Item #: SCP-DM1

Object Class: Thaumiel/Keter

Special Containment Procedures: This SCP cannot be contained by any means currently known to the SCP Foundation. Upon sighting SCP-DM1 personnel are required to report in immediately and are advised to not get in the way of SCP-DM1. If SCP-DM1 is sighted near a containment site, the site is to be evacuated and lock down procedure I-Iota is to be put into effect. If SCP-DM1 enters the containment site and entry was not planned by command the lock down procedure is to be upgraded to p-Rho and Code Black is to be signaled. The subject is to be lead out of the site using a demonic lure. Upon a successful diversion, SCP-DM1 is to be monitored VIA satellite and drone surveillance for as long as possible. Upon an unsuccessful diversion personnel are instructed to wait until SCP-DM1 is finished with the containment facility and await further instruction.

Description: The subject is a sentient humanoid wearing a suit of bulky green armor that is invulnerable to all physical attacks and is 1.83 Meters tall. It's face is hidden behind a blue glass face plate, and a red symbol consisting of a slash through a T can be seen above the visor. This symbol has been determined to be it's 'Mark'. SCP-DM1 has been seen running at speeds of 122KM per hour, lifting objects ten times its size, and harboring an intense hatred of anything of a demonic or otherwise supernatural nature.

SCP-DM1 also contains a wide array of weapons that it can summon at any time. The mechanism that produces these weapons is unknown, but it is theorized that they come from another plain of existence as the size and amount of weapons indicates that they could not be hidden inside the armor. Almost all of SCP-DM1's weaponry is highly advanced and beyond our time. Such weapons include:

-Pump-Action Shotgun: A pump action shotgun capable of killing most humans in one shot and does not need to be reloaded. It has two interchangeable mods. The first is a grenade launcher, and the second allows a sort of burst fire allowing for three consecutive shots within the span of a second without the need to pump.

-Double-Barreled Shotgun: A double-barreled shotgun that fires with enough force to liquefy the top half of any human and blow through a meter of solid steel. Fires twice before needing to be reloaded.

-Heavy Machine Gun: This rapid fire machine gun fires .50 CAL bullets of an unknown make. The bullet's strike a resemblance to .50 BMG rounds used in anti-material rifles. On top of this it also has two mods, a common theme in SCP-DM1's weaponry. The first is a tactical scope for long range combat. Bullets fired while the scope is attached are considerably more powerful. The other is a box attached to the side of the weapon that holds six (6) miniature missiles which track and stick into a target before exploding.

-The Chaingun: A massive highly advanced Chaingun that fires 15mm tungsten rounds at 1,524 meters per second. This heavy duty gun is almost always used when SCP-DM1 is presented with a large number of enemy combatants. The barrel is interchangeable with a tri-pronged barrel that fires what has been described as quote: "An absurd amount of bullets that fucks whatever it's aimed at without mercy or lubricant." Getting near SCP-DM1 while this mode of fire is being used almost always results in hearing loss.

-The Plasma Rifle: A rifle that rapidly fires blue balls of super-heated plasma that burn everything they touch. The thermal output of this weapon is extreme and one hit will melt a Class-A Fire Protection Suit with ease. This rifle can also produce intense waves of heat that blast apart anything within a meter of SCP-DM1. Small arching balls of electricity can be fired from it as well and are able to immobilize any organic creature for anywhere from a few seconds to a minute.

-The Gauss Cannon: A bulky white two-pronged cannon that fires steel flechette rounds at a yet-to-be-measured speed. All that is known about this weapon is from a few eye-witness accounts and the scattered remnants of what was shot with it.

-Rocket Launcher: Used primarily to blow through obstacles, the rocket launcher fires slow put powerful rockets for the weapon's size. The rockets can be fired in a three-shot burst like the Combat Shotgun, or detonated mid air.

-The "Water Pistol": Named after the weak light-blue bolts this pistol shoots out, this weapon is only used when SCP-DM1 seems to be taunting it's enemies. Since that rarely happens, not much else is know about it.

