision? - Casey decided she'd stay and see how thing's worked out here.

She was wearing a pair of black chucks with a mickey mouse on them along to a pair of ripped black tube jeans and which were held up by a black and blue rivets belt. She wore a black Band T Shirt which told the world that she liked „All Time Low",and she wore one of her many beloved leather jackets along with it, which was black and blue and had „Harley Quinn" written across its back it was supposedly going to be the next leather jacket Harley was supposed to be wearing in the upcoming Sequel to the movie Suicide Squad. She'd even re-dyed her hair when she'd spent the evening with Sarah. It was now a dirty blonde with lots of blue in it. The color made her eyes look ten times bigger.

To finish off her look Casey wore a black choker round her neck with a heart pendant dangling off it which was signed with „Harley Quinn". Casey had decided to keep her make up to a minimum because she didn't want to scare her mother off, still her eyeliner was a thick line and her eye shadow was a dark blue but wasn't over done, she had skipped the eyeliner-around-her-eye. She knew it would take her mom a while to get used to the fact that Casey wasn't a little princess.

She looked around the station quickly spotting her mother who still looked immaculate as always. She took a deep breath silently making up the courage to go greet the woman who looked like she'd just walked out of a magazine for classic clothes... She gently hugged her mother from behind only then noticing the brown eyed blonde man who was standing beside her mother. George her mom's husband.

Nora McDonald stared at the girl hugging her fiercely to herself shocked. The last she'd seen Casey she had still looked like the most girlish girl under the sun, her room all pink and filled with pictures of her dance recitals... The girl currently hugging her with an intensity that surprised her looked completely different then the girl Nora remembered. It seemed like Casey was no longer a Princess...more of a rebel. And she didn't look healthy. That was the first thing Nora noticed when she hugged the skinny girl close to her. She could almost feel the bones protruding from her body. What the hell had happened to her while Nora couldn't take care of her? Nora looked into her daughters face and the tear filled blue eyes which seemed to pop out of her face...Maybe she was imagining things, or it was because of the blue hair that Casey's face looked awfully slim to her, too.

„Hello Mom." Casey's voice was warm and not laced with the usual sarcasm she showed her father. She'd actually made him believe her normal voice was like that, he never seemed to care except when he got angry... Casey shouldn't go thinking about her dad right now she should enjoy the here and now. And right now she couldn't be happier smelling her moms unique scent. „Oh Casey I missed you soo much honey. I even decorated you're room already, but it seems the information's I got out of you're dad about you have all been wrong... He...he always seemed to tell me how much of a well..." Nora was at a loos for words. She hadn't expected Casey to be like this, and right now she was out of her depth. She didn't know what to do. She looked at George for help who was happy to interject helpfully.

„Hi, Casey I'm George Venturi. You're moms „new" husband. I am happy to finally be able to welcome you to our family." The sandy haired man smiled at Casey. Casey returned the smile shyly.

„Well you two woman go ahead while I carry the bags." He smiled and took the two suitcases and the gym bag Casey was carrying herself. „No, thanks I can carry this myself." Casey said. She didn't want the man carrying her most important belongings.

As they walked towards the silver colored Family van her mother now apparently drove her mom excitedly told Casey all about her new room. Casey smiled and nodded along she couldn't really say what kind of person her mom was because it had been years when Casey had last spent time with her. The thing Casey was really excited about was finally meeting her sister again. She'd kept in touch with Lizzy via E-Mails and various calls the sisters made to each other regularly.

When they sat in the car Casey drifted off to a happy slumber finally feeling a little safe.

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