-A Chainsaw: Occasionally SCP-DM1 has been seen using a chainsaw to brutally eviscerate it's opponent. The true reason for this is yet unknown, but due to the brutal nature of the subject it's quite possible that it just enjoys sawing things in half.

-The BFG: Named The Big Fucking Gun, this weapon has been only rumored to exist and speculated on by the entire SCP Foundation. The BFG is accompanied by a brilliant lime-green flash and a loud deep explosion. Area's were the BFG is believed to have been fired are demolished and glassed with no remains of any organic matter in the affected area. When entering the affected area D-Class personnel have expressed extreme discomfort. This feeling seems to be shared by animals and microbes as well, as they shy away from the area and panic if forced to enter.

SCP-DM1 is a major exposure and security risk. The subject is most often found freely roaming the world and has neutralized several SCP's both hidden and known to the SCP Foundation. The subject will occasionally invade a containment facility and repel all security measures taken against it. Detonating an Alpha Warhead on site will only momentarily stun SCP-DM1, though after a Alpha Warhead detonation the subject will usually 'flip the bird' at the nearest functioning camera.

Despite SCP-DM1's destructive nature the subject appears to hold no animosity towards humans who have not dealt with Demonics. While hunting down an SCP the subject ignores everyone who doesn't stand in it's way. If any innocent human being becomes hostile towards SCP-DM1 for any reason they are neutralized through non-lethal means. On one occasion the subject was sighted in ██████████ Texas in ██ ████████headquarters. Staff of ██ ████████ headquarters were freaking out over the subject's weaponry, which it was showing off. After SCP-DM1 moved on staff of ██ ████████ were given Class-A Anesthetic. This incident is still under investigation as it seems to deviate from SCP-DM1's usual behavior.

The first encounter with SCP-DM1 was on December ██ of 199█ and is detailed below.

Audio Log From Interview DM1-1:

Interviewer: Dr. Hayden

Interviewed: Captain (Ret.) █████, former member of revival team Zeta 8-B.

Retrieval Incident #1104-1-A

Begin Log

[████████ ████████ Time, research Area, ██]

Capt. █████: I couldn't believe command had ordered us to retrieve the target in the middle of that forest fire. It was hell on Earth down there, and I don't care how many times you eggheads state that their gas masks are comfortable to wear, they're not.

Dr. Hayden: I believe you're getting off track.

Capt. █████: Right sorry. We parachuted down right into the center of the forest fire like a bunch of madmen. We'd hyped each other up with some rock n' roll before jumpin' and we were ready to kick some ass. Took a bit to regroup due to the smoke but all of us were alright on landing and decided to continue. Up ahead we heard an inhuman roar that made us jump, and Chuck up in the helicopter told us there was some major movement just up ahead.

Dr. Hayden: Could you describe the sound?

Capt. █████: Yeah. Some sort of hideous mix between a lion and a bear. We advanced thinking we were gonna be capturing an LSA. We didn't even know how terrifyingly right we were.

Dr. Hayden: And what happened then?

Capt. █████: We rounded a bend just in time to see the SCP decapitate some big ass red demon looking beast that was three times the guys size with his bare hands. There was charred blood splattered all over the clearing to, most of it on fire. It was a damned mess.

Dr. Hayden: Your report indicates that the beasts body dematerialized as opposed to being consumed by the flames of the forest fire. Can you elaborate?

Capt. █████: Yeah yeah it just kinda vanished. I can't remember exactly what happened to it since that wasn't what I was paying attention to.

Dr. Hayden: Please continue.

Capt. █████: Ok… Uh… Yeah that's it. We all aim our weapons and Captain ████ starts yelling at that armored maniac to stop and put his hands in the air. Denis was manning the GAU-19 above in the chopper just in case.

Dr. Hayden: It's reaction?

Capt. █████: To stomp over to the captain, swipe away his gun, and grab him by the throat. Bastard was so fast we didn't even have time to react before the Cap' was thrown across the clearing. At that point we all opened fire.

Dr. Hayden: What weapons were you carrying at the time.

Capt. █████: I had a standard issue LMG, but even when I put the thing on full auto I felt like I was firing a pea shooter. Poor Denis must of felt the same before his ass was grounded. Hey, where is Denis by the way? Is he recovering from his burns?

Dr. Hayden: Again. Please stay on track. Was there any damage to the SCP?

Capt. █████: Hell no. Our .50 CAL bullets were pinging off his armor like bouncy balls. Terry got a ricochet to the right leg and went down before the target could get to him. It was a disaster.

[Capt. █████ folds his hands over his eyes for a brief moment, then faces Dr. Hayden again.]

Capt. █████: After pulling out this big white futuristic looking two-pronged cannon from out of it's ass and using it to shoot the tail off our chopper, he turned to me.

Dr. Hayden: It says here than you found the subjects glance intim-

Capt. █████: When he looked at me I felt like he was going to tear off my neck and shit down my throat! It was like death itself was coming for me! I-

[Capt. █████ pauses again to catch his breath.]

Capt. █████: I fucked off harder than I'd ever fucked off before. I turned and ran right through the smoke and flames because that was better than facing down that monster of a man.

Dr. Hayden: Let me get this clear. The subject pulled a cannon out of it's ass?

Capt. █████: Wha- No no. That's just an expression. I don't know where it actually came from, but it was way too big to be hidden on him.

Dr. Hayden: I see. Thank you for your time. You'll be pleased to know that none of your team died in the operation and are being cared for.

Capt. █████: What?! No one died? How… How is that possible?

End Log

SCP-DM1 has an acute sense of what is demonic, what is not, and where anything demonic is in it's near vicinity. There have been several instances where SCP-DM1 has come into contact with Demonic SCP's, all of which were neutralized by the subject soon after.

Getting an interview with SCP-DM1 is currently deemed impossible, but when speaking with demonic entities such as SCP-3665-1 they almost always shudder in fear. The following is an interview of SCP-3665-1 regarding SCP-DM1.

Audio Log From Interview 3665-1:

Interviewer: Dr. Hayden

Interviewed: SCP-3665-1

Begin Log

[████████ ████████ Time, research Area, ██]

Dr. Hayden: Can you tell me about this figure.

[Dr. Hayden holds up a picture of SCP-. SCP-3665-1 immediately shy's away from the picture, taking a defensive stance.]

Dr. Hayden: I see. Can you tell me why you are frightened by this image?

3665-1: Please put that away! You wither my soul summoner!

Dr. Hayden: Alright…

[Dr. Hayden conceals the picture in his pocket.]

3665-1: I can answer your question but I must keep it brief. He knows when you speak of him.

Dr. Hayden: Very well. Please continue.

3665-1: Those from the deepest pits of Hell fear that man. He is the only flesh and blood to walk between our planes of existence and survive. His hate and strength is immeasurable. He is known as The Unchained Predator, The Hell Walker, and The Doom Slayer by the denizens of Hell.

Dr. Hayden: Do you believe that this Doom Slayer-

3665-1: Leave these frivolous questions, which strike a terror to my fainting soul!

[SCP-3665-1 begins to evaporate 45 minutes earlier than usual, presumably to avoid further questioning.]

End Log

After this interview Dr. Hayden requested that SCP-DM1 be used to neutralize problematic SCP's that the SCP Foundation could not. Several encounters were arranged between various other SCP's and SCP-DM1, and several other encounters were not planned and happened either out in the wild or during a containment breach caused by the invasion of SCP-DM1. Those encounters are listed below through eye-witness interviews and video recordings in several addendum's.

These encounters lead to a renaming of the subject from SCP-████ to SCP-DM1, or Doom Marine 1.

Note: Dr. Bright is not allowed to refer to SCP-DM1 as his "Personal attack SCP" after "Sicking it" on a containment facility.

Dr. Bright is also not allowed to play "Kickass music" while SCP-DM1 is invading a containment facility. We don't care if The Slayer likes it Bright, it's still distracting to everyone else!

Dr. Bright is not allowed to kidnap ̶M̶i̶k̶e̶ ̶G̶o̶r̶d̶o̶n̶ Any musicians and make them create heavy metal music for SCP-DM1. For god sakes Bright, we may have given him Class-A anesthetic but even that can't wipe away BFG Division